2pt chest suspension

I had wanted to do a chest suspension for years, after my first suspension, but I was always afraid of doing it. I did a 6pt knee, 2pt chest combo and enjoyed it. The hooks in the top of my knees gave me more trouble than anything else. I can't tolerate hooks in the top of my knees, I attempted a 2pt (6ga) knee suspension and I had shooting pains from the hooks, every time they were moved. Needless to say, I didn't get off the ground. I prefer a 4pt knee to a 6pt knee, even though I tend ... read more

there are no words for a suspension, but here's my attempt

I'm going to preface my experience by saying that not only was my suspension a fantastic event by itself, but also came at an opportune moment in my life. I went through a break-up a week prior and since that happened my mind-set has really changed a lot, and this suspension, which was planned prior to this break-up, has been like a gateway into my new life. Today, being 2 days after my suspension, I have greater clarity on the whole experience, and I just wanted to put it into words, especially since a lot of people have been asking ... read more

My First Suspension- Can I Have a Do-Over?

The picture was half covered, and all I could see was the man's face. The portion of the photograph that I could see made me feel serene and happy. His face was so calm and peaceful, I couldn't figure out what he was doing to make him feel like that. When IAM member Beachnut revealed the rest of the picture I was stunned. The man was hanging by the skin of his back! The shock was very brief, and was replaced with the oddest feeling that it actually made sense. That was over three years ago. He had shown me ... read more

My first "Coma" suspension

Click on thumbnails to enlarge Have you ever stopped and thought about how lucky you are to have an experience? I'm in the midst of one of those moments right now. I have followed suspension shows for the past year or so. I'm by no means an expert on the subject buy I have seen my share of shows. So to not only learn from some of the best people but to learn from the best people from all over the world and completely different schools of thoughts, well I suppose my feeling of being lucky is justified. For me ... read more

My first suspension

Not many people get a chance to walk into an event knowing it will somehow change their life. Not many people ever find an outlet where a test of physical strength, mental focus, and spiritual intuitiveness all combinate into one act. I was fortunate enough to find all of those things at Nor Cal Suscon. I suppose if you were to judge based off of my appearance one wouldn't think I would be interested in suspension. Aside from a few mods such as a surface piercing on my nape and one tattoo one would think I'm not interested in a ... read more

Resurrection – suspension from hell!

The first time I caught sight of a resurrection suspension was a couple of years ago and the one I witnessed looked so painful that my intuition told me to never try it myself. The next two times I witnessed the resurrection was just a repetition of the first time and none of the boys trying it managed to get up in the air. After this I actually felt a little bit afraid of the resurrection. It seemed to be so intensive and painful, not to mention the totally unnatural position. It looked like it was not totally impossible to ... read more

The Second Vertical Back Suspension

The Second Vertical Back Suspension Op 5 juli 2007 was het dan alweer zo ver. Voorafgaande van een nalatig georganiseerde (en laat ons zeggen een heel geïmproviseerde) tweede suspension party. Alles was zowat hetzelfde als bij de eerste hanging. Het zaaltje, de piercer, de vrienden, een heuse flashback dus. We hadden afgesproken om 19u00 daar te zijn, na een file getrotseerd te hebben kwamen wij, ik, mijn vriend en een bevriend koppel, om 19u07 aan, een kleine tien minuten te laat. Toen ik het zaaltje binnenstapte kwam de enthousiaste Sven me al direct tegemoet, een knuffel, een kus en we ... read more

My resurrection suspension for my sister

A little background will help this story come together more smoothly. My sister Renea was three years older than me and although she tormented me through our childhood, she was my best friend and my "Mommy Wombat" when I needed her the most. Our father died on her 13th birthday and even more so after that we stuck together and experienced everything together. My mom stranded us both in an effort to reconcile her lost past and to avoid the monstrous commitment of 6 children, though 3 were over 18 and out of the house. The loss of identity, abandonment, ... read more

First Time Suspension Experience (4-Point Vertical Back Suspension)

I became interested in doing a suspension for similar reasons I'm interested in things like long-distance running, fasting, and meditation. When I looked for an artist, I wanted to make sure I wasn't going to be suspending for the first time as part of a show or anything like that. I wanted it to be a private experience with a trustworthy artist. I spoke to a reputable and widely respected piercer I came to know and asked her if she could refer me to someone in my area who was experienced with suspending. She gave me a name and I ... read more

My first suspension

On the afternoon of Saturday 30th June 2007, I did my first suspension – a 4-point suicide suspension, performed by Constant Elevation. I lay on the table as they cleaned and marked my back, thinking to myself, if I can do this, I can do anything. Simon (Captain Howdy) and Ben inserted the hooks two at a time. They were painful, but swift and bearable, and left me with a big smile on my face. I stood, and Ben pulled the rope taut. My feet were flat on the floor and the hooks were pulling my flesh from my back. ... read more

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