My Industrial

So finally came the day that I got my industrial pierced. I wasn't nervous until I actually got into the studio and then the butterflies came. The studio was awesome. Just the smell of it brought back memories from my previous piercings and the walls were decorated with various pictures. While we waited for Josh the piercer I looked into a cabinet that had body jewelry in it. There were so many options and so many ways of modification it really just raised my spirits. My mom and one of my friends went with me and they were more scared ... read more


It's been a while since I last wrote here. I've been busy studying, making plans for my life, saving money to finance more mods and becoming a better person. One statement not excluding the other. It had been a year almost to the day since I last got a tattoo and frankly, I was a bit scared for this one. Tattooing on the head has quite a reputation and in everything you do there's a tiny bit of bad self-esteem that makes you frightened on your first time. Pain to me consists of two separate things, the physiological- and the ... read more

Lobes scalpelled to 10 mm

My first set of earlobe piercings were done when I was 11 years old, with a piercing gun. At that time I was very happy only to have a piercing – I did not care much for the placement or the "piercer"s hygiene. After a couple of years I realized that the placement was not optimal, the piercings were placed too close to my head, leaving a lot of unpierced flesh. I got my 2nd set of piercings to fill up my lobes and was happy about them. Some years later I pierced them for the third time, this time ... read more

My lovely piercing

Hey how's it going? I'll start off by telling you all of the other piercings that I have. I have my left Eyebrow, my right nostril, my center lip, my left scaffold (industrial), my left lobe 5 times along with one helix, and my right lobe is pierced 8 times with 2 helix piercings. I had gotten all of my piercings except my lobes and helix done at Studio 13 in Clarion. (the place is very very clean and the workers are super friendly and nice. and I totally trust the piercer, glen. so if u live near clarion go ... read more

Makin' My Septum Ornate!

After a few months of haggling with myself about a septum piercing, I decided to go for it. There was some confusion over the studio to go to (or maybe I'm just easily confused). I was certainly happy with my regular studio, Puncture, but I wanted to give iam: Sque3z (another local piercer whom I had heard rave reviews about) a try. Unfortunately, he was out of town and Puncture didn't have the glass retainer I desired... and I'm much too impulsive to do that "waiting" thing. Luckily, Sque3z returned shortly and tempted me with a reminder that he had ... read more

An experience all my own

Two of my biggest fears are heights and being upside down. For my third suspension I chose to go up 4 point knee. I was going to do this no matter what. I decided to do it at the Rites of Passage BBQ on July 3, 2005. It would be outside which I was excited about; I'm not really big on nature but the fact that it was outside gave me a sense of freedom. So that morning I went to Kohl's to pick up something to suspend in. I ended up buying basketball shorts and a black tanktop. Then ... read more

A Twelve Foot High

Recently, I have been getting more involved in suspensions, and I find that the superman suspension is my favorite. That is why at the Fourth of July Weekend BBQ hosted by A Rite of Passage; I chose to do another superman suspension. So far, I have gotten more out of this suspension, than any of my previous ones. I just got back from a week's vacation driving around New England and visiting various friends, and I show up to the BBQ at Em's house with little sleep and hundreds of miles under my belt in the past 24 hours. My ... read more

Septum, anyone?

I got my septum pierced a few days ago. It's the first major piercing I've gotten in the last 4 years, with the intentions of keeping it in for a while anyway. It seems like I get them for the initial rush more often than because I'm actually going to keep them in. Even though I have had a few other piercings (vertical labret, Monroe (I took it out 6 months ago), and quads (which I took out rather immediately), and suspension piercings), the septum piercing is the strangest piercing I've ever had done. I went to Timeless, where the ... read more

Not just an ordinairy walk

This experience is a translation of a Dutch experience which can be found here. Last weekend it was time to do my first Kavadi walk. Why this ritual? I cannot really answer this question. I had, of course, seen some pictures and browsed the net for some more information but I guess I just wanted to try it, to feel what this experience was like. It's obvious that you don't get an opportunity to try it every single day, so when I saw it on the events list I didn't hesitate for a second to sign up. neetnek and the ... read more

Looking into the eyes of purity

One Hook Chest Suspension So this is how is all goes you see....Throughout the day I clean my whole apartment from top to bottom. Or is it bottom to top? After this I have a bath and a shower to shave my body from the neck down to enhance my sense of touch/feeling. When everyone arrives here I am listening to Tool - Lateralus and just get into the right mood for this. I bring out all the suspension equipment, piece by piece. I clean my hands with Isagel first off and wait for them to dry. I put on ... read more

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