The First Flight of the Phoenix

I have been into body modification for several years now, but just recently got to experience my first suspension. It all started when I was 15 years old and had a girlfriend who was into blood play, scarification, tattoos and piercings. She shared the wonderful experience with me one day and I was instantly "hooked" to the idea of the pain and pleasure that it brought to me. But in the town I lived in, body modifications are looked down on and called sinful, so I moved to the big city of Nashville and found my new friends at Ink ... read more

My non 'standard' Tragus to Snug industrial

"What, the fuck, is that?". That question, I have answered a lot in the past week. You see, I wanted a new industrial piercing, but this time, I wanted something different. Previously having a helix to helix industrial, which became all too common in my school, I wanted something for myself. I had my previous piercing WAY back in October, and I was itching for a piece of metal sticking through my ear, and protruding out the other side. So browsing through the industrial pages of BME, I came across many tragus to conch piercings. I loved the look, and ... read more

We are not impervious!

Three weeks after my first six hook stomach suspension on Vashon Island, Bardo was preparing a press pack that would require photos of Bardo doing what they do best: manipulating flesh. We all arrived at our studio with our friend and photographer, Doug, better known as Hypnox. He was excited, because for months he had been doing shoots with models for fashion and various events, and shooting quality photos for a suspension group was a nice break from the norm. Three of us were expected to hang that evening. As Doug prepared his cameras, everyone went through what was to ... read more

My First Facial.... Piercing. (Vertical Labret)

The only thing that has kept me from getting facial piercings in the past were rules at my school. They had a very strict rule of no visible piercings other than your ears. People the put clear retainers in their piercings even eventually got caught and stuck in suspension until they took it out. So after my high school graduation there was no question about it: I was going to get pierced. I always wanted to pierce my lip. I had looked at hundreds of pictures and read hundreds of reviews here on BME and instantly fell in love with ... read more

A lipring, my introduction into bodmod

So, I was 16, had recently left home, and decided I wanted a nice symbol of my newfound independence. Something to prove to myself, and everyone else, I was a strong woman, and in control of my own life, and my own body. Up to that point I wasn't overly interested in, or knowledgeable about body modifications. I didn't even have my ears pierced at the time. I was living in downtown Ottawa and so I regularly passed several studios when out and about, and always looked on in interest. I got a ring to place in various spots on ... read more

Two Point - Six Gauge

Getting pierced with two six gauge hooks at the same time was rough, to say the least. I yelled 'fuck' a few times and immediately decided that whoever told me that 6 gauge was just a slight pinch more than an 8 gauge was completely insane. This was my second attempt at a suicide suspension. My plan was to pull against the rig first and get the hooks seated comfortably before going up. When I did my four point suicide, I didn't have a chance to get comfortable with the hooks before I decide to leave the ground, so I ... read more

A Friend Comes Home

For about a month now I have been growing a goatee for one purpose and one purpose only. Its been growing in very gray and I don't really like very much. It has its purpose for work however, as for what I did last night needs to be hidden during work hours. Everyone that has noticed this new piece of facial hair so far has liked it. I think it makes me older. Up until recently I had been actively removing jewelry for various reasons and I thought that aspect of my life was over. I was wrong. Then last ... read more


I have been addicted to bme for some time now, sitting at my computer for hours just looking at the pictures and reading people personal accounts and in particular have always been fascinated by play/ritual piercing. In the past year or so, I have developed a "passion for pain" and have been experimenting with different things such as cutting, some forms of branding, scarring and piercings, just out of my own curiosity. I have read that play piercing is meant to be a pretty spiritual experience so I made it my aim to try it out. I looked at pictures ... read more

Winter Coma

Negen maanden na mijn eerste suspension ervaring was het moment aangebroken om voor de derde keer de lucht in te gaan. Deze keer zou het een coma worden. Waarom juist deze stijl? Ik had een suicide en een superman gedaan en wou weer eens iets anders. Persoonlijk is het voor mij weer een stapje verder. Bij de eerste suspension (suicide) was ik nerveus voor het moment van opstijgen, bij de superman stond ik wat afkerig tegenover de haken in m'n benen en nu had ik wel wat schrik voor in m'n borst gepierced te worden. Het komt er op neer ... read more

This "nerd" has a secret!

9/02/05 @ 5:32pm This is the only piercing that I have that I can remember the date and time of when I got the gift that kept on giving. For as long as I can remember I have always loved body modifications, no matter how "weird", "strange", or "extreme". When I was a child going through the schools old National Geographic magazine just to get a glimpse of some form of body modification. When I was older my family banned me from trying to find any info about any sort of mods, rituals and most of all, suspensions. Well after ... read more

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