Vertical Back Suspension

Vertical Back Suspension/Suicide Suspension Als studente fotograaf werd ik voor de eerste keer geconfronteerd met suspensions door het Lifestyle Suspension Team van de gelijknamige piercingstudio in Maastricht. Zij besloten op 29 januari een gesloten suspension party te houden en ik werd door de uitbaatster, Sandra, gevraagd om foto's te komen nemen van het gebeuren. Natuurlijk kende ik die ophangingen al via BME en TV-shows, maar had ze nog nooit live meegemaakt. Ik wist niet wat te verwachten en was dus aangenaam verrast door de grote opkomst van inschrijvingen en meegenomen toeschouwers. Nadat de suspensions afgelopen waren had ik direct al ... read more

Knee Suspension - Eminem Style

I am handed the rope. I am asked, "Are you ready?". I nod my head. I hear from the distance, "Okay...all you". Really, it was all me. A friend had given me the following piece of wisdom before I lay down on the ground, "Remember, you're the only one in the world right now". I turned on my Mp3 player and lost myself in the music; "I never would've dreamed in a million years I'd see, So many motherfuckin people who feel like me, who share the same views And the same exact beliefs, it's like a fuckin army marchin ... read more

My First Suspension

I've been told I'm strong. I've been told that I've done something that the majority will never end up doing. I've been told I'm scary, for a girl, because of what I've done. I'd rather people acknowledge my passion, congratulate me for finding it, and refrain from glorification of any sort -- that just ruins it for me, temporarily. Body modification has been, and is, my only passion. A large part of my life is engulfed in the industry. I can geek on surgical tools, metals, and technique for hours on end, and still not be done. I'm constantly healing ... read more

My First Suspension

So I go to the tattoo shop on Saturday afternoon to have my tattooist work on my leg, but he's not there. I'm on the front porch with Mute-One *piercer* and he looks over at me and goes "I'm bored. Wanna throw some hooks?". I was speechless, because he was dead serious. I had spent about an hour and a half earlier in the week talking with him about shit while I was at the shop.. Things like scalpeling, suspensions and such.. So he knew I was into the idea of suspension, I'd just never done it.. So him asking ... read more

My love affair with the humble knee suspension - Part 1

My first suspension was a personal test. I wasn't sure if I would be able to go through with it, but I knew that I wanted to try! I had become aware of suspensions on BME about 3 years earlier (it was a photo of a knee suspension) and it struck me that it seemed an interesting but impossible feat for the human body to accomplish. Over the next few years I began to understand the malleability of the limits of the human body, as I became increasingly comfortable with each piercing I had done. Eventually I was within an ... read more

Surprise knee suspension

Every year in March, Bodypiercing Lifestyle has an open information day. This year's open information day was Saturday, March 11. Of course I went there because it's always fun, even though I did not need to help out or perform. At least, that's what I thought until halfway the open information day. Things turned out a little different... I brought a friend (piercing virgin), and she wanted her navel done. I decided to have my vertical lobe done. While Jimmy was marking me, Isabelle, the floor manager, came in. "Ehm, Marjolein? There's a problem... The guy who was supposed to ... read more

My first suicide suspension

The other day I was asked if I wanted to go along while some people that I knew were going to do suspensions. I had been really bummed out when I had to miss a show that they did, as the club they had suspended at was 21 and up, and I fall just short of that age. So when I was asked to come along, I was really excited to get the chance to see the suspensions. Little did I know that I would actually be going up. I have been doing play piercing for a while, and have ... read more

My first suspension, an experience to remember...

My first suspension, a four point suicide, was finally accomplished on the evening of September 4th, 2006 (Labor Day). The event had been planned and canceled a couple of times, during a period of three weeks before, for various reasons. When it actually came time, I had only been given five hours notice. Needless to say, I was surprised and hadn't much time to mentally prepare myself, but concluded I was in good enough shape to heed the opportunity nonetheless. Regardless of the short notice, I was in a great mood, and was really looking forward to going up. Everything ... read more

My first Suspension with the film crew from Taboo

So September 30 2006 will not be a day I will easily forget. I was to do a Suicide suspension at my home is West Gippsland as a part of a story the Taboo series was doing on Suspension. The film crew arrived at 10.30am and went about their setup while I grew increasing nervous. Once they were set up they wanted to do some interviews with me before the suspension. My crew arrived about 12.30 and we got straight to work setting everything up for my suspension. Todd threw my hooks and I was confident in his abilities as ... read more

My love affair with the humble knee suspension - Part 3

My third suspension was on Good Friday – 14th April 2006. It was organised by the Swing Crew, and was set to be held at Prospect Reservoir in Sydney's West. I drove there with a car semi-full of friends, and arrived at around midday (I think...). The suspensions had already begun, and there was a decent sized group of supporters and on-lookers already there. It was a nice park and food was being whipped up for lunch. Unfortunately, the lovely setting and suspension meet was interrupted by an over-zealous bunch of emergency service people: Something to the tune of 5 ... read more

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