Nothing like I expected but more than I dreamed of.

I used to watch body manipulation rituals on TV and wonder how anyone could do that. It seemed so impossible to me. It seemed these people were more than human. But as the years went by and I was introduced to the wild realm of body modification I became interested in it. It no longer seemed so distant or impossible. About a year ago I began confiding in people that I wanted to pull and suspend. I did an incredible amount of research (a lot of which was with the aid of BME) and talked to people who had be ... read more

Flesh Pulling – On having no head.

Having been fascinated by Suspensions, Kavadi, and all things ritual/ordeal related since I first came across them in back issues of National Geographic when I was about 6, already I had started my career of ordeals with self-piercings, self-sewings and other ordeals from about the age of 10. I found the peace and deep states I could reach from within these choices to be a natural place to be. They later also proved a good antidote to the natural turmoils of the teenage mind. As time passed I also had tattoos and various piercings, helped to set up a piercing ... read more

A beautiful Halloween night

So, I have been going to Frank my piercer for about three years. He has given me plenty of beautiful modifications, and there are many more to come. The following occurred about six months ago in my back yard. I had heard and seen pictures of energy pulls but had never seen one personally. I did witness my good friend do a suspension, so I felt I had a good knowledge about what a pull might entail. It was getting awfully close to Halloween. Rob (my buddy) and I had no plans and that was just not going to do. ... read more

Winter Pull

My fascination with suspension has existed since I first saw it on BME a few years ago. I quickly learned everything I could on the subject. Most of my information came from interviews on BME from people like Fakir Musafar and Allen Faulkner, books like Modern Primatives, and various experience write-ups like this one on BME. Long story short, after much research, I came to a realization that this is something I wanted to experience. I even went so far as to experiment with a cradle-type suspension in my parent's basement (an experience write-up is on BME). The drive and ... read more

Face Shishkabob

I went to Fluid Ink to watch my friend Matt get his lobes pierced, but what happened that night transcended any piercing experience I have ever had. In fact, I feel happier right now that I have felt in a long, long time. When we first got to Fluid, I started talking with Verno about suspensions and pulling (which I am now seriously considering). I was very impressed by his attitude towards it – that suspension and pulling are very spiritual and personal experiences, and that he and his partner are dedicated to making sure we get a full and ... read more

Those feelings of flying

You know how we all have those days where "I'm going to remember this for the rest of my life" and then about a week later you forget about it? Well, I hate to be cliché, but this experience is about one of those days. This journey started out early on February 21st. Waking at the crack of dawn under false pretenses of having to be back at school, I high tailed into Brooklyn to meet up with Claire and her friend. The drive long, tiresome, filled with interesting conversation, but was most of all very gray. Further and further ... read more

Pain and Strength and Other Good Stuff.

Pain is a very personal and empowering sensation: For me, controlled pain, such as with play piercing or pulling, provides a sense of authority over the body, teaches mind control and encourages inner strength. Putting oneself into a situation of doing a pull, suspension or even play piercing, is not a thing I take lightly. For me, it was very important to build up a sense of what I was in for, what it meant, and most importantly to understand WHY I DO IT. I've come across some people who perhaps don't have the best reasoning and I hate it ... read more

Play piercing - Pushing my tolerance.

I began getting intrestd in play piercing over the last few months, after seeing loads of pictures, and thinking that it would possibly be a good way to learn to push my pain tolerance further, because I believe I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to piercings, and I need to do a suspension or pulling. It's not that I want to do it because I can, I need to do it, I believe it will help me in furthering my self, and my confidence. I didn't really know where to get needles from so I looked around ... read more

Getting Hooked By ROP

I first became interested in suspensions a few years ago. Eventually I started to do research on BME, reading up on experiences and pictures. I looked through the information in the suspension FAQ as well, reading over the entire thing many times. I wanted to test myself and prove I could do something a lot of people wouldn't be able to do, I wanted to use my mind to overcome the physical pain, I've always been good with pain, I wanted to see what the "rush" was about, but mostly I wanted to see what "I" myself would take away ... read more

When SusCons Happen to Good People

When SusCons Happen to Good People OR, Suspensions from the Eye of the Beholder We are strong, no one can tell us we're wrong Searchin' our hearts for so long... -- Pat Benatar, Love is a Battlefield, © 1983 SusCon 2004 was a momentous event for two reasons. The more obvious is that people came from all over to suspend. Ah, the suspensions. If you find suspension interesting, exciting, or fascinating (and you're over 18 years old), an event like SusCon is a great place for you to learn more. As far as fun learning environments go, I'd say that ... read more

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