Where to begin? Well it was the summer of 2002. I just left Washington D.C. after a painful experience. I lost everything I knew. I started piercing at this shop in Albuquerque. I was new to this town and thought it a good idea to promote. But how? Hooks! So I decide to try to put together a one man show. Oh wait that would be boring. So I scratched that idea. Well the pain inside wouldn't silence itself. What do I do when it hurts inside? Hurt the outside. One hot day I saw the basketball hoop in the ... read more

My first play piercing experience.

August 16th, 2004 I'm one of these people who used to say that I'd never do play piercing but lately I've been very interested in it. I'm not sure what suddenly made me consider play piercing but I've been thinking about it a lot for the past few weeks. While looking through online portfolios to find a tattoo artist, I saw that ZePlace Tattoo Inc. offered to do rituals. I was quite happy to find out that the owner and piercer, Steve, is the one who performs the ritual. Two years ago I got my lip pierced by him. It ... read more

Hooked for life by HCS

I had been talking with a girl named Kelly on iam for a while about suspension. She later told me that she was in a suspension team called "Holy City Suspensions", She's a great girl and friend. She is really into pulls. I had been contemplating for a while about whether I wanted to suspend or not. She made me realize that the Pros outweigh the cons in the largest way. She got me in touch with Trevor, (iam lone tone), who is the head of Holy City Suspensions which is based out of Charleston, SC. South Carolina is ... read more

Why am I so nervous?

Hmmm. Where do I start. Lets see it all started a few years ago when I moved to Phoenix. I was watching an episode of Ripley's with some new friends and there she was. She was a beautiful, tiny little girl with two hooks stuck in her back. Then she started to pull a truck that was connected to the hooks by a rope. I was amazed. I had never seen any thing like that before and from that moment on I wanted to experience it. All my friends thought I was crazy, of corse, but that didn't stop me. ... read more

Pulling at All Girls Suscon

The fascination with doing a 2 point pull started Approximately 18 months ago after watching a friend go through the experience at the Auscon 'convention' on the Gold Coast, Australia. Since that day, all those months ago, I have been eager to experience it all for myself. As some of you may or may not be aware, the opportunity to be involved in a pulling or suspension in Australia, or Sydney to be a bit more precise, comes few and far between. This is not because the demand isn't there, but more so because of the lack of knowledge and ... read more

Flying from hooks

I am faced with the eternal dilemma: how do you describe something indescribable? How do you write about a perfect moment without sullying it? But I will try...and start from the beginning... Ten years ago, I saw a picture of a hook suspension for the first time and thought, "I will do that one day." (long story short...) That day arrived with Eddie Graham's (JHB piercer, and in my opinion the best you could ever hope to find) talk on suspension at the Pub Moot (a gathering of fets-oriented people that takes place once a month in my area). I ... read more

Growing Up Enough To Find My Way Home.

I have been visiting BME's site since 1999. It all started at 14, with the addition of a shiny metal bar through my tongue. And ended up becoming so much more than I would have ever perceived it could be. Quickly my life revolved around body modification. Over ten piercings, and two tattoos later I realized that it was more to me than just a fad or a trend. It was a lifestyle. The addition of IAM, and then moving to Toronto finally being able to attend a few BBQ's and events only strengthened my beliefs and pulled me further ... read more

Someones standing on my chest..

The first meet I ever went to was a suspension meet in may of this year. I met a lot of great people and witnessed some amazing suspensions. I was planning to do a suspension later in the year and wanted to see what it felt like to have hooks in me, so I decided to do a chest pull which was a positive experience. Three months later I did my first suspension which was amazing. Seeing as how my first experience of being suspended went so well I knew that I would want to go up again some time ... read more

My first professional piercing- Helix

First off, I come from a very conservative family. We are all from South Carolina, and Alabama. No one in my family is modified or has ever thought about becoming modified. I had always been interested in piercings. Since I was young, I wanted my ear pierced. I do not know why, but I just did. I always thought they looked cool. Finally when I was 18 I decided to have my lobe done. A buddy of mine did it, and I will never have another non professional piercing. I am not talking about that though in this experience. After ... read more

Transformation into ritual cutting

I have always been classified, psychiatrically-speaking, as a self-injurer, a cutter, and I have visited emergency rooms and psychiatric wards and various therapists more times than I can count since the age of 17. Over the past summer I got into Paganism and went to festivals and campouts, participating in earth-centered ceremonies and seeing into a whole new realm of spirituality. I also met a lot of really great people who are into body modification. This grabbed my attention. Soon I was surfing the net, trying to find out more about how primitive people and cultures used cutting as part ... read more

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