Hanging Around At The Beach

I had decided earlier this year, after chatting to people on the IAM part of BME that I should, at some point next year, very much like to do a suspension. My reasons for this stemmed from two. The first was as a precursor to a tongue-split. I had decided in my head that if I could go through a suspension then I would have enough control over my emotions to enable me to go through the procedure of a tongue-split. The second, quite linked to the first reason, really, was what you might call a rite of passage. My ... read more

I am hooked....Literally *Part 2*

I had suspended once before. It had been during my freshmen year of college in New York and was done by A Rite of Passage. Due to not being able to relax, my shoulders and back cramped up to a point that I could not handle. I asked to be let down, even though I had not been off the ground more than a minute or two. I must admit, I felt like a failure. Sure, I had been off the ground, and sure, I did more than most people can even dream of, but still, I longed for a ... read more

Who's got my rope?

My name is Mike, and in the past year I've become a suspension fanatic. My first experience was a ten-point superman suspension, and it was a life-altering event. As someone who is fascinated by people and how they think, looking at the people who are involved with suspension has become a great interest to me. I'd like to point out that what you're reading are my opinions and perspectives. While I may be an experienced participant with suspensions, I'm not a practitioner, and I'm not part of a suspension team. No two people experience a suspension the same way. We ... read more

Holy hell! This is better than sex!

...but let's get back to that later. Not a week has passed since I hung high above the ground, suspended by six large gauge hooks pierced through my upper back. Since then the impressions have set in, but not faded, and it is time to tell about what was, without a doubt, the best experience of my life. The whole experience took place on ModFest 2004 which was put together by the excellent Fredrik (iam:667), however to properly tell the story of my suicide suspension we have to rewind to about a year ago. In the summer of 2003 I ... read more

Freaks Of Nature

This BME event came to me in the form of a dream in May. I woke up the morning after and knew that it was time for me to host my first event. I thought that a fun place to bring different IAMers and their non-IAM friends to would be the Bronx Zoo in New York City. We could learn about amazing animals and make new friends at the same time. Very fittingly, this summer's events are based around "Extreme Animals." On Sunday, July 18, 2004, BME invaded the Bronx Zoo. Saturday night, Cere, my husband, picked me up after ... read more

Hooked On A Feeling

There were many times where I had tossed the thought of flesh pulling/suspending around in my head. At first, it wasn't really something I saw myself doing. But the more I read into it and talked to those who had experienced it for themselves I became more and more enticed by it. I had experienced it through others about a year ago when I attended my first IAM Vancouver Suspension party. I remember having many mixed feeling at the time. I was drawn to it, yet horrified. (in the best way possible) But it was then that I knew, the ... read more

A moment out of my body- a chest pulling experience

After having successfully suspended for the first time three months ago, the time had come for another day of hooks. I knew I wasn't quite ready for another suspension (as much as I really wanted to, it just wasn't the time for it). I had never done a pull, so I figured, what the hell, it'll be fun! I knew immediately after my first suspension that next up would be a chest pull. As the days drew near, I began to get overwhelming anxiety about having hooks in my chest. I questioned myself to no end about being ready for ... read more

A day of fun... and large hooks!

Most people, when asked what they did the past weekend, they answer something along the lines of relaxing, running errands or spending time with the family. Few people -- I'd imagine -- would be able to honestly respond with, "oh, I had big hooks put into my back. And then I had someone else yank on them. For fun."But I can.June 26th, 2004 was the date of the fourth annual Southern California BME barbeque and my first IAM event. The barbeque was lots of fun [read more] but the highlight of the day was my first flesh pull. My interest ... read more

My First Hooks Thrown

Until I joined IAM, I had no idea what a flesh pull was. And until recently, (ie. a few months ago) I had no interest in them what so ever. I always thought that it was a bit too extreme. In my mind, pullings and suspensions were for people much stronger than I. People who can withstand great amounts of pain, and thrive on it. In my mind, I was not one of those people. Fast forward to a few months ago. My best friend Jeannie had suggested we do a pull together. After careful deliberation and changing my mind ... read more

My first, and possibly last, pull

The first time I learned about flesh pulling I was looking through my piercer's portfolio and saw pictures of him having huge hooks pierced in his back. My naive self asked him, 'do you still have those hooks in you back?' He kind of laughed at me and then explained what it was all about. Him and 7 of his close friends went out into a field and put the hooks in each other and tied all of themselves together. They stayed in the circle for almost 10 hours until they were too cold and their knees wouldn't hold them ... read more

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