At war with gravity.

As a child I'd often dreamed of flying. I'm not talking about planes, or construction paper wings with my stuffed tiger. I'm talking about the freedom of aerial mobility. Floating above everything and everyone with a grin on my face that read "bliss." As you grow older you lose sight of many childhood dreams, but there are those that never die. I have never gone a day without hoping for this. There were even times I'd lay on the ground willing myself to levitate. I'm no David Blaine Street Sorcerer, or whatever it is that demon goes by, but I ... read more


In my last story -"the Hooks Got Me!!", I mentioned we were working on a different type of chest pull. Funny thing about hooks, they are fiendish "little fellows" that command attention! They defintely let you know when they're thrown into you and become part of you - body and soul. With 30+ years teaching physics (specializing in force/resistance - mechanics), I thought of a simple rope/pulley combination for my chest pull. A dead-weight vertical lift through two inclined plane movements involving the ropes. Olympic weights at one end that are attached to ropes which then will be attached to ... read more

An Aesthetic Tribute

Getting my nipples pierced was decision I came to rather quickly. I decided to get them done vertically, because I found it aesthetically pleasing. I believe that decision is in part due to many years of life drawing classes – when one sketches the human form, lots of vertical lines are used as a foundation before drawing the curves of the body. I liked the idea of vertical barbells, and that was that. I lived in Boston at the time, and my favorite modification artist, Brian Decker, worked in New York City. I was stubborn and refused the thought of ... read more

Bosom Companions

On the evening of the full moon in January '05 I got my nipples pierced along with my roommate Alicia and our friend Kate. I had been thinking of piercing my nipples since the summer but I am highly body conscious. My (recently ex)boyfriend had his nipple pierced and offered to do it to me—but I didn't know how much it would hurt and he's not a piercer so I'd declined on that offer. I figured that it was just going to be one of the many things that I had wanted to do but hadn't the courage. Alicia and ... read more

Ondersteboven van plezier

Afgelopen weekend deed ik mijn eerste 6-point knee suspension, ook wel bekend als Falkner suspension. Tot een maand of 3 geleden zei deze variant me eigenlijk niet zoveel, dus ik zal een beetje proberen uit te leggen hoe het toch zover is gekomen. Ik heb reeds enkele suspensions achter de rug en vanzelf zoek je dan naar nieuwe dingen om ook eens te proberen. Zo kwam ik op BME ook langs foto's van knie suspensions. Op de een of andere manier sprak me dit niet zo direct aan om het zelf eens te doen. Ik bedoel, het zag er wel ... read more

My Rook Piercing

Hey how's it going? I'll start off by telling you all of the other piercings that I have. I have my left Eyebrow, my right nostril, my center lip, my left scaffold (industrial), my right conch, my left lobe 5 times along with one helix, and my right lobe is pierced 8 times with 2 helix piercings. I had gotten all of my piercings except my lobes and helix done at Studio 13 in Clarion. (The place is very very clean and the workers are super friendly and nice, and I totally trust the piercer, Glen. so if u live ... read more

H2Ocean Addicts Anonymous

In the four or so years since I have discovered the joys of body modification, "No" is a word I have become fairly used to. I have all but exhausted the ways in which I could possibly request parental permission to get pierced, tattooed, etc. We're not even going to talk about suspension, scarification and branding today; my poor mother would have a heart attack. None of this is to say, however, that I am not modified myself. Out of respect for those who put a roof over my head, and will continue to do so for another year, I ... read more

Boy vs Girl Tug-o-War

Lifestyle was having it's open information day on Saturday and I had announced that I would go, to meet up with fellow iam-ers and see some performances. The Friday night before, I found an IM of Rule in my iam-box. The guy who was going to do a suspension had canceled so the question was if I didn't want to do "something". Hell yeah! The only problem was that I had a gig that night and that I would have to leave at 6 pm, while the suspension was actually planned to start at 6 pm. So I replied that ... read more

And I flew

I want to fly. I have flown. And I want to do it again. And again. And again. My drugs of choice are adrenaline and endorphins. There's nothing like Fight or Flight. Most of the activities I enjoy in my free time involve some type of competition. Maybe competition isn't the best way to say it, but I'm not sure what is. I push my body until it can't go. I get off on not knowing when I might physically reach my limit and have to use my mind to push further. The only real competition is the physical me ... read more

"Why aren't you up in the air yet?"

After going through the amazing experience of doing a knee suspension practically on my own (throwing my hooks and pulling myself up), the time came again for another opportunity to suspend. I knew that this time around, I was going up superwoman. This time around, I didn't have the pre-suspension nerves, I felt completely ready to take on whatever came my way. I arrived at the dojo and proceeded to be my quiet and shy self for a couple of hours while I watched others suspend and waited for Art to arrive. While waiting, everyone got to see iam:dreadedfate do ... read more

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