Painful yet good looking

I am fairly new to the body mod world, but I have finally found a place I can be truly happy in. I had been interested in getting pierced for a couple years now so I finally just went out and did it. I made sure to do a lot of research on the many types of body piercings and modifications just so I would know what I was getting done and the proper way to take care of it. For my first two piercings (a 14g lobe and 18g helix) I went to skinquake because I thought the shop ... read more

My septumX2

So a septum piercing was something I had really wanted for a long time. In fact several years, and the time to get it was coming soon. I could feel I was ready. I am sure everybody knows the jittery board "I need a new hole in my body" feeling. I had talked to every one who I knew had and experience and knowledge about a septum or piercing in general, including people who had had them done and I even went to such far lengths as going in to piercing studios to talk to professional people who pierced for ... read more

our gifts

WARNING: THIS DOCUMENT IS IN NO POSSIBLE WAY A GUIDE ON HOW TO PERFORM A PULLING ON SOMEBODY IF YOU DON'T KNOW ENOUGH OF THE HUMAN BODY AND ON HOW TO DEVIDE THE MASS THE PERSON'S FLESH COULD TEAR OF THE HOOKS... LEAVING SERIUOS SCARS Vacation's over now, but I had a hell of a time... probably because I've did my first pulling with one of my best friends xY.x, as a preparation on a suspension we're planning to do later this year. We where talking some time of it to do it, but we never had the nerves to ... read more

My Ritual My Time

My Ritual My time OK Kids so I am not very good at this type of thing but here we go. I help a very close friend of mine put on a little event called the One Project. It is a great gathering of people once a year deep in the desert of Southern California at a place called Madre Grande. It is an event about bring our community, as a whole back together. It is an amazing concept about being the change that you want to see. It takes a lot of time and effort for us to get ... read more

Lust for Life

My first experiences and ideas regarding the idea of a body suspension were second hand. I witnessed the euphoria on a dear friend's face the first time he suspended. I supported him when he became involved with ROP. I witnessed a single point chest at a bbq in Mass and was amazed. I attended "super suspension Sundays" when ROP – RI was getting its start. All of my second hand experiences caused me to fall in love with the idea of body suspension. The culture, the ritual, the rite. I found it to be amazing, fascinating, challenging, and simply beautiful. ... read more

Human Flight

Human Flight A good place to begin this account is probably when I checked a comment forum on my IAM page (about a month before the event) and saw that Warner (Another IAM-er had asked if I would be attending the Richmond Suspension Social. The first thought to flash across my mind was, " Suspension I have wanted to do that for so long Is he serious?" Of course this was followed by the normal thought process of " Who exactly is this guy, Why didn't I hear about this sooner, How will I get there, What If I can't ... read more

Learning to let go.

So there I was lying in bed as any Sunday, when my phone rings around noon. I already know what it means. The weather is poor, so we're going out to Detroit for the iHung fundraiser. I crawl out of bed about and hour later, my company for the day Robbie shows to my house, and we hit the road for the 1.5 hour drive about 2. We arrive at our destination around 3:30, just in time for opening speeches. We relax and start getting to know people around. After a few minutes, we get to see the first suspension. ... read more

Mijn eerste keer

Een jaar of 25 geleden zag ik in een boekje over indianen een tekening van een O-Kee-Pa. Om de een of andere reden moet mij dit toen al geïnteresseerd hebben, want het is me steeds bijgebleven. Na een tijdje op BME te hebben rondgehangen, kwam ik er ook steeds meer over te weten. Via IAM kwam ik met mensen in contact die dezelfde interesses hadden en ook wel eens een suspension wilden proberen. Op de eerste meeting kon het niet doorgaan, maar achteraf gezien was dit niet zo erg, want ik denk niet dat ik er toen echt klaar voor ... read more

Disociasion Mental

Hola a todos, bueno simplemente quiero compartir con todos ustedes IAMers la experiencia de mi primera suspencion suicidal...muy buena de echo... Comenzemos...dia jueves 7 de octubre...7, lindo numero segun la todos modos no elegi el dia...fue cosa del destino. entonces, lugar, casa de lukas...previo encuentro en su estudio de villa urquiza. nos juntamos a las 20:00, para las 21:00 ya estabamos empezando a marcar y preparar todo...compañia: lenor, Bubu, lukas y un par de molestos + ( q si no hubieran estado hubiese sido mejor) y por ultimo mi novia aldana con su hija. musica de relajacion para las ... read more

Rebirth Through My Suicide

My suspension story starts out it seems just as every other one on here does. Had a not-so-great childhood and went through a lot of not-so-great experiences and I became a cutter. It was my way of dealing with the stress of everyday life. Little scratches here and there usually did the the trick but after 16 years of bottling everything up. I found my way of refocusing all my stress and anger. I found piercings. My mom signed for me to get my navel done when I was 16 and I became hooked (literally) soon after. Anyhow, cut to ... read more

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