The Virgin Suicide

Absolutely not, I'd said. Don't get me wrong, I admire the strength of each and every person who does it and to watch it's one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen, but it's still not for me. Two friends and I who I had just recently met from IAM were sitting in a pub one chilly spring weekend, talking about suspension. How the conversation had started I cannot recall, but I remember how it ended; with a firm statement from me that while I loved body modification in all its forms, suspension and other similar ritual experiences were ... read more

first time suspending

A couple of months ago I saw a picture of a suspension and was kind of curious about it, so I checked on to see if there was a group close to me. And to my surprise there was, and I started seriously thinking about suspending. I'd done some play piercing with small needles, pierced myself and done some S&M type stuff, so although I like pain and seem to have a pretty high tolerance for it suspending was more extreme than anything I'd done before. I figured I couldn't imagine how it would feel in advance, though, so ... read more

Paying a little pain for a flight

It was log ago, very log ago that I saw my first suspension on TV, when there was an excellent documentation about India and it's culture – and about the culture of standing pain by the simple force of will. Now, the aim of these fakirs is to by mentally free, to go to trance without any drugs and last but not least to do things, which seem to be impossible. Hanging on threads (not hooks in that case) pulled thorough the skin, we would call it superman or coma and both were shown. I forgot this documentation then, despite ... read more

Pulls, Spears & Suspensions

Although we have one performance under our belt, our next performance was to be dramatically different. Our first performance was at a private party and we did everything from the piercing to the removal of hooks on stage. All up we were on stage for three hours. For our second performance, our Hellfire club debut, we were required to have all hooks in and perform for the duration of fifteen minutes. This time around they didn't want to see the piercing or the removal of hooks, just the actual pulling and suspension. We all got to the shop around ten ... read more

Pulling at the BME EC BBQ

On Saturday I went to the 4th annual BME East Coast BBQ in New Jersey. It was my first BME event, and I was so excited. Andy, Alison (iam:pezaphobe), and I left the house at around 11 and drove to 30th Street Station to pick up Leslie (iam:leelou), and over to Drexel campus to pick up Craig. Then we were on our way! It was a slightly cramped, two hour or so car ride, but we finally got there. It was wonderful. I met lots of new people, ate tons of delicious meat, and posed for lewd pictures. By sundown, ... read more

12 - 0, not stopping

My experience is about my journey from 12g to my current 0g. A little info about me is: I live in a tiny town of about 3,000 people, mostly old people. My current modifications are 0g lobes, 14g industrial, and 14g nipple. I follow more a Buddhist philosophy and love heavy metal. I also plan on getting many more modifications. My stretching experience starts out at getting pierced at a 12g. I had my left ear pierced about 2-3 weeks before getting my right pierced also. Well my first stretch was with some black water-buffalo spirals that I bought off ... read more

my awakening

Name: littlelostrockchick female / 22 When: It just happened Artist: me Studio: home Location: seattle, wa I never realized how much beauty and emotion could be held in a small, hollow needle until I experienced play piercing for the first time. I have been a fan of piercing for years now, but up until lately, play piercing was a foreign concept for me. I had read many stories online about it, but never had I really explored the idea of it with myself. Up until recently, I never really understood why I was so drawn to piercing. I understood that ... read more

Suspended Disbelief?

For the record, I am not a thrill-seeker. I have never been on a rollercoaster, nor have I ever jumped off anything taller than myself. If anything, I have been the complete opposite for most of my life: a rather nervous and fearful person. Fear, however, is no fun to live with and when I started getting involved with body modification, I experienced, for the first time, some sort of respite from my fears. I took things that scared me – pain, being 'different', making decisions that had permanent consequences (in the form of tattoos), even needles – and embraced ... read more

My first attempt at suicide....

Being a fan of body modification, both light and extreme, I've been tossing around the idea of doing a suspension for a long time. I've spent countless number of hours viewing pictures of all different types of suspensions. January 28th, I finally got my chance to go up.... That Saturday was a very long and stressful day for me, which wasn't good. I wanted a to go into this with a clear head and just let everything flow. I had to move out of my apartment that day which was the worst thing I could have done. The suspension itself ... read more

Body Language

True Love Never Dies. A phrase some seem to think I stole from the very popular movie, The Crow. But just so you know, I didn't steal it at all. As many great ideas are thought of by more than just one person, so was this phrase. And so I begin in telling you, that it may not seem unique to you, but it is indeed quite unique and very personal to me. Oh yeah, and plagiarizing ideas in any form... [like getting someone else's tattoo done on yourself without their permission] is never cool, and I would never do ... read more

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