Pulling and balancing

I have been planning a suicide suspension for the last few months, to celebrate my 21st birthday (less than two months away). I cannot think of a more ideal way to mark my entry into 'adulthood': it something I've been interested in for a long while, and am doing purely for myself and because I feel ready. My piercer/tattoo artist, who also operates the Sacred Souls suspension group (yes, he's a talented man), happily agreed to suspend me. Suspensions are still very rare here in South Africa, even though tattoos and piercings are becoming increasingly popular. He was especially thrilled ... read more

Anti-Eyebrow- What Everyone Wants To Know

This experience focuses on my 'anti-eyebrow'. I've had this piercing for over 6 months now and its usually the first thing someone notices about me. Its also the piercing that gets the most questions, so I did decided to write this for all those people out there that are looking into getting an anti-eyebrow, as its not anything like other piercings I've gotten. First of all, I have numerous of piercings, including 4 lip rings, septum, nose, and navel, so I'm not new to the areas of piercing. Thus you can count on my information as being accurate to my ... read more

Tragen Sie einen profunden und aussagefähigen Namen hier ein

Tu ichs oder tu ichs nicht? Mein erster und zweiter Flug Ich bin auf dem Weg nach Hause. Der Flug ist jetzt zwei Tage her. Es ist Montag, kurz nach halb zehn Uhr abends. Ich hatte ein Gespräch von 3 oder 4 Stunden mit Sven, einem guten Freund, einem "durchgeknallten Typen", der heftig gepiercet in den schrägsten Klamotten durch die Gegend stürzt. Wir haben uns für das nächste Wochenende verabredet, um einige Playpiercing- Sessions zu machen, ihn mal aus der Innenstadt rauszuholen, damit er wieder zu sich selbst finden kann. Ihm habe ich so viel Erkenntnis zu verdanken, auch dass ... read more

Pushing Air

I came home one night after visiting with my mother bunch of cars in my driveway and people passing windows in my house. Wondering what the deuce was going on - I began to raise my eyebrows and exit my mom's vehicle. I scampered in the front door and stared - bewildered at my roommate and a small group of friends standing in the basement. The first thing that crossed my mind was that there was a party and I wasn't invited - in my own home no less. I entered the doorway and there layed out on the table ... read more

My Eyebrow Adventure

About two months ago my mom, sister, and I went out to eat at Ruby Tuesdays. Well, one of our waitresses had an eyebrow piercing and ever since than i wanted one. My mom was so supportive and kept telling me I should get it done and that it would look so good on me. For a couple of weeks I took time to research all the precautions that go along with the piercing (I also looked through a lot of the pictures and articles on this site). So finally a month after my first encounter with the waitress, I ... read more

Ooops, I did it again

Happy Independence Day to me! Since the first time I saw pictures of flesh pulls I thought I wanted to try it, then when I actually got to witness people pulling I knew I had to try it. I did my first pull a little over a year ago and I was pleased with myself for doing it, but just didn't feel like it was my 'thing', it was not a bad experience but I just didn't feel like it was something I wanted to do ever again. That all changed on July 4, 2005. I got up around 10:45 ... read more

Fainting, flying and a natural high

June 26, 2005, 10 in the morning. The doorbell rings. It is the day of my second Truth Seekers Syndicate Event. I would be suspending, and I was totally ready for it. After my two pulls, I was convinced that I could suspend, and go crazy on my hooks too! Of course I was a little nervous, but they were healthy, happy nerves. Colin is at the door, to pick me up. Together, we drove to the train station of Venlo, where everybody would meet. Several people were already waiting there. Soon, more people showed up. When everybody had arrived ... read more

"Danke!" von einem halben Supermann

„Brauche ich für die Suspension irgendetwas Besonderes?", fragte ich Ueli, als wir durch den Wald zum Ort des vor mir liegenden Geschehens liefen. „Nein, eigentlich nicht.", antwortete er nach kurzem Überlegen. Ich hatte lediglich eine weitere kurze Hose unter dem Arm, das sollte genügen. Ueli war einer der Initiatoren des ersten Schweizer Body Modification-Meetings, an dem ich nun tatsächlich teilnehmen sollte. Hinter einem kleinen Hochwasserdamm erreichten wir nach kurzem Spaziergang die Gruppe, die bereits unter anderem auch auf mich als einen der Akteure an diesem milden Sommerabend wartete. Mitten im Wald hatten sich hier ca. 20 Leute versammelt, um gemeinsam ... read more

The Day I Was Hung

6/25/2005 8:35 PM Honestly, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Everybody there, their first reaction are you sure you want to do that with a bad sunburn? Uh yeah. I waited since October, traveled thousands of miles, and sat through a night of shitty gay ass music to come here. Not gonna turn back now! Both Stacey and I are really burned, so one of the girls helped out a lot. Lydocaine and Aloe helped out a lot.. A really lot. I took off my shirt to let me body temp normalize because of ... read more

Life changing event

This would be the day that would change my life as I knew it. Many think of it as taboo, some a Right of passage; others think as it just a great release of built up pressure or to get away from life. I first gained interest in this art form as a young child watching TV. The first time that I had seen it was on a Ripley's Believe It Or Not program. They had shown people covered with tattoos and body piercing, they were hanging from hook on a sort of rigging system. I was amazed at what ... read more

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