The evils of Swelling.

So after waiting forever and a day, I decided today would be the day, finally I would get it done. And I am not telling my parents because they are quite rude to me about my non-ear piercings, And im over 18, unless there's a medical emergency I don't feel like telling them for awhile. Anyway ... I got my tongue pierced yesterday along with my boyfriend. It took us forever to find Liquid swords since it moved and stuff. But we went in, the guy at the counter checked for ID, and we had to wait awhile while the ... read more

Mon frein de langue

Et bien voici la petite expérience (un peu tragique de mon web tongue). Je l'ai fait en aout dernier (2OO5), j'avais 16 ans et demi (surement trop jeune pour certains) Au début, je ne voulais pas spécialement ce piercing (un peu comme tout ce que je porte). Environ une semaine avant de le piercer, j'y réfléchissais comme une folle, il fallait que je l'ai. Bref, par une belle journée d'aout (c'était le 27 aout 2005 si je me rapelle bien), j'ai donc décidé d'aller me faire ce petit bijou que je convoitais tant :) Donc je rentre chez Manue, je ... read more

My Eyebrow

Ever since I started watching WWF (now WWE) when I was a young preteen girl, I've wanted to get my eyebrow pierced. Which wrestler was I crazy about? Yep. He was The Undertaker, The Phenom, The Deadman... or, the Dead-Sexiest-Man-Alive as I liked to call him. I had to have been about 11 or 12, and I not only fell in love with him, but there was just something about a barbell through the eyebrow that, as I like to say, 'made my loins tingle.' It didn't stop there. Between the ages of 16 and now, I heard an Evanescence ... read more

A natural high and a crackling head?

After procrastinating for about a year I finally worked up the courage to talk to Nic at Illicit on Krd about doing a suspension. I had read a few positive experiences on BME about him and he also seemed to be the only person in Auckland that I could find reviews on. Come Tuesday of the next week I was booked in to do a warm up pull in the afternoon. Reality of what I was about to do only really hit me an hour or so before hand when my heart was pounding so hard I could barely eat ... read more

It took suicide to understand.

IWASCURED, simple as that. I could have never fathomed such a simple statement could sum up such an intense collection of thoughts, emotions, and physical feelings. If you haven't picked it up yet I am talking about my first 4 point suicide suspension courtesy of Mike (iam:poisonouspennington) and Craig (iam:blinded_by_fire). Before I get into this anymore I may as well fully enthrall you with the story of me. I am a 19 year old male living in Toronto, typical geeky student always searching for something more. I got through my first year of science studies at the University of Toronto ... read more

I felt so incredible after hanging

I wrote this in my blog for Myspace when I first did it. I wrote it out like I was explaining it to someone who didn't really like the idea and or didn't understand it that's why I have weird comparisons. So I tried suspension for the first time last night. It was awesome! That was the best experience I have ever had. The funny thing is I had more trouble when I tried to sell plasma then getting suspended. Just think about that before you start saying I am crazy. Since everyone has been asking me and I am ... read more

Opening old wounds-restretching my lobes.

Around 4 years ago I had my ear lobes scalpelled to 5 mm. I already had numerous piercings, and my shiny new tunnels were a welcome addition. I gradually stretched them up to around 8mm and was really pleased with the way they looked. Over time though I gradually lost a few piercings (due to rejection mostly), and when I landed a job working in a very conservative environment I made the decision to take out the lobe jewelery, just leaving my scaffold piercing knowing that the small holes left behind would not be hugely noticeable. To a degree I ... read more

Industrial Piercing and it's complications.

I've wanted an industrial for five or six years. My mom finally gave in, and gave me permission. I went to Art & Soul, because I had been to some of their public suspension shows, and figured it'd be a good place to go. I filled out the paperwork, and went to the booth to get the piercing. I was really nervous, seeing as I only had lobe piercings that were done with a piercing gun. My friend came with me, and she was teasing me, telling me that if I cried, she'd punch me in the kidney. I started ... read more

BMEfest - A Negative Experience Can Turn Positive!

After my BMEfest 'Day in the Park' experience didn't go as planned (A 'Day in the Park' That Wasn't Quite So), due to my extreme shyness, I wasn't entirely sure that I even wanted to attend the evening portion of the event. However, my boyfriend, Brandon, encouraged me to do so. Around 8:00pm Brandon and I ventured out into the rain to the subway station. Compared to those who had to buy plane tickets or drive long distances to attend BMEfest, our journey was not far – perhaps a 20 minute subway ride. While on the subway my nerves were ... read more

Temporary knuckle piercings

About a month ago I decided that it was time for some new mods. I knew I wanted something unusual and unconventional. So i went and searched BME for some ideas. When I saw pictures of knuckle piercings, I knew I had to get them. I already knew that the chances of them healing was slim to none, but I didn't care. So I headed over to Warlocks, where I've had all of my piercings done, and talked to my piercer. I asked her if she did surface piercings on hands, and she said yes. Then I asked her if ... read more

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