Obsession inc.

My attitude towards tattooing is, for the most part, the outsiders' perspective; I can remember a particular interest in tattoos I saw when I was younger, but only really an appreciation of the aesthetic patterns than any personal interest in inking my skin. I do remember being fascinated by the patterns that adorned the biceps and forearms of many of the rock climbers my parents socialised with. However, even now I'm most certainly not the most subtle of people and can generally think of no way to complement a particular tattoo/ item of clothing/ haircut/ other than pointing and going ... read more

mein Playpiercing am Rücken

Schon lange faszienieren mich Nadeln, aber es hat sehr lange gedauert bis ich meine ersten Erfahrungen gemacht habe. Als erstes ließ ich meine rechte Brustwarze piercen, doch es dauerte nicht lange und ich wollte mehr. Trotzdem verging einige Zeit bis zum nächste Piercing. Es war der Nabel.Die Abstände wurden immer kürzer. Jetzt habe ich sieben und auch im Intimbereich.Alle wurden ohne Betäubung gestochen. Es dauerte nicht lange und ich fing mit den ersten Playpiercings an. Diese habe ich mir selbst gestochen. Es gab kein Körperteil an dem ich es nicht probiert habe. Langsam wurde es zu einer Sucht und ließ ... read more

What I did on my holidays.

Apologies in advance if this seems to ramble, or doesn't make sense, it was quite hard to get my thoughts down into words, and so this is the result. Last weekend, I got suspended for the first time. I'd already seen quite a few suspensions over the weekend, most of them amazing to see, and some that were really quite beautiful. Then it came round to my turn, it was sunday evening at about 8 o'clock, the weather was slightly better than it had been, but with tarpaulin over the entire rig creating a tent, it mattered little if it ... read more

My First Suicide Attempt; Not very Successful

I've had a lot of piercings in my day. But nothing compares to my latest experience. For the last two years, I've had it in my head that doing a suicide suspension was the only option. Nothing else mattered until I got that. And this is the story of the day that I finally did. For almost a year and a half, I had been on a search to find someone to do a suspension for me. I don't have the privilege of living in the US, where suspension groups are a dime a dozen. I live in Canada, and ... read more

Not what I wanted but what I needed

As I am writing this I am sitting on a train back home, reflecting on my first ever suspension yesterday, a four point suicide suspension. Most people (at least in the United Kingdom) are aware of suspension on a physical level if not knowing it's name; ask people if they have seen "those freaks that hang from hooks in their backs" and I am pretty certain that they will know what you are referring to and like many people, that's how I first came across suspension and like other body modification-related things, thought that it was "sort of interesting" but ... read more

The best birthday present to myself

I'd read a lot about flesh pulls on BME and the like and seen many photos. It always interested me but I didn't think it looked like something I would try any time soon. I had plans to do a four-point suicide suspension for my 18th birthday. After a few emails I was directed to Nick at Illicit HQ. He suggested I do a pull to warm up a few months before I was going to hang. Tho I wasn't really into the idea. Turns out I had no choice really because I couldn't get the $300 it would cost ... read more


The idea came to me a long time ago. Why could it not be possible to do a suspension while being placed on fire? I had never seen it before in photographs nor read any such attempt in any writing. Thus was born the idea of a 'firesuspension'. I knew the easier part of this type of suspension was actually being suspended. Being set on fire was a totally different and complicated factor. How could this be done safely not only for me but for the others around me and the property around me? Who do I know who the ... read more

A Day to Define Myself

These always start off the same way. I sit at my laptop and try to compose in coherent thoughts all the strange physical sensations, emotions, and mental images swirling in my head. However, as I sit here tonight about 350 miles away from one of the most pivotal points in my life, I cannot help but think this is different. I should explain. This past weekend was the 6th annual BME So Cal BBQ event. For reference, I live smack dab in Arizona. Close by, sure, but not enough so I would really have considered going. I love meeting new ... read more

Resurrection high

Some time ago Roel (IAM: dust) sent me a message saying that he was going to put up another suspension meeting. As it had been a very long time since my last suspension (a two-point suicide one and a half years ago) I decided it was time for something new. Immediately my mind returned to the pictures of resurrection suspensions I saw here on BME. It took me some time to get over the fact that people were going to see my belly (I'm not a skinny girl and I have very low self esteem sometimes), but the beauty of ... read more

A boost of confidence!

I had suspended before this experience and will suspend after but this is the story of my second suspension. It happened at Warner and Karen's Richmond Suspension Social last November. Cere, Jared, and Cameron basically took care of the technical stuff as they were the only three there who I really trusted to do everything clean and correctly. Someone once told me that you don't always get what you want out of suspension but rather you get what you need. I went into this suspension wanting to have some amazing meditative experience that allowed me to find myself but instead ... read more

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