You can't always believe the hype

For a long time I've wanted to re-do my temple piercings. I originally had them done a little over a year ago, but it didn't work out so well. They were done using curved barbells and needless to say, they started to reject. I decided to take them out early on rather than take the risk of them getting much worse. I planned on getting them done using surface bars, but all of the shops in my area told me that they didn't do them or that no one made small enough gauges for that area. I was confused, but ... read more

First piercing of a professional fretter

Being interested in tattoos, one cannot help being confronted with piercings as well. I'd think them moderately pretty at best, and most certainly not something I'd want for myself. When I saw a back patterned with surface piercings though, I was stunned. Was that possible?? Apparently it was. They looked gorgeous to me, and the thought nestled itself in my mind about getting one, somewhere, sometime. I started looking for information on them. One big thing was the rejection rate. It's pretty high with surface piercings, and some of the scars left after the piercing has been taken out looked ... read more

Anti-Tragus to Conch Industrial

I would like to share my story of being pierced at a convention, because I was very wary of it at first; I ended up having a great experience, and others with similar initial misgivings might as well! My roommate and good friend, Amber, and I have been becoming fairly obsessed with body mods (specifically tattoos and relatively tame piercings) over the past few months -- we both have several of each. So, when we heard about a tattoo convention that was coming to nearby La Crosse, Wisconsin, we were very excited! La Crosse is about 2.5 hours away, and ... read more

My piercing is bigger than it looks

My piercing is bigger than it looks. Waxing philosophical for a moment a few days ago, I realised that in many ways my fresh piercing was far bigger than its physical size. It's just two metal bars through my ear, but the sphere of influence it generates is interesting to say the least. I think it serves as an example of how 'objective' is just a word, and how the human brain creates layers of meaning around inanimate objects. I always sort of knew this, but the piercing really drove it home. First, you need to know what it is. ... read more

Spinal surface piercing mark III (punch and taper)

I've had spinal piercings twice before. You can read about these and them rejecting Here and Here. I've always loved them and the way they look, on me and the pictures I've seen of them on others. The reasons that the last two went wrong were mainly bad jewellery, but also incompetent piercers. After the last one grew out, I told myself that I would get it done again one day. When I read about punch and taper here I decided I would like it done with that method. I was a bit scared of getting it done, as the ... read more

Lifestyle Open Information Day

Saturday the 23rd of April - Lifestyle, my favorite piercing shop, was having its open information day. A bunch of iam-ers were going to be there, so I decided to go too. I met most of them before at the first Truth Seekers Syndicate Event that I attended, but there were also a few people I didn't meet yet in real life. The open information day meant discounts on jewelry, live psy-goa-trance music by DJ Alphar, drinks and candy, and of course: modifications! At 2 pm Ego Kornus was going to do a ritual performance, Rule would be traditionally tattooing ... read more

My sternum, my scars.

I had first started my obsession with body modification at the tender age of seven. I begged my mother to let me get my ears pierced. Now at the tender age of twenty two, I have had about thirty piercing experiences and some tattoo work. I love it. Fifteen years of wanting and having metal through my body has made me look at the world in a new way. When I decided to have my sternum pierced, I was in luck. I had just passed out a few fliers for a sale at my local and favorite piercing salon, Cowpok. ... read more

Tastes like... burning.

The thought of scarification scared me. For the past 15 years, I've been struggling with cutting myself, and other forms of self mutilation. I'd recently come to terms with the fact that I no longer wished to do that to myself, but I couldn't help but notice that the scars from various forms of scarification were beautiful. The decision for the design and how it would be permanently shown on my body came quite naturally. I was born on the third day of the third month. I have two best friends who have been by my side since we were ... read more

We Were Meant To Feel Pain

The most commonly asked question that modified people get from the mostly non-modified public is: why? I was sitting with one of my closest friends in the world last night, we were up all night attempting to finish an essay he had due the next day. We stopped to take a break from the massive amounts of writing he was doing--and I was helping with--and I took him to just to give him an insight as to the kinds of modification I am interested in, as well as a glance as to what the modification culture involves. My dear ... read more

Thanks from half a Superman

„Do I need some special equipment for the suspension?", I asked Ueli when we were walking through the forest to the point of the event lying ahead of me. "No, not really.", he answered after short considering. I simply carried other pants with me, that should be enough. Ueli was one of the initiators of the first Swiss Body Modification Meeting which I should actually share in now. After a short walk behind a small flood barrage we reached the group which was amongst others waiting for me as one of the actors at this gentle summer evening. In the ... read more

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