Hooked on myself

Disclaimer: Don't try this. Something could go horribly wrong. I had a friend with me just in case something did go wrong. Always use sterile equiptment. Research, research, research! Oh ya, don't do what I did. I bought a bunch of hooks off Ebay expecting to suspend at my friends house. To make a long story short, he hates me now and has all my suspension stuff.. 8ga hooks, rope, needles.. I had a rig all planned out too, but I was lazy and never got the supplies together, which is a good thing, or else he'd have all my ... read more

Virginity Lost to Hooks and Needles...

*NOTE: This story contains play piercing AND suspension because they happened simultaneously. I was going to write about them separately, but then I checked the submission criteria and it said things that happened at the same time can be posted together. It was a Saturday night and every inch of my body was filled with anticipation. We were on our way to Levittown to do a performance, but I was a wreck because I was STILL unaware of what it would entail. I knew the evening would encompass my first play piercing experience, but that was about it. Where would ... read more

One word to describe my pull, AMAZING!

When I first got into body modification in 1998, I did not know anything about suspensions, flesh pulls, play piercing, etc. Until I discovered BME in 1999/2000, I had never even seen pictures of any of it. My first thought was, "I wonder what that must feel like." It was very intriguing and I wanted to know more about, so, I researched it and looked at as many pictures as I could. It was probably sometime in 2001/2002 that I started thinking about what it would be like to do something like that. If I could even DO a suspension, ... read more

Fish hooks, milk, and a trip to the emergency room

I should start with a little background on myself. Currently, I have one semester of college left, and am for now a part time sideshow performer, with hopes of performing full time after graduation. Every kid likes the circus, but not until high school did I become obsessed with it. After seeing the Enigma on the X-files, I realized that running away with the circus, which I had always jokingly said was my career goal, was not a joke. I really did want to run away with the circus, and seeing him made me realize that there was still circuses ... read more

2-point suicide is the choice for me!

Most everything in my life has changed in the past year, and this little story is about one small part.. A bit of background: I first started my IAM page in July of 2002, after a large chunk of personal life unhappiness. I was immediately rewarded with new friends and experiences- beginning with IAM.Scary, the halloween party that was thrown down in McDaniels, KY. Not only did I meet the people who would rather dramatically open my eyes and change my life, I saw for the first time live, a suspension. Well, several, actually. Until that time, I had (like ... read more

My Pulling Experience

Halloween has, for the longest time, been the biggest day of the year at Body Graffix... SO this year we decided to take things a step further and do something no other shops in town are doing.We had been talking about doing a pulling for the longest time anyway, so we decided to take a step in that direction. Originally, the other piercer was going to do the pulling, and I was going to do the procedure. Unfortunately, our test run on him didn't go as well as planned. His skin was too thick and we couldn't get the needle ... read more

Hanging from hooks in my knees

I showed up at Jason's on Saturday Dec. 6 and was hanging out with him and Jason when the topic of conversation turned to suspension. My ears perked up. At that point in time I'd previously done three 4 point suicide suspensions with 8 gauge hooks. I was interested in doing another suspension. I'd previously decided that either a 2 point suicide with 6 gauge hooks or a 4 point knees with 8 gauge hooks should be next, but was at that time undecided on which of those two I should attempt next. Well the weather ended up making my ... read more

Ange Attaché (Bound Angel)

Part One-The Before I'd only seen one corset piercing previously, which Vampy had done on Gretel at the first Metal Fatigue Suspension Meet. It was done with tiny cbr's, and although it did look very pretty, I had no real desire for one of my own. I then discovered play pierced corset piercings here on BME, which did look fantastic, but at that time, my partner John and I had only just begun to 'dabble' in play piercing, so it wasn't something I thought about getting myself. Fast forward a few months, and a friend of ours (Toby, who is ... read more

Phoenix Scarification

I'm going to start this off with an introduction, and my reasoning behind my choices, then I will get into the details of the experience. I've been fascinated with scars since I was a young boy, and as I grew up, the more I saw, and the more I got on my own body, the more I loved them. Then, a couple of years ago, I saw scarification on bmezine.com, when it was first coming out into the public. Though most of the pieces were self inflicted, or poorly done, they still intrigued me to no end. In the next ... read more

First Piercing - Now I Want More!

I've wanted a piercing for a good few years now but never plucked up the nerve to get one. In the end I figured that I'd go get one done so I went about looking for the right place to pierce. I needed something I could easily hide as my school has a very strict dress code and any piercing results in suspension on the spot. As my hair is quite long I decided to go for a helix piercing on my left ear figuring I can hide it easily and still let it show when I wanted to. The ... read more

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