Hooks in Knees - take it as it is.

For my second suspension I had decided that I wanted to try one from my knees. I remember looking at pictures of others doing them before and thinking that I could never pierce my knees, let alone hang my whole body weight on them. I don't know why exactly, but after doing a 4 pt. suicide suspension it just felt like it wouldn't be that bad. I know that the lessons I learned from my first experience definitely helped my second one go much smoother. Russ Foxx organized another indoor suspension event and I was stoked to go up. The ... read more

Do Not Bend - Suspend

When I told anyone about my intention to do a suspension, the first response was always "Why?" It's a difficult question to answer. I couldn't say what it is I wanted as I hoped to go in without any real expectations. Any explanation I gave sounded trite. But ever since reading Fakir Musafar's suspension articles for BME, I knew that it was something I had to try. One day. Lately, the time began to feel right. I felt prepared as a person and willing to accept the outcome, whatever it might be. I sent out feelers, just dipping my toes. ... read more

tattoo you

I don't believe in tattoos as just a picture on skin. I also don't believe in getting a tattoo done because it's popular. (We've had people get tattoos with us jus because they don't want to be left out- hate that.) To each person they are a separate entity. Each piece has its own emotion, pain, and afterthought. My tattoos are a celebration that I exist; that I work hard, that I suffer, that I triumph. My first tattoo was when I was 18. I have always wanted a tattoo. I have never had an idea that stuck... Nothing had ... read more

Gör som jag säger och inte som jag gör – suicideduo med Bena.

Jag hade länge haft funderingar på att hänga någon form av suspension tillsammans med min man bena. Helst av allt ville jag hänga en tandem där han skulle hänga i en superman och jag i en coma under honom. En coma kändes dock väldigt avlägsen för mig, det kändes främmande och skrämmande med krokar på kroppens hela framsida. Alla historier om hur speciell, intensiv och, för vissa, obehaglig coman kan vara gjorde mig också tveksam. Men ändå, så vackert, vilken upplevelse att dela. Efter mycket självrannsakande och funderande insåg jag dock att jag ej var redo för en coma. Jag ... read more

There I was

I first heard of suspension when I met Jeff last august, at first I understood the concept but had no visual to attach to the actual act. Though I was intrigued my curiosity left me wearier then interested. I had gone to NY a few times and was lucky enough to get to sit in on a couple of different suspension styles. Every step was explained to me as I watched. My interest grew. By December the opportunity arose for me to get to experience the act for myself at a New Years Eve gathering. I was hesitant at first ... read more

Second chances

This is the story of my second attempt at a six point Vertical back (suicide) Suspension. My adventure began on Saturday morning as I set out for the 8 hour drive to Pete's property. Armed with not much more than a mud map and an idea of what direction to drive in I found my way, only getting lost a few times. Saturday evening was spent socialising and watching other people get drunk. I had decided my suspension preparation was not to involve alcohol as I wanted a clear mind in the morning and a hangover would have spoiled my ... read more

Livet upp och ner - min första kneesuspension

Det var i februari 2005 och det var dags för min tredje suspension. Jag hade tidigare hängt två suicide, båda med sex krokar, men det var länge sedan nu. Jag hade haft arton månaders paus för graviditet och amning. Nu var det vintermodfest i Göteborg och jag hade bestämt mig för att prova en kneesuspension. Eftersom vi hade vår nio månader gamla son med oss så var det meningen att jag och min man bena skulle turas om att hänga, jobba och ta hand om lillkillen. Mina två första suspensions var visserligen tuffa att komma upp i, men krokningen till ... read more

Tragus to Helix

To the disgust of my parents and pretty much everybody around me I got my first piercing shortly after turning 18. I got my tongue pierced. Slowly but surely this trend began to take bloom in my small town all took my lead and got their tongues pierced. I looked around and realized I had started this trend but I for some reason no longer wanted to be a part of it. By the time I decided to take the piercing out I had had it for almost a year and in that time had gotten my first two tattoos. ... read more

My big fat Greek 00g lobes!

I suppose that my story begins in Athens, Greece in the mid-90's. I was about eight years old and desperately wanted to get my ears pierced. I'm a first-generation American, so trips to Greece were commonplace for me growing up as my parents own property over there... My dad (an islander) strongly opposed me getting my ear lobes pierced while my mom (a villager) had been begging him for me for a few years. In my very traditional Greek family, the patriarchy won out every time so all attempts were in vain for years. During one visit, I asked my ... read more

And people ask me what a septum piercing is. [diy]

SELF PIERCINGS ARE COMPLETELY STUPID AND IDIOTIC. TO PUT IT BLUNTLY, GO TO A PROFESSIONAL. Please. Hmm.. So i'm trying to put everything together and make a story out of it. I've never been good at that, I guess I'll start off by saying; bmezine was literally heaven for me when I found it. bme along with other things was what helped me decide that i want to endure a suicide suspension as soon as i'm old enough and ready. Crap thats completely off topic. But on to the septum. I sure as hell didn't like septum piercings when I ... read more

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