hooked for my b-day

The Poem: Birthday It's all moments when you're swinging all in what your toes can touch and where they can send you next and yet I am uncommonly aware of you sitting there watching me and the sun is singing against my skin and the water is cool and quick as I push off and spin around and around as fast as I can trees and sun and dogs flashing by like blinking like blinking but always with the knowledge of your presence right there perched on that rock with the sun in your eyes and with the wind in ... read more

She took two to the chest, and she's still breathing....

Each suspension I have done so far has had a goal. The first suspension I did, my goal was simply to get off the ground. The second suspension I did, my goal was to pull myself off the ground. The suspension I will be writing about now, my third, was to accomplish two point chest. I had heard that a vertical chest suspension was the hardest form of suspension. So naturally, I wanted to try it. I had gone to the RI SusCon with no actual intent of suspending, but one can only live vicariously through other for so long ... read more

My first BMEfest, just great.

It was a regular Wednesday for most people in the most polluted city, but not for me, I usually wake up at 7:30am but that day my alarm clock went off 30 min earlier, I've has as awake as I could be I knew something big was about to start and I was ready for it. The plane left at 10:00 and I was more calmed ready to embrace everything that should happened, there's no turning back it's all in motion and I'm loving every detail. Arrive, taxi, hotel and I meet the first BMEfester Rana iam:HolyJesusBoner we arranged to ... read more

A life changing experience

A year ago, I never thought I'd be hanging on hooks. When I was introduced to the idea by a friend, I have to admit that I was curious. After talking about it with him (a lot), I new this was something I was destined to do one day. Then I met my wife (through the same friend). She had been suspending for years. She opened my eyes to a lot of the facts and myths about it. We watched her videos and looked at pictures of her. She took me to a suspension event and it was then that ... read more

I never thought hanging myself would be so fun!

DISCLAIMER: If you or anyone you know plans on having a massive amount of fun such as this, KNOW YOUR PIERCER!!! I can't emphasize this more. It is a necessity! Well, I'll start off by saying that I have been very curious about mods and the mod culture for quite sometime. It started at a pretty early age when a friend of mine had a brother (re: The Artist) who was pretty into it all. It always seemed so distant and vague, though. Not like something I would eventually let become a part of my life. Especially as big a ... read more

New heights

Words could not contain my joy at receiving the message from Sam that there would indeed be suspensions and pulls at the Chicago BBQ. I have been wanting to suspend again. Less than 20 min away, there was no way I would miss the Chicago BBQ this year. After my suspension experience last year, I thought going up completely unprepared was perhaps not the best way to go. How could I prepare my self? For me meditation is no still mind work it is long walks and labyrinths that lead me into my life more fully. My school and work ... read more

How Smooth It All Can Be

Yesterday was September 11th, 2004 which was a day I would surely never forget. I had been searching for a suspension team from April till the beginning of July. I had asked every piercer I went to and anyone that seemed a little odd, but it was not until I entered Sacred Tattoo on Canal Street to get my frenum pierced that I met Brian and Jeff and from that point on I knew I wanted to hang from hooks. All summer had gone by and there was not one day I did not consider suspending, but I really did ... read more

Beautiful chest pulling

"I am so proud of myself, I want to call my mom." this is one of the first things I say after having two 8 gauge needles shoved through the tough skin of my chest. I glance over at my bloody husband and he reminds me what a bad idea that is. I smile anyway and bask in the pleasure of knowing that I can handle what I just did. Steve gives me a pat on the back and Anna tells me I'm bad ass and all is right with the world, I'm going to do my first pull. For ... read more

The corset of my dreams

There are few things more sensual and erotic looking to me than the delicate crisscrossing of laces across a woman's back, highlighting her hourglass shape. I am an avid practitioner of traditional corsetry, and have taken my waist down from its natural 26" to 21.75" through training. For someone also interested in body modification and ritual, the corset piercing seemed made in heaven to me. In my early days of exploration into BME, I saw photographs of permanent corset piercings done with rings on the back laced up with threading to create a corset design. I had my heart set ... read more

More Knees, Please...

I didn't learn what I was expecting to learn- so I learned not to expect. Along_Those_Lines's BBQ on 8/14/04... the greatest weekend I have had yet, really. I was not familiar with Emerys much, other than a few good minutes of conversation at RI SusCon '04- my first firsthand experience with suspensions. The NYC Rites Of Passage crew is all familar territory and friends to me now, and here I found myself with them Emerys' beautiful wooded back yard in Massachusetts; it all came together quite nicely. I had already done one suspension, at an event set up by Amnesiac ... read more

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