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I have been interested in mods since I saw the first nostril ring, I got my first one done by myself, later I became a body piercer an started doing my own piercings let's say "more safely" I grew up in Rio de Janeiro, and I'm a very positive person since the day I got this suspension, I had a self suspension by the knees before this one, but it didn't changed me as much as the suicidal. At that time I was a professional body piercer for four years and I must say, you are not qualified to proceed ... read more

My 4-point Lotus

My 4-point Lotus Suspension After a while of doing dynamic suspensions, like knees and suicides, I decided it was time to try my hand at sitting still on a set of hooks for a little while. I had tried the coma once with little luck, so I decided to have a stab at (pun intended there) the lotus. Being the type of person I am, though, I, of course, couldn't do a normal lotus with copious hooks throughout my body. Not to mention the fact that I simply don't like getting pierced too terribly much. With that in consideration, I ... read more

Why I Hung; Why It Mattered

I had no idea what I was getting into. I thought I was so well prepared, having read about it for months. I even bought some titanium and went through three hook designs before settling on one that I liked. My mental process had gone from, "They do WHAT with hooks?" and moved along to acceptance and eventually fascination with the subject. When I finally found myself talking to a live human willing to string me up, I could hardly believe it. For several months leading up to my first suspension, I had spent lots of time alone. (And I ... read more

Conch Stretching (a continuance of “My Bitchy Conches”)

Conch Stretching (a continuance of "My Bitchy Conches"): In May of 2003, I was on vacation in Maine, where I am from and I was about to be driven to a bus station to leave southern Maine and head further north. My friend and I had some time to kill, so I asked him if there were any decent piercing shops around. I had just finished stretching my lobes and was contemplating getting my conches done and figured, since I had the money, I would get at least something pierced. He recommended Pins and Needles since they had a military ... read more

Why I Modify--A Search Within

People have different reasons for everything which they do. It can be as little as why you wear green socks to as large as what religious affiliation you have. Everybody has their own reasons for the actions they perform. A large place where we come across this is with body modifications. If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me why I received this piercing, or why I have this tattoo, I could retire a rich person. Though I do not have a million dollars, I consider myself rich due to the fact that body modifications are a ... read more

Displacing Discomfort

Displacing pain really helps me conquer emotional trauma. If I'm hurting one place, say my heart for example, I put pain somewhere else to distract me. So basically I felt I needed a needle stuck through my flesh to relieve some anxiety. So I had a day off work and after a long day of classes my friend and I hopped in the car to Eau Claire to Penetrations. They had also done my clavicle piercings a few months back and I also needed the piercer to take a look at those to. I pretty much decided what to get ... read more

The flesh will be modified

The Flesh Will Be Modified,The Hooks Are Sharp The Rope Is Taught Soon Trancendance Will Occur. This phrase has always ran through my head. Ever since I've been thirteen I've wanted to try suspension. And on March 29th my dream came true. My friend got the luck to go to a suspension. I wanted so badly to go but was informed he didn't know if I could because it was private. So needless to say i was green. and disgruntled untill I was called one night at about three in the morning. I groggily answer my phone to my friend ... read more

Waiting to exhale

October first of my senior year of high school I turned eighteen. I began getting modifications. All I had at his point was one piercing in each of my earlobes and one piercing in my cartilage, all done before the age of thirteen, needless to say, by a giggly blonde wielding a piercing gun in the mall. My modding started with a Monroe the day after my eighteenth birthday. Then I got a couple of tattoos. I was ready, however, for a new piercing. Browsing and artist portfolios gave me many options, many of which I liked. One I ... read more

Superman versus Format C

Na mijn fantastische suicide ervaring wist ik dat het niet bij die ene suspension ging blijven. Ik was dan ook maar al te gelukkig toen ik een berichtje van Patrick (iam:MetalPatrick) kreeg, met de vraag of ik geïnteresseerd was in een suspension-meet in hun shop ( Aangezien ik 3 van de 4 weekends moet werken, moest ik eerst nog vrijaf zien te krijgen. Dit bleek gelukkig geen probleem en een kleine maand op voorhand kon ik me beginnen prepareren. Ik stopte weer met vlees eten, alcohol, joints en ook niet teveel suiker. Bij mijn eerste suspension volgde ik het dieet ... read more

... And Then I Bled Everywhere.

Last year, I had my septum pierced with a 14 gauge circular barbell. However, visible mods are not something my parents approve of and my allergies were giving me hell, so I made the decision to take it out. I made a mental note to get it pierced in the future. Up until recently, getting my septum pierced again was pushed to the back burner. A few months ago, I went home to New York for the weekend and I met a few friends for dinner in Chinatown. Brian Decker was the practitioner I'd felt most comfortable with and knew ... read more

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