Third time's a charm

It was less than a year ago that I first entered the modified world. At the end of last July, I got my first real piercing. It was a self-done labret and ever since then, I've been craving more and more piercings. I would browse bodmod sites for hours on end. There I discovered fascinating new things that people would do to their bodies. What stood out most to me wasn't something serious like suspension or a scarification, but a piercing. More specifically, the horizontal anti-eyebrow. Ever since then, I knew I was going to have one. The problem is, ... read more

NorCal SusCon

I got a bit nervous when I saw NorCal SusCon up on the BME Events page. I'd been looking to do my first suspension, and seeing this as an opportunity to get that done, I began my usual routine of trying to talk myself out of it. "San Jose," I thought to myself. "Let's wait for a SoCal SusCon." One month later I'd made my deposit (for my own suspension) and was packing my bags. I'd never been to an event like this (or any BME meet, for that matter), so I wasn't entirely certain what to expect. I'd also ... read more

The Sensations of a Thumb Web Piercing

The decision to pierce my thumb web was a simple one. I had not been pierced since my suicide suspension two years earlier and I wanted a piercing that would affect my day to day experiences with the world. The hand or rather thumb web, was the perfect spot to place such a potential hindrance. My piercer of choice was Tom Brazda. He had previously pierced my christina and also advised me on the healing process of other piercings. I knew that he was a fine practitioner, in fact the best in the city, so the decision was quite easy. ... read more

"What?" "asfhahfglkjhbawe" "Don't talk."

Well me and my girlfriends had been wanting to get our tongue's pierced for a few months now, and we knew someone who said they would do it for us. All of us could never get parental permission, or the guts to just do it ourselves so we decided it was a good plan. I was just at the smoking corner chatting with them, when they told me we were getting them done today! Well I was surprised none the least, but agreed to it and thought it'd be fun. At lunch we left, running downtown from school, picking up ... read more

.blissful metal dimples.

Even tho i've had them done once before [and had to remove them because they just wouldn't heal], I was extremely excited to get my cheeks pierced again. Now, when i first tried to get them done a couple years ago, I was talked out of it by piercers. Very hard piercing to heal, will still flare up even after they heal, etc. And i did listen then, because obviously I trusted the piercing folk I go to. Altho, when I was in college a few years back. I just got the itch to do them. But I also got ... read more

Uphill Battle

My lip piercing was amazing. Not only did I look cool, I got compliments galore and felt like I was making a statement. I loved waking up and seeing it; knowing that I did something no one EVER expected out of me. For this reason, taking it out was one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. The notion of getting a lip piercing had struck me quite often. I thought about it all the time, asking others how they thought it would look. The opinion was almost always "Yeah, that would look so badass!" In early January of ... read more

The pain and glory of the vertical labret.

I was approaching that ominous few month point when I hadn't had a new piercing in quite some time. Nobody really understands the piercing addiction until they have experienced it themselves. It's a dangerous one though, haha. I did some browsing and contemplating, and finally decided upon the good ol' vertical labret. It was a toss up between that and my smiley, but I have a small face and a septum ring, so I thought it might make my face look too cramped. I hadn't seen the vertical labret on many people at the time, (although this city is rather ... read more

Mountain Sweat Lodge

Your friend tells you that, at the annual Suspension Camping Trip, there will be a Sweat Lodge. You think to yourself, "how much different could it be than a sauna?" The answer is: Very. I had done some time in saunas for long periods. I've ignored the sign around them as well as hot tubs and drank while sweating. I love the feeling of jumping from a boiling hot tub into a freezing swimming pool. So when the idea of the sweat lodge was breeched by my friend Brett, I was immediately down. I began by cruising through the internet ... read more

The Countdown to Zero

Getting my ears pierced was never a goal of mine. When it came to body modification, tattoos held my interest exclusively. I've been working on the art for forearm half sleeves for 3 or 4 years now, and the idea if inserting steel through any part of my skin rarely crossed my mind. The process itself I had no problem with, my concern was more of an aesthetic nature. I was convinced any piercing would look horrible on me, so I all but dismissed the idea. One day my girlfriend phoned and said "I made an appointment at Schmatta. Let's ... read more

first piercing, self done, lobe

My first piercing was not exactly the smartest thing I ever did. In fact I did it in class at the age of ten, with a sharp nail. I was simply bored one day. So, I took the nail I had found earlier on the playground and cleaned it using iodine and tissue paper. When it was time to go back to class I took a mirror from my teacher's desk. I went into the corner, propping up the mirror on a bookshelf. Pulling on my lobe I pushed the nail through my skin, where it caught on a membrane ... read more

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