Fun with sharp objects in New Orleans

I had been looking for an artist capable of doing dermal punches. Since there is no one even close to where I live, I looked on IAM. I was going to be traveling to New Orleans soon and discovered that Michael (IAM: Blackdeath) lived there and began talking to his roommate (Andie, IAM: Headlesslego) about getting him to dermal punch my conches. I wanted him to do it because I had seen his work online and knew he was experienced. So we talked on the phone and set up a time to get my conches punched at 2 gauge. My ... read more

Shoulder Spirals

It was Sunday December 21, 2003 when my shoulder cutting procedure happened, which also the day right after my 2 point chest suspension. I'd previously discussed design and location with Lance over the phone and on a previous visit to Austin. I was going to have a spiral cut onto each shoulder. The center part begins where the arm meets the shoulder and the spiral wraps around my shoulder, both front and back, and over my upper arm. It makes 3 full revolutions and ends in the center of my upper arm and as both shoulders are mirror images of ... read more


My first major piercing experience, in a professional studio, as opposed to the clandestine shop I got my navel done in (although my navel turned out all right), was in the Sacred Studios of New York City. I was actually supposed to go to another studio, Venus Modern Body Arts on Monday 8/16, but that plan failed miserably when my grandfather and I discovered that it was gasp, closed. I went from high on adrenaline to running very low on patience. However, I was not ready to surrender to failure and Grampa and I trumped through the city looking for ... read more

got them back

I had my nipples pierced the first time at 17. It was done by a fairly good piercer, who also happens to be the only one in my town. They were done with 14 gauge circular barbells. I healed them fairly well but the piercings were done a little shallow. Over the next two years I gained some weight, developed from a C cup to a DD cup, and had my first child. My piercings began to migrate because of all of these factors and I had to take them out. After another two years I felt I was ready ... read more

That's...... it?

I decided on a spur of the moment to go get my tongue pierced. Well, I say spur of the moment when in reality, I'd wanted it done for years just hadn't had the money to do as such. This month on the first? I did. It was on! After finally having the money especially. I knew I wanted it right then. As soon as I went through the budget so me and my friend B**** called around for a few prices and details then decided on Ten in One. We had always heard that Ten in One was the ... read more

Twice and Now Wiser

Life is constantly changing. While this seems like a rather generic and obvious statement, so many significant realizations can come from acceptance of that fact. What may seem like a constant one day may not be the next. This is how modification has become for me. For two and a half years, I put my emotional and intellectual energy into various forms of modification, as well as a significant portion of my financial resources. I fixated upon the shine of small metal beads in my piercings and the feeling of fulfillment that came with each suspension. I challenged myself and ... read more

The vertical labret that couldn't be.

Well I'm at it again. This time I'm here to tell you of the story of my failed vertical labret... Ok, let's go back to sometime in May 2004. While doing my usual research and general browsing on BME for pictures for an art project, I stumbled upon pictures of the vertical labret. At first I liked the piercing, but I wasn't too sure if it was me. (I always try and picture myself with a piercing I like.) I thought about it for a while after that and finally came to a conclusion when my girlfriend, Mandi, said she ... read more

my body is mine.

I have never felt at home in my body. I began abusing myself when I was 13 with an eating disorder and self-mutilation, things I have tried hard to get over, but still come back at times. I was raped in high school and came to feel threatened by my own body. I guess one of the reasons piercings and tattoos appealed to me was because they were an alternate, safer, healthier form of my destructive behavior. Aside from earrings and cartilage, I got my first piercing when I was 16: my belly button. It hurt slightly and bled like ... read more

the thory of my tongue pierthing

Six months ago my friend Ryan got his tongue pierced. When he told me, the only thing I could say was "Eww gross, that is one piercing I will never have." When he asked why, the only thing I could come up with was the fact that the tongue was a muscle, a very thick muscle at that, and that I didn't think metal should be jammed through it. Rewind a few years. Middle school; I was the first one I knew with helix piercings. Freshman year of high school I convinced my mother to let me get my navel ... read more

My eyebrow piercing experience

Since I was 10 I have wanted to get some sort of facial piercing. I thought about getting a lip ring, but no way in hell would my parents let me. I thought about getting a nostril piercing, but it was too un-original, as too many people I knew had it. I already had my ears pierced four times, it was already starting to get boring. So it hit me. I wanted my eyebrow pierced. It was nothing too crazy, it is one of the most subtle facial piercings available. I began asking my parents, who are pretty conservative. I ... read more

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