The Bridge Piercing I've always wanted

I've always wanted to have my bridge pierced. They look great on people. Unfortunately, I work in a white collar job. That means this piercing was out of the question. At some point, I realized that I was going to be away from work for almost a week while in Toronto for BMEFest. Even if I couldn't keep the piercing, I wanted to have it done for a while. This is the piercing I'd always wanted, and now I would have it. The only real issue I had was determining who the piercer would be. Since we were going to ... read more

My especially meaningful septum piercing.

Despite my long running interest in body modifications, it was only recently that I really took an active role in getting new piercings. For the longest time, I'd never had a continuous income for paying for my piercings and my parents were far from supportive. But as I got a job, worked, and became more independent, I began to enforce that it was in fact my body and my choice and my parents, though not exactly supportive, lived with the changes I was making. That is, until I told them about my friend's septum piercing. I hadn't always been a ... read more

rings in my hairy man nipples

I've always had it in mind that I would wear some kind of jewelry in my nipples. Having started getting tattoos and piercing comparatively late in life (I never had a tattoo or even my loves pierced until I was 27) I tend to be in no hurry for things. I decide I'd like to do something and wait on it and if it doesn't go away after a month or two, I go ahead with it. So began the journey to get my nipples pierced. It had been well over a year since I had anything done. My wife ... read more

Cured Again

Body modification has been an important part of my life for many years. Through tattoos and body piercings, I've come closer to realizing who I am. With each new mod I get, I feel more and more complete. I feel as if the shell that is known as my body is coming closer to reflecting my inner being. I used to dream of another form of body modification as a child, suspension. It was never exactly myself that I saw suspending, but rather a Native American brave facing his destiny. As I grew older though, it began to look more ... read more

The first time I felt like a Marlin

Well, I am here to tell you about my first time ever doing a flesh pull, which just so happened to be 2 weeks earlier than the time that I am writing this. My boyfriend and I decided to do it to celebrate our birthday, being that we were born but a week apart. I did this pull for several reasons. First of all, I am interested in suspending one day, but am not yet ready, and this was my personal way of building up some confidence. Also, I HATE birthdays, well mine anyway, and this was a way to ... read more

M.O.M. Assisted Suicide

"Love yourself, for if you don't, how can you expect anybody else to love you?" - Susan Lipsett and Liz Nelson "Love is not what we become, but what we already are." - Stephen Levine "You can't describe the meaning of love. The answer lies within your heart" - L.P. I've put off writing this experience for quite a while now. It happened November 20th, 2004, but its taken me this long to sort through things and understand how I really feel about it. I am still at a loss for words, when I think about it I tremble and ... read more

One thing led to another.

It all started when I had just moved out of a hick town, Wasaga Beach, to Toronto for school. I was taking a course for Music Business, which I later on regret and found a waste of time. In the mean time, my best friend had moved to Gravenhurst and met some interesting people. Through one of her friends, I was informed about the BME site. I looked at it quite often, just looking at all the pictures. This perked my interest in the bod. mods. The piercings that I had before were mostly in my ears, a nipple ring ... read more

Hanging around....

I had been interested in the more ritualistic side of body modification for quite some time, mainly since having my ampallang done. Once I had fallen in love with body piercing I knew I was slowly working my way to an amp, so once I'd achieved that goal I knew I'd need something else to work up to. Originally I'd got it into my head that I wanted to perform a Sundance ritual, but for some reason this never came to fruition. A few years ago a very good friend of mine asked me if I'd be prepared to suspend ... read more

My nape piercing- losing my virginity to surface piercings

With my business just taking off, as well as my addiction to piercings, I had to work to find more "hide-able" piercings. Before today, I had my lobes stretched to 0g, helix-helix industrial, standard tongue, and 2 already retired- naval and tongue web. My choices at this point were nipples or 'below the belt'- neither of which i wanted do to the inability to show them off tactfully- and septum, other ear piercings, and various surface piercings. Septum was avoided because I really love my nose the way it is, and other ear piercings were just... not 'new' to me. ... read more

Fly without wings

4 days in the country side of a small town in Sweden. Its the middle of june, We meet because we share something. Our bodies as main subject. Its modfest, and it was here that I found myself. Its friday and I wake up with more intensive feelings like never before. Today I will find out if I am what I want to be, strong in my mind to convince myself that I can levitate with only hooks in my flesh. Today its suspension time. The beginning of the day was like a blur, had little to drink the day ... read more

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