One bright morning & an eventful evening

I've been doing professional body piercing and scarification for the last nine years in Canada and Australia. I've always had an inclination to non-permanent aspects of body piercing over tattooing, yet while working as a piercer the opportunity and envelopment into the tattooing world is overwhelming. A Navy sailor myself, I have a fair share of tattoos all over my body; primarily good luck charms or memorials to lost friends and family, but never had I ever thought to attempt to give myself a tattoo; especially since I know of the risks involved as far as blood poisoning, infectious diseases ... read more

Probably A Bit Ambitious For My First

I am laying on a folding table, the pink plastic cushioning sticking to my back. The smell of technicare and whatever was used to clean the table fills my head. "Are you ready?" Nickk asks, as he pulls on a fresh pair of blue gloves. "Yes." I am exceptionally excited, my normally busy brain silent and focused on the task at hand. Eight purple dots mark where the hooks will enter and exist my chest. Four point chest suspension, probably a bit ambitious for my first, but the only way I want to get my wings. Nickk starts pulling at ... read more

Conquering fire with my feet

First off, some back story. I was in Thailand for the Phuket Vegetarian Festival in 2007 and 2008 (and hopefully for many years to come!) and male participants in the ceremony are allowed to walk on fire, after the mahsong (spirit mediums entranced by the Chinese Emperor Gods) have done so. This is one of the most "involved" parts of the ceremony for people who are not mahsong, which only a small portion the Chinese Thai devotees are, so getting to participate is in itself quite an experience. We have been graced with being more involved than most foreigners as ... read more

Family Bonding

Since middle school when I first pierced something other than my ear lobes, I've been extremely interested in body modifications of all types. I was very excited when my mother, modified herself, said for my sweet sixteen I could get a nostril piercing. We made plans with Jim, the owner and piercer at Flesh Gear not far from my home, and went in on my birthday. On the way to the shop, my mom was grinning from ear to ear at the thought of her baby going through with a "life changing experience." I smiled back, not taking her completely ... read more

The amazing resurrection!

I tried a 4pt, 6ga resurrection. I failed. After trying to pull myself up, having Tye pull me up, standing on Chris, laying on Chris, laying, sitting, standing. Couldn't get up. Tried for over an hour, in the rain. I was pretty bummed about this. Cere and I had made arrangements to get together and hang out in Niagara Falls, and he offered to suspend me. Tye said he was organizing something at his house that weekend. I told him Cere was coming. He said, fuck that, I want to see Cere! And he offered his tree for us to ... read more

My take on "Modern Primitive"

"Modern Primitive" The Art of Body Modification Is my personal favorite art, but it is quite often misunderstood, judged, and shunned. The only boundaries that exist are the ones your body has. You can take it as far as your body will let you, letting it become a part of who you are as a person. Identifying who you are, individualizing your look, leading to the ultimate happiness: Loving Yourself, Being YOU. It's a test on your strength, persistence, and dedication. You are the artist, you are the canvas, you are the ART. This is an art that tests your ... read more

First Time up

For years I let at the white people do their suspension shit. I mean it was their, thing my friends enjoy it and I supported them for it, they make a little bread for it so I help them with it. They tried to get me up numerous times. My reply was: My ancestors would turn over in their grave, or rise rise up as ghost to tell me that "You willing let white people hang you?? We fought against dogs, hoses, slavery, jim crow laws, and you jump the chance to hang you???" So yeah I was bored at ... read more

Reborn Through Steel

This is the story of my first suspension. My experience started more than two years ago when I walked into Anomaly Piercing Studio on Green St. in Pasadena, CA. I entered the shop with the intention of getting my nipples pierced, but I left with a lot more, three friends I will have for the rest of my life. Over time, and multiple mods, I heard more and more about suspension. The pictures around the shop showed Sque3ze in different positions, eyes closed, deep in thought, hanging above the ground. From the moment I laid eyes on those photos I ... read more


A friend and I had decided to do it a few weeks in advance. We had plans to involve more people but limitations acquiring supplies meant I ended up the only person with everything needed. It was a total DIY operation. I went to the only local place that sells piercing and tattoo supplies to the public, I ordered debarbed 8g hooks online, and picked up medical supplies, (gloves, alcohol wipes, bandages, saline,) from the hospital pharmacy near my work. I took my hooks to a tattoo shop down the street from my house to be sterilized and that was ... read more

Tongue piercing that's lasted well

Of all my piercings, past and present, my tongue has been the most long lived. This piercing took place before I had ever stumbled upon BMEzine, or dabbled in much body-mod/experimentation. I was fairly clueless about piercing methods, or even the extremes that body-modding has been taken to by people around the world. At eighteen I was in the habit of skipping class, as I was bored with high school, and had just gotten my first car. There weren't any piercing shops at the time in my small home town on Vancouver Island (called Ladysmith), but there were a few ... read more

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