A DIY lip experience

Around the beginning of freshman year, I had started getting into body modification. It all started when I saw a couple "scenesters" with their lips pierced and I had said "I want that." Back then, I only wanted a piercing for superficial reasons. I didn't want it to "fit it" or to "be cool." But I didn't want it because it was a part of who I was. Nowadays, I consider body modification to be a part of who I am, and I believe that nothing can ever change that. I compare it to the nature vs. nurture philosophy, body ... read more

My 1st Ritual

My experience at the ritual pull: Tracey Michelle Simpson Gibson Age: 21 On the morning of 26th September 2007 I awoke with the thought in my head "Its finally here" I had waited a good 3wks to do my ritual pull and with a lot of hard work and preparation the day had finally come!! Ever since my dad (Mark Gibson) went to down to London and took part in a ritual for the first time with Fakir I had wanted to experience it for myself. I researched suspensions and pulls on the internet (suspension is a bit much for ... read more

The closest thing to a spiritual experience in my short agnostic/atheist life.

So to begin, I had long since been fantasizing about doing a suspension, feelings which were only compounded by doing a flesh pull with Tracie Hanna (by Jared Anderson/Mute One) a few months ago. Especially since then thinking about it became very frequent, and the day the question became "When?" I jumped at the opportunity. Of course the reply was "As soon as possible!" and so it was, less than a week later my chance had finally come. Leading up to the event there was only mild concern in my heart, vastly overshadowed by excitement. Certainly the days prior were ... read more

Ice and soup, my friend... ice and soup.

For a long time I've been planning on getting a lot of piercings - at least twenty - and I knew the placements and types of jewelry and such for every piercing I wanted. Now that I'm an active customer at my favorite local shop, the real challenge is trying to work my way around my boss's "no more jewelry!" policy. After I exhausted my visible possibilities (three in each lobe, 10ga, 12ga, and 14ga, and my left cartilage), I began moving to less visible piercings. It started with a set of nipples, though I was unhappy with them... the ... read more

Bring the harpoons!

I am very sorry if my grammar's incorrect. I'm from French Canada, so please be kind ^^. The first time I thought about body suspension was 2 and a half year ago, while going through some random pictures on BME. I found it very fascinating, read many experiences and realized I was very attracted to those kind of experiences. A week or so after, I went to a local piercing shop I trust that performs suspensions and pullings. Efix answered all my questions but there was a technical problem; I was 15 at the time, and I needed to be ... read more

Modifying a nice, but albeit dull piercing.

Body modification had become a massive part of my life a few years ago. Although I had nothing to show about my interest, I never failed to look around, and get as much knowledge as I could about the subject. So many nights did I stay up with my friend, talking about piercings until the early hours of the morning. A few months ago, it must have been back in September time, I got my ear pierced after getting my labret done just three weeks before. When people say piercings are addictive, they are not lying. I was gagging for ... read more

Microdermal de l'enfer.

Bonjour chers lecteurs. Pour commencer je vais me décrire un peu. Je suis dans la début vingtaine et j'ai toujours adorée la Modification Corporelle sous tout ses angles. Les perçages me fascinent depuis que je peux me souvenir, ensuite ce fut les tatouages, quelques années plus tard c'était des rituels plus extrêmes, Scarification, Pulling, Suspension et tout ce qui englobe ses catégories. Je suis fière porteuse de plus ou moins soixante-dix heures de tatouage, vingt-huit perçages, une scarification et mon plus nouveau atout; un Hood Split . Aujourd'hui, je décide d'écrire une expérience en français voyant tout les chers membres ... read more

"Nine nights I hung ... "

After my first suspension at Wings of Desire'08 I was incredibly happy and proud of myself. Almost right after my suspension our friends came over to Månefisken to pick Jacek and me up, so I missed the show scheduled for the evening. We spent a pretty cool evening at our Norwegian friend's apartment, though, and somehow ended up watching not only videos from our suspensions but also some weird Japanese TV clips on the web. On our way 'home' Mariusz, a friend who was also supposed to do a suspension at the event, told us that he was not going ... read more

Perforated Nipples

For me, body modification is more than ornamental installment of shiny things. Other than the aesthetic value, I think of it as a small step to some kind of metamorphosis. It does not only change my appearance but my understanding of and tolerance for pain; a full transformation. Some would think you are morphing into a barbaric whereas some will think you are morphing into an unstable human fraught with psychological issues i.e. MAD. Every piercing I have is a reward for an achievement; it could be an academic one or overcoming a personal dilemma. My latest addition marks successfully ... read more

My Christmas present.

So, I've always wanted my nipples pierced, not seriously though. I'd always bring it up randomly looking at jewelry for my other piercings, or looking through pictures on BME. Finally I decided it was time to put my words into actions, again half seriously.I always just thought they looked nice, I didn't want to get my nipples pierced because someone told me it was sexy, or my boyfriend wanted it. I wanted them for myself. I was looking around for someone to do it for me, whether it is a piercing shop that would do it, or a friend. Both ... read more

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