Liberation Through Silence

As with so many of my mods, the desire to have my lips sewn has no greater history behind it than a sudden almost imperceptible yet undeniable feeling that it is something that I should do. I wanted to experience the sensation and restrictions of being physically unable to open my mouth, but the desire for this had no particular origins or foundation beyond a growing realisation that this was something I was craving more strongly with the passing of time. My original plan was to have my lips sewn just before I suspended for the first time, but as ... read more

Chicks dig guys on hooks

When I was a kid I always wanted to fly. Whether it was jumping off my roof, or flying off of the side of my couch I never could quite get the sensation I was after. For a long time I thought that being a pilot and flying a plane would do but then I flew in a jet and well that just did not cut it. I wanted to float and just be able to do what ever I could not do on the ground. Anybody remember the scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with the fizzy lifting ... read more

I found my zone - failed lotus turned into suicide

I'd always loved the look of lotus suspensions, even before I suspended myself they were my favourite. They looked so peaceful and chilled. My last suspension I'd done a superman, and had no problems with it at all. I'd been very happy and bouncy through it though, and I thought a lotus would be more chilled. I was worried about the legs however, and how painful they'd be to suspend from. I asked Alex who I'd seen do a lotus before, and he told me that the legs hadn't been a problem for him at all. Vampy also told me ... read more

No, I don't have a safety pin stuck to me

I'm going to start off by saying that I've always been into piercings; ever since I was a kid, I was never happy unless I was changing something about how I looked, and it wasn't until I started getting into body modification that I knew it was something I would always love. Over the last 5-6 years now, I've gotten piercings pretty steadily, stretched my lobes, and had scarification work done. This experience, however, marks the beginning of my latest project. Surface piercings have always intrigued me; not all that long ago, I had gotten my nape done, and I've ... read more

Inner peace at a BBQ?

My girlfriend Sarah and I were staying in NYC when I got the IM to come to Vermont to interview for a job as a piercer at Counter Culture. It also happened that the owner of Counter Culture, Jen, was having a BME get-together, M.O.M's Burning Swing at her house at the same time. Sarah and I were ready to leave NYC, so we said our goodbyes to the big apple, and off we went. The drive there was uneventful. We didn't know what to expect. I had always heard kinda crappy things about BME BBQ's...that people were snobby, there ... read more

I'm hooked....litterally

Saturday December 6th 2003 started out just like any other day of my 18 year old life. I woke up, groggily made my way downstairs to the dinning hall for brunch, ate, returned to my room for a nap, showered and went to work. What came after work however, is an entirely different story, something I did not expect at all. Let's start with some background shall we? I am an eighteen year old girl from California living in New York for school. I have my tragus, navel and both nipples pierced, along with multiple lobes and a double helix. ... read more

Entering Heaven through the eye of a needlle?

93, I'm a ritual magickian and I am going to share some of the technology of ritual piercing here. BME is a valuable resource for me, and I would like to give something back. I am also sure that some BME users are either practitioners of the arts or at least have had their interest pricked by their experiences of both planning and attaining mods. Piercing in this context is not an act of fashion, whim or rebellion. It is part of an ongoing process of perfecting the self. Not that the other reasons are bad. You may read this ... read more

Anticipate the Unexpected

I'll start by saying this is my personal experience, and my experience only. Everyone who suspends does so for different reasons and therefore has a different result in their journey. I can only tell you about my own events and cannot vouch for what you will go through should you decide to embark on this for yourself. I held no expectations of my suspension prior to my event. I will also state that I am not religious. I practice meditation and I believe my experience stemmed from my meditation travels. This being said, I would like to take you down ... read more

Clavicle Pull

It was 2:00pm on Sunday afternoon. The sun was slightly hiding behind the clouds. That kind of felt what my stomach was doing in my body hiding. Today is the day that was where to try something new. Something I had no idea what I may have gotten myself into with. That's to be a 100% honest also. A good friend of mine Mr. Duncan had talked me into a Clavicle Pull between myself and Tracias, a friend of his also. The idea seemed to be a dead knock out from the get go. I mean the way it was ... read more

Getting Straightened Out

July 1st 2001, I went to my first BME BBQ in Toronto and saw my very first live suspensions and pullings. The moment I saw the first person lift off the ground with a few hooks in their back, I knew it was something I wanted to do. Just watching it made my skin tingle with excitement. Over the next year I saw many more suspensions and pullings, and each fueled my desire to do it even more. May 19th 2002, I attended a Suscon in Toronto. I hadn't planned on going that weekend, and really hadn't planned to suspend. ... read more

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