Super Industrial Story!

I've decided that my impulse decisions are always my best. Yesterday I added a new mod to the family. I currently have two tattoos (two stars, one on each shoulder), a retired lip ring (left side, self done), and my lobes are both streched at 2 G. So, like all my mods started out I was surfing the pages of BME. I had that burning to get something done but my options were limited. I've always wanted my nipples, but my boyfriend asked me not to- he doesn't like them. Septum was a possibility, but I had grown out of ... read more

My Own Stigma

I've always wanted to be a vampire for a longtime. I'm not sure how long I've been wanted. Now it's time to do it. Blair is coming to Japan. That's why I had to get a bite on my neck. You know, He is very famous as "The Prince of Branding" but at first I have planed to get it via skin removal not branding. It's a little bit important for me to bleed. I've seen Blair's self skin removal with a dermal punch on the web. It looks good. All I could have do is read scarification FAQ and ... read more

Painless Tragus--My First "Wild" Piercing

I finally convinced my mom to let me get a piercing for my eighteenth. Yeah, I know, I'm legal and can do it on my own, but I still live with my family until I go to college next year--might as well do it with her consent. I finally picked a piercing that was nice and out of the way for me and not on my face--my tragus. I had to explain about ten billion times to everyone what a tragus was. My best explanation was "that little nubby thing on the side of your head in your ear". Then ... read more

cookie cutter

My Skin removal cutting took a little bit of time to think about.....Considering I did have to cover another modification. I had once decided to get a heart branding on my inner hip. It was only and inch by maybe an inch and a half. It had been done by a friend of mine, and I knew I was a test subject. Like I am to a few other of my friends. Everyone needs to practice in the skin so I allowed my friend to brand my Inner right hip. The healing process did not turn out the way it ... read more

Religious Ink Pt 2- The Second Tattoo

For a good while I have been mystified with the tattoos that my piercers have. I received my first one which is a Celtic cross from Jeremy at Planet Three Studios ( in Savannah, Georgia. He did an awesome job. I love this tattoo. Planet Three is an awesome studio which specializes in original tattoos and professional piercing. It is owned by a guy named Joel who is an APP (Association of Professional Piercers) certified piercer. He does some awesome work. My piercers at Body Rites turned me on to this place because this is where they get their tattoos ... read more


Approximately a year and a half ago, I had my nape pierced for the first time. It was also my first venture into other piercings outside of my ears and my tongue. I met my piercer, Matt Cottrell for the first time (we've since become good friends) and I had no idea just what I was getting myself into. An addiction harder to combat than any drug out there, I'm sure. Bah, so why bother fighting it? My nape had a lifespan of almost exactly one year. It was one of those piercings I got so attached to that I ... read more

My prom corset for myself.

Having a corset piece done wasn't something I thought I would do this early into my fascination with body modifications. My prom was coming up and I knew I wanted to do something really great for it. Rather then buying a fabulous dress, I would instead alter the one I had from the year previous, and get my back pierced. It took a little convincing from a good friend of mine but I finally decided to do it. Also I would do it for me, to express my self in front of my school peers one last time. My piercer, ... read more

Honoring and magnifying the memory of my only sibling

It began the morning of June 11th, 2003. I went home from my steering suspension and brakes class early that day because of a developing migraine. When I got home, I passed my older brother in our kitchen, he said he was headed over to my mother's rental property to do yardwork. My only sibling, my 21 year old brother had spent his teens experimenting with various drugs. At the age of 19 he had a breakdown, and was diagnosed with schizophrenia and depression, no doubt, caused by his recreational habits. He tried to slit his throat in the winter ... read more

Some things hurt more than the needle

I had actually been sketching the concept that became the memorial tat for my mother before she died, one year and one week after her diagnosis with multiple myeloma. She loved hummingbirds, keeping a special feeder for them on the back deck, and even getting her home care nurse interested in them. In a conversation about various people and their resemblance to certain birds, she said, "Maybe I'm a hummingbird." So the choice of subject was easy. In December, not long before Mom died, a female Rufous Hummingbird was spotted in the small botanical garden east of the Smithsonian castle ... read more

How to catch an butterfly that doesn't exist

Part One: Developing My First Tattoo Design About 11 years ago, I came up with a little drawing using the words "poetry" and "art" fused together using the letter "r" in each to form an upside down cross. At the time I was very much into writing, the creative arts in general and for lack of a better term, anti-organized religion. The upside-down cruciform seemed a nice way of making a statement about how I felt at the time. I knew it was reactionary-I was very angry with organized religion's negative affects on the world, and being a gay man, ... read more

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