my first flesh pull

THE PULL OF FLESH The pull of flesh involves two or more people each placing two hooks in the flesh of your back situated at the top of your back near the shoulder blade, then joined with rope. Each person then paces out until the rope is taught then you lean forward until each person is supported by each other's weight. Eager to experience the sensation that only what one can call a mind blowing, I decided to go ahead the with some friends of mine in Perth Western Australia with the help of the Perth Pirate Core about a ... read more

One Man's Journey pt 11

My first ten experiences ('One Man's Journey' pts 1-10), cover the history of my piercings from 1991 to 2005. Briefly; I started with a single lobe piercing and progressed to 8 more ear pierces, 2 horizontal nipples (1 retired), 1 vertical nipple, upper and lower navel, PA, lorum, 2 hafadas, guiche, 15-rung frenum/scrotum ladder, a pair of 3-rung side-frenum ladders (5/6 rejected) and finished (?) with an apadravya in April 2005. This one tells the tale of my first taste of ink. Call it a mid-life crisis (I'm 36!) but in the last year I've found myself bitten by the ... read more

How I learned to love my belly.

I woke up yesterday with no idea what I was about to endure. I went to work like every other day and had a great time there. I laughed with my coworkers like every other Tuesday afternoon. I began to get a bit nervous around noon for my 5:00 appointment with Tania. By 2:30pm when I was finally off from work I was incredibly nervous, well, nervous for me. I don't usually get nervous until I am up there on the table and then it isn't even a big thing. I left work, went to the bank, shaved my pubes, ... read more

Wait... they were supposed to use a topical anesthetic?

This is the story of when I had my eyeliner tattoo done, in a salon in Bangkok, Thailand... without the usually-standard anesthetic. Owwwww. I'm an amazingly lazy girl, so the first time I heard about permanent eyeliner, I practically began to drool. It would be like a dream come true to be able to wake up every morning and look like I was born with those big eyeliner-defined eyes I painted myself with daily. I hadn't left the house without heavy goth-inspired eyeliner since I hit puberty. It was a hassle, but it had become such an ingrained part of ... read more

My first time errr... convention

I got into modifications when I was 9 looking at my dad's tattoo fascinated me. I grew up and at 19 received my first (odd) piercing (my tongue) a few months later I got my first tattoo more followed and I am currently at 9 and more to come. I had only heard about tattoo conventions before and had no idea how to find a local one or what exactly happened at them. Thanks to BME I educated myself. In mid-January, I heard of a convention that would be taking place in Columbus, Ohio in May (The International Body Art ... read more


Bob and I have been planning for nearly a month to have me (a.k.a. "Professor Torture Master") experience a true suspension - my 1st. (Again, B.M.E./staff for contributing to my new alias). We will lay out the design for the rigging. And it will be my responsibility to fabricate it. After all, teaching physics for 30 years, I should be able to build a simple rig for this ordeal. We felt that a combination type suspension - 2 point chest and 4 point back was in order. While the rig was under construction, Bob and I both decide that there's ... read more

Suspensions in the woods

It was a bright sunny day, a perfect day to have a suspension meeting outside in the woods. And that was exactly the plan for that day. Colin came by to pick me up (and buy my boyfriend's bass guitar). Together we drove to the train station in Venlo, the meeting point for the event. We met Be, Steffen, Bert and his friend, who were already at the station. One by one others followed: Jan, Jerry, mpatshi, Marisa, Dan, Sharon, combatiple, Kor, Brigitte, Rule, and several non-iam people. When everybody had paid their entrance and/or suspension fee to Brigitte, we ... read more

On the other side

In August of 2003, I did my first suspensions with the Rites of Passage group at their annual BBQ in Pittsfield, MA. That experience was truly a life-altering event. So much had changed in my life when I returned in August 2004. The 2004 BBQ also marked my seventh suspension, a two-point suicide. My seventh suspension was a great experience, but it paled in comparison to a new experience I had that weekend when I threw my first hooks. I feel obligated to put in a disclaimer here. I'm not an experienced suspension artist or practitioner. If you don't know ... read more

Double Whammy

Getting a new tattoo or piercing has always been an awesome experience for me. I started getting pierced when I was about fifteen and got my first tattoo when I was eighteen. Like any of-age kid, my first couple of piercings hurt, and I was really nervous beforehand (understandably). But as I continued to add metal and acrylic to my body, I started to really experience the process; I wanted to truly feel every aspect of the ritual that is a piercing. After all, getting a piercing is an almost religious experience. All this to say, I became very aware ... read more

Stretching Big Too Fast

This is about my bad experiences with stretching my ear lobes big, and what happened. I started out with 12ga holes that were the original piercings. After about a year I stretched them to 10ga, a month later 8ga, and 6ga another month later; all with no problems. A year later, I decided to start going big and every month, or every other month I kept stretching, every time by going to my body piercer Jef Saunders at Lunasea in Providence, Rhode Island (now known as Rockstar.) Eventually my ears were at 5/8 and my sister asks me to take ... read more

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