My first suspension

My first suspension It was a really hot and sunny day in July 2003, and back in those days I lived in the countryside. My "friend" bena had left town to visit me for the weekend and we relaxed in the garden. I knew that bena was very interested in suspension, and that he had done it several times, but I had never tried it myself and I didn't knew much about it. That day he told me that he had brought some hooks, rope, gloves and needles and that he wanted to go out in the forest to find ... read more

Superwoman - my first suspension

Met with Iam:Bena for the first time, when we ended up in the same group at the drivingschool. We came to talk about bodymods and being a modded parent. He gave me his Iam-name to look up at BME later. So the same day I did and discovered that he and his CJT-suspensionteam would hold a suspensionmeet in Malmö only two weeks later. The whole suspension-"thingy" applied to me and I started to read more about it and to look at pictures of people being suspended. I contacted Bena a few days later and told him I wanted to hang. ... read more

1pt Chest Suspension

I guess the idea for a 1pt Chest Suspension came not long after I had forgotten the pain of the 2pt Chest I did approximately 6 months earlier. It was one of those things I knew I would have given a go sooner or later; it was just a matter of the right time and place. I was thinking a few months down the line on travels to USA mid year, looks like I was wrong. Over the past weeks Chill and I were discussing putting together a small suspension event to commemorate the one-year anniversary of our first suspensions. ... read more

double knee suspension

Finally, the full details.. So with the winter season approaching us, I decided last Monday I'd like to get another outdoor suspension in before the weather got too bad.. I took a trip to and checked out the forecast for the week, see what days were good. Wednesday was the last good day. I contacted MUTE-ONE about it and he said it'd be no problem.. Wednesday afternoon came around and I left work at a pretty normal time.. I stopped home, and then cruised over to the tattoo shop.. I got there hung out for a little bit, MUTE-ONE ... read more

Out of my comfort zone. My first suspension attempt

The hours leading up to my first Suspension attempt were long and slow. I watched the Australian Rules Football Grand final on tv and pretended to care because I didn't want to do too much thinking. I was nervous about the night ahead but also very excited. I feel I was reasonably mentally prepared. I arrived at the club and the first thing I saw was a big flight of stairs, all I thought of was stumbling down those stairs after the event, not knowing how I would be feeling, I then began to wonder if the place was wheelchair ... read more

Attempted Knee and Chest suspension

I fancied trying a knee suspension, because I was curious what they felt like. I've tried a few other suspensions and wanted to do something new to me. I have lots of curiosity. I wasn't sure I liked the idea of being upside down though, mostly cause I have sinus problems so being upside down hurts. I've enjoyed the chest pulls I've done a lot, and saw a chest and knee suspension Alice that looked so chilled and good. I thought it would be nice to try chest and knees, then I wouldn't be upside down, and I'd have the ... read more

My love affair with the humble knee suspension - Part 2

The date is the 13th of August 2005, precisely 9 months after my first suspension. The place is Wattamolla Beach, Royal National Park, Sydney, Australia. In attendance are the people who later became the Hack Crew (ring lead by Karl), 4 co-suspendees, and 20-30 other friends and acquaintances, mostly from IAM. This day had been minimally planned – it was going to be a simple, fun day, the way things should be! Karl told me that he was coming down to Sydney for a weekend, and I wanted to suspend again. It was up to me to find a location, ... read more

First Suspension, Two Nine Gauge Suicide Style

First I would like to thank God, BME, people that post pictures/stories, so if your readying this, that means you, Thanks everyone, and I say that because without this site and everyone else that goes on it, I wouldn't have been able to do a body suspension. I've been interested in piercing since my early teens and being suspended started to become more appealing to me over time. I was 19 years old when I had decided that I wanted to do a suicide suspension. Before this I never thought I would do a suspension, but this being a big ... read more

Superwoman - my first suspension

Träffade Iam:Bena då vi hamnade i samma grupp på halkkörningen, och vi kom att tala om bodymods och om att vara moddad och förälder. Fick hans kontaktuppgifter och Iam-namn. Så klickklick på datan och jag såg att det skulle vara en suspensionträff i Malmö arrangerad av CJT bara två veckor senare. Det verkade spännande och jag började läsa mer och titta på lite bilder och så. Kontaktade Bena några dagar senare och talade om att jag ville hänga. Så den 14/4 var det dags. Dagen för min suspension är här. Har gått hela veckan som på moln, har känt mig ... read more

I got an "A" on MY first suspension!

I know am I writing this experience story far too late. It would have been more... satisfying to have written this the day after the suspension, but here I am, much, much later. It took place on October the 22nd, over a month ago. So if any little details are a bit off, I am sorry, but my memory just can't hold more than 1 KB. It all started with a Digital Design class project that I was assigned. We were supposed to create a body extension and do a performance art piece with it. A body suspension was the ... read more

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