Zeezout hel!

Tattoos, piercings, suspensions....ik heb het allemaal al eens meegemaakt. Het plaatsen van een tattoo vind ik minder aangenaam, maar aangezien ik het doe voor het resultaat valt het best wel uit te houden. Piercings zijn een ander verhaal. Alhoewel het eindresultaat de moeite is, ga ik vooral voor de ervaring van het laten plaatsen op zich. De stress op voorhand en dan de ontlading als het gebeurd is, heerlijk. Dit hangt natuurlijk van de plaats af, maar daarom verkies ik ook de meer "gevoelige" lichaamsdelen. Suspensions zijn een verhaal apart, maar dat kan je in de desbetreffende experiences lezen. Dus ... read more

It doesn't always go as expected (when hooks are in your knees)

At the beginning of the month, I got an IM from solja. He wanted to know who would be interested in attending a suspension, either to watch or to suspend. I immediately fired back a response. He just had to name a day and a time and I would be there, hopefully with hooks in my legs. So why a knee suspension? I guess it's one of those things you can't explain. I was just drawn to it and had wanted to do one ever since my toes touched down after my suicide suspension eight months ago. More messages were ... read more

Happy Birthday...

June 8th 2007, on the eve of my 22nd birthday, I was about to do the most incredible thing in my life... Suspension. At a few occasion I tried to get suspended, but I never made it for several reasons. But this time I was ready and I knew it. I had done a pulling from my elbows a few weeks before. Pierced both arms, and did everything on my own. I knew that I wouldn't be able to submit myself to the needle if I couldn't have the control over it... after it I was ready to go. The ... read more

Suspensions. It isn't an illusion.

A long time ago I saw an American illusionist (Criss Angel) hanging on hooks for nearly 6 hours. I thought this was an illusion. 16 month ago I watched at a joke forum of a roller coaster site and I saw a photo someone hanging crucified on hooks with a big smile on his face. I questioned, "What is happening? Pain and smiling." So I started looking on Internet for answers. I got fascinated and I started to experiment with play piercings. (I had no piercing experience at all.) Finally I decided to prepare a suicide suspension. I have a ... read more

Never too old

I first got interested in "Suspension" about a year ago when I visited " The Piercing Urge " (Melbourne, Australia) site and came across "The Hangedman Team". I was fascinated and had to find out more so I contacted Pete of "The Hangedman Team" and asked various questions which he answered informatively , even then little did I realize that I was slowly being drawn into something I had not known existed. Move forward to April 2007 and I attended my first "Suspension "as a spectator , yes I was slowly being drawn in further knowing deep down I would ... read more

"Ok Fine, but you guys better do it in the backyard so I know you're safe."

HI! My name is Gracie and I participated in my first pulling a few months back and it was amazing. I did two hooks from my back because I really didn't know what to expect. All my friends that had done a pulling or suspensions before me told me that it was really cool and awesome. I had been looking into pulling and suspending since I was thirteen years old, and I found some beautiful suspensions. Age restriction had always been a reason for not doing what I want to do , but this time I could not find a ... read more

In a coma

I wanted to suspend coma style for a long time, but it freaked me out a bit, especially the chest hooks. Chest has always seemed like something very hard to do. I did find out, during my suspension, that the chest hooks were the least of my worries. I contacted Tye about suspension and we planned on having 4 people go up that day. Nobody made it, just me. We checked out Chris's location and decided it was good for suspension, which made me happy to have a location. We had a ladder and all of the equipment we needed. ... read more


My name is Alexandre Montealto, mostly known as Peco. I`m a 28 year old >> Brazilian. I was introduced to Kavadi while reading a Fakir Musafar book years ago. At first, I was fascinated by its visual aspect, which led me to research the meaning behind it. One day, through IAM, the community behind BMEzine, I met Korn, a Dutch ritual-performer who had built his own Kavadi frame in 1992. He became a good friend. We corresponded for a long time. When Korn came to Brazil, he helped me in my first ritual (an 8-point lotus suspension) being my Ka-See-Ka. ... read more

The Story of My First Tatto - Pi

I have been an avid BME enthusiast for around two years (BME being the catalyst for the manifestation of my fascination and respect for body modification), and I decided to finally write about my first tattoo experience. I was raised in a conservative Christian household with very loving and understanding parents. I was adopted as a baby by them, and they have always encouraged me to "be myself", and have never pressured me to conform to anything. From a young age, I have been intrigued by body modification of all kinds, from piercings and tattoos to suspension and ritual. I ... read more

Crucify Me

"Why?" The question becomes predictable, almost routine when someone enters my car. They immediately seem to notice the polished steel hook hanging from my rearview mirror, and inevitably want an explanation. Each time I hear that annoying three letter word, I'm almost compelled to launch into some sort of horribly graphic and disturbing explanation. One that might circulate and prevent any future inquiry as to why I choose to do so. I know you're asking yourself the same thing right now. I've always been fascinated by suspension, and only recently chose to pursue it. A little under a year ago, ... read more

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