Paradise Trails

Yesterday was amazing. I'm fairly sure this was my most emotional suspension so far. Lots of me almost crying. I suspended for Zane Whitmore's movie Feet Off the Ground and it was most definitely worth the 23 hour day I had. I woke up at 4.42am and was out of the house by 5.30. Headed over to Zane's and hit traffic so I didn't get there until 9am. We all hit the road at about 10. After some great breakfast in Puyallup we headed to Mt. Rainier, about an hour and a half drive. We drove up to the Paradise ... read more

Mortification of the Flesh is a Learning Experience

Club Apokalypse. It was a body play/fetish/deathrock event. I got there early so I could do the flesh pull for the first time, but unfortunately, the group that was in charge of it had just done a very big suspension show and had a very limited supply of hooks available. They only had enough for the 10 people who were doing the pull, the three people who were doing the "puppet show", which consisted of manipulating mannequin parts via ropes and the hooks in the back of their wrists, and the one girl who did a suicide suspension. I was ... read more

My Septum Piercing

I had wanted my Septum pierced for years, but was always too afraid to as I kept being told it hurt really really badly. This year I finally worked up the courage to go to the piercer and get it done, I sat down while the piercer asked me questions about why I wanted my septum, to which I replied, 'Um I like them ?' To which he pretty much said pfft and stuck his nose up at the thought. I thought this guy was a dick, so anyway he cleaned my nose and felt around up there and said ... read more


A week ago I got to experience my second suspension. And that experience was perfection. Many asks me how it feels, why I put myself through it, if it hurts terribly and all other possible thoughts that might pop up watching a man hanging from hooks in flesh. Many are even "uuhh, that's he who hangs from hooks - he must be a weirdo." Fine. I can buy that. It's a strange fucking activity. a) It hurts. b) It costs money. c) It takes up precious time. d) It's considered weird and you put yourself in a position where you ... read more

Wings of steel (or - when routine goes adventure)

Some may ask "what is so special about doing your 6th and 7th body suspensions that warrants another experience for BME?" Furthermore, I did this in the superman position again, my preferred way of "flying" and a suspension I've done and described three times already. It had almost started to become routine. A well loved-routine for sure, but would it be worth another experience? Definitely yes – particularly since these ones were different - routine became an adventure again. I was even more nervous than before the very first suspension I did - and I think that's telling A LOT. ... read more

Suspending in NYC

I had wanted to do a more complex suspension for a bit. At first I thought I would do a lotus, but wanted to throw in my own twist. I had bus tickets to New York City and a day planned for the suspension. I wanted to do transitions, but they'd need an extra pulley. Not a good idea to plan it three days in advance. I'm really indecisive sometimes. I finally called Cere and we agreed upon what I wanted to do. It was set. I took the bus to NYC Sunday night and arrived tired and amazed at ... read more

suicide from an apple tree

Being suspended seemed like the natural evolution to being pierced so when I felt I was ready I started the ball rolling letting people know I wanted to do it and last week it finally happened. It was touch and go whether it was going to be a nice day but by the time came to do the suspension it was absolutely beautiful, especially since Octobers in England don't have a good reputation. We found a nice big tree and whilst Sarge set about putting up the rig and getting the needles and hooks ready I sat down and chilled ... read more

Crazy knees!

I had decided I wanted to do a 4pt resurrection. Tried it, failed. I was bummed. So I decided to do a 6pt. I told Tye this. Tye knows I change my mind every 5 minutes, and was surprised when he went to mark me up, that I wanted to do my knees. 4pt. I can't tolerate hooks in the top of my knees, so 6pt (really no need in someone that weighs under 110lbs!) was out, and so was 2pt, as I've tried before, and hated. So, 4pt it was. Allana was there, and so was Chris. Tye marked ... read more

Into the ocean....

When I was a kid I had a recurring dream that I could breathe under water. The sound of my breath was the same as when you hold your ears closed with your fingertips. In the position of a Resurrection suspension- hanging from the gut- in a backwards bend- your breath is shallow and you cannot help but be very aware of it... As I heard my breath I was reminded of my dreams as a child so I had Jason hold my ears closed. I swayed back and forth on my toes to the sound of my breath and ... read more

Wrist Micro dermal

I can't recall when I first saw a micro dermal piercing, but some how I got the idea in my head that I wanted one on my wrist. I started attempting to research the micro dermal piercing. I found some other terms it goes by such as anchor piercing. I looked at some pictures anti- eye brow and sternum piercings, but knew I wanted mine on my wrist. I have always wanted a tattoo on my wrist, but given the idea that I plan to enter a professional world, decided it could wait- or I just wouldn't have a tattoo ... read more

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