Dropping Anchors in San Diego

What's the longest period of time you've had between piercings? For me it was roughly 5 years. For years, I worked as a body piercer in Massachusetts. I worked in a small shop and often, I was the only piercer there at any given time. I had little to no contact with other piercers in the industry, and frequently viewed other piercers as, at best, and at worst, the enemy; a mentality fostered in the environment I was working in. The final 2 piercings I received, I performed on myself: an 8g PA and a 6g Dermal Punched conch. I ... read more

Experiencing a Thaipusam Festival

I had been in Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia for three days, and finally it was January 30, 2007. This year1 the Thaipusam Festival would begin at midnight, on January 31st. I had been planning my trip since October and it was the only reason I had come to KL, which is said to be celebrated the biggest here. My thesis exhibit for graduate school is a video and photography project on body modification and practices, such as suspension and scarification. I came to see this festival and to take photographs but also to experience it and to have a greater ... read more

Has your necklace broken?

I suppose this piercing was a spur of the moment thing, I had looked at pictures of this piercing before and thought "wow that's pretty" but nothing serious. Last night I got that itch, the one of wanting something more, I had been debating whether to get my ears pierced again on Friday but my heart wasn't totally into it. I scanned BME pictures like a deranged woman, on the search of something I did not know, but it had to be unique. After my corset I couldn't go back to a normal piercing. So I turned up on Friday ... read more

Dead Cat or Spit Roast?

3rd time round I had no intentions to suspend at the event which would soon take place with the Hanged Man Team. When heading into the studio to pick up tickets for viewing I was kindly offered a helping hand. If I wanted to suspend. I had grown comfortable to thinking I wouldn't at this event. But then I'm just not the sort of girl who would give up such an offer. Walking into the studio now knowing I would be suspending in just a few days gave me the empty pit feeling in my stomach. After discussion I decided ... read more

You know, just hanging out.

Most people (I assume) spend a fair amount of time deciding and thinking about doing a flesh pull or suspension. Mine was a fairly quick decision, but an incredible experience all the same. It basically came from a conversation where my housemate (Cat) told me that she and another friend of ours (iam:Krista) were going to do a pull, and that her boyfriend (iam:Poncho) was going to do a knee suspension. We discussed it a little bit, and I said that I really wanted to do one. I'd been thinking about it for a while and this was the first ... read more

I still can't believe I went through with it, couldn't be happier.

I've been wanting my nipples pierced for quite some time now, and I finally grew a set and had it done today. I have been hesitant to show my boobs to a complete stranger, and have them put metal through my nipples. However, my desire for the aesthetic loveliness of barbells through nipples drove me to finally get it done. I was concerned about the pain, of course, but not so much as actually asking for what I wanted. I feel like I am fairly pain tolerant, and my previous piercing experiences have not been terrible. I do, however, have ... read more

Spider bites, Nipples and Slurpies

I went to a suspension event a few weeks back organized by Pete from the Piercing Urge and was really impressed by how professional he was with his work, and decided that my next piercing would be done by him. Two weeks later the itch came,(as it always does) and I decided to get my nipple pierced. I spoke to Pete about getting it done and booked an appointment for the following week. A few people I knew had it done so I spoke to them about their experience and I got the idea that this was going to be ... read more

Fat guys can suspend too

I'm 6'2" (188cm) and I weight about 140kg. So I'm by no means a small guy. For four years now I've been reading up on and imagining what it would be like to do a suicide suspension. There's so much material available here on BME and all over the web, and with a little effort you can generally sort the wheat from the chaff, but one thing that I could not find much information or pictures about was pictures of or experiences by larger framed people. It really seemed like one of those things that only people of a smaller ... read more

Chest pull experience

I have just returned home from a very exciting day indeed. I attended a suspension event organised by The Hanged Man Suspension Crew. It was held at Revolver Night-club in Melbourne, Australia. For those of you that know this venue, it was not as scary as it sounds. it was actually a brilliant space for it to be held. Nice open space, great staff, and a very friendly and supportive atmosphere. It was a gorgeous day outside so the staff had opened the blinds to let lots of natural light in through the floor to ceiling windows! An interesting point ... read more

Hey, nice crop circles!

Getting a scarification done was something I had stirring around in the back of my head for a long time. When I first became interested in body modification, anytime I saw something more extreme than what I have seen before I would think "Holy Crap, I could never do that to myself." Then about six months I would start considering doing those 'crazy' things. I've done a few cuttings on myself, but I'm no artist. This was my first scar done by a professional. I was at Freaks talking to Jeremy about something, I don't exactly remember what. I decided ... read more

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