I was his guinea pig.

I became fascinated with body modification at a young age. My "collection" of body art soon began to grow faster than it seemed I could catch up with it. But it felt like there was something I was missing. I wanted something new. I wanted originality. And then I saw my friend's surface piercing. She had a Tygon surface piercing right below her navel. She had gotten much attention from it wherever we went because of how rare it was. It was then that I realized I wanted something just as original. I don't know exactly where the idea for ... read more

I've been HACKED - second suicide

I've been interested in trying out a suspension since the beginning of the year, after having become more aware of it through reading stories and seeing pictures on BME (as well as the odd superficial media coverage). Moving to Sydney at the beginning of the year, I knew that in terms of modifications and rituals I'd have a greater opportunity to explore such things than previously, having lived a relatively sheltered life in South East Asia. I didn't realise that I'd be able to try out a suspension as early as August in an event aptly dubbed "HookLove" carried out ... read more

A RING FOR THE PROFESSOR - septum piercing

I've taken a lot of good natured ribbing from the suspension group during my pulls and suspensions. Like: "Professor we need to suspend you by your nose - where's the ring?". I would answer: "One day I'll have that ring and would it be a 1 point suspension??". I have several piercing that are not public; both nipples - 8 gauge horizontal barbells plus 12 gauge vertical barbells behind the 8's, a P.A.- 4 gauge and enlarging, and a 3 rung frenum at 12 gauge. This septum piercing would be real cool as the ring/retainer can be hidden from view ... read more

My second tragus piercing, a different experience altogether!

When I was in Dublin earlier this year I came across a piercing shop called Metal Morphosis. As my friend needed to buy some more plugs for her ears anyway, and I'm always interested to see if places are good, bad or horrible, we went in and had a look around. I was really impressed by the wealth information they offered in their advice/pricelist leaflets, and in general the place was incredible! As I had to fly back home the next day I decided it wasn't a particularly good idea to be pierced there and then, but I must admit ... read more

Horizontal Lobes!

I guess most people start off writing a bit about their experience of body modification, so here's mine; I first got my ears pierced when I was about twelve at Claire's Accessories with a gun, because I was young and impressionable and easily led. Also, my mum paid for them. I went to a high school that was incredibly strict on uniform, so I did not want to get anything done, only to have to take it out again and have it close up. My next piercing was not until my eighteenth birthday when I got my clitoral hood pierced ... read more

The suspense is killing me

The vibrancy of this weekend is comparable to that of seeing a sky exploding with fireworks, through a house with no electricity at the darkest heart of midnight. There are so many things that are crowding in line to be written down, and I should have written them sooner, because I know the more outstanding picture-perfect details will be hazy to me, and that kind of disappoints me; and in retrospect, if I had known everything that was set to happen before the weekend had started, I would have written an account hourly. I'll start with Friday night. I was ... read more

Geen gewone wandeling

Afgelopen weekend was het zover : mijn eerste Kavadi walk. Waarom nu dit ritueel? Hier kan ik niet zo dadelijk een antwoord op geven. Ik had natuurlijk al eerder foto's gezien en het internet een beetje afgezocht naar wat meer informatie. Ik wou het gewoon eens proberen, ervaren hoe het voelt. Aangezien je niet elke dag de kans krijgt om zoiets mee te maken, twijfelde ik niet om me in te schrijven op de events lijst. De organisatie was in handen van neetnek en het Truth Seekers Syndicate. Ik had al prachtige suspension ervaringen gehad met hen, dus ik wist ... read more

Self done chest pull

I love chest pulls. I've done two previous chest before this experience, and enjoyed them both. Although they don't give me as much of a buzz as suspensions, I like that I don't have to prepare so much for them. I also enjoy the feeling of the hooks pulling my skin gradually further away from my body, and how I can change how hard I want to pull. I've seen people pierce their own suspension hooks before and I was curious about whether I'd be able to do it. A lot of things I try because of curiousity. I like ... read more

"Resurrection through Coma"

Both coma and resurrection suspensions looked so peaceful and relaxing but which one should I attempt? The "sleeping beauty" one or the "Spiritual awakening"? Since I find them both to be of great importance to me I had trouble to choose one of them! I had my mind set on coma suspension for a long time but did not have any opportunity to attempt it yet. I knew there would be a great opportunity to do it during the Summer Modfest 2005 since the best Scandinavian suspension teams were supposed to attend this event. One of them, which, by the ... read more

A Life's Journey Blooms

For some people, the world of body modification is a point of ridicule. For others it is a way to fit into an ever changing society. For others of us yet, it is a way of life. We may be called freaks for performing such things as tattoos, body piercings, sounding, and even such procedures as ritual forms of body modification. The latter is often the most ridiculed form of body modification. Few people understand the implications of what energy pulls and suspensions can have on a person. All most people think is that you are a freak for hanging ... read more

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