First superman suspension

I sit here writing this and I have to admit I feel like shit.......under my skin are what would seem thousands of air pockets, my upper body is too stiff and sore to move without releasing a groan of discomfort, my throat seems as if it is swollen, and breathing and swallowing is difficult. The saying 'being run over by a truck' seems awfully accurate right now....and yet, I don't I did my first suspension last night. Over the last two months or so I had been organizing and preparing everything, the night drew near incredibly reasons to ... read more

My first suspension

My first suspension I remember as a little kid, watching a suspension on TV, not sure what it was or how old I was, but I remember that it stuck in my mind. Not because it was sickening to watch, just as something that I didn't think was possible. But I was watching it with my own eyes! I never really thought about it again until I was browsing bme on day in work (secretly of course, didn't want to start getting the sack for viewing 'disgusting' web sites!). It was here that I stumbled on the suspension FAQ and ... read more

Suspension After-Thoughts

On January 26, 2001 I experienced my first flesh suspension, a four-hook suicide suspension. At the time and for months afterwards I felt it was the most spiritual ritual I could have ever undergone. I declared that, "I can't explain how my suspension has made me feel because there are no words in the written language that could ever suffice. I can, however, say that I've never experienced anything like it and offer a small equation to explain how I got to where I felt: LIFE = PAIN = TRUTH = CLARITY = PEACE" I felt like a dramatically changed ... read more

My Suspension (4 point "Suicide")

"ARE YOU FUCKIN' NUTS?!" is a term I'm starting to get very used to since 12/10/01. Let me start from the beginning for ya. It was a day like any other, I just got off work and headed down to the studio to see what Kevin and Scott we up to and possibly get a new piercing. When I got there I got the same greeting I get every time I stop by, one of acceptance, and friendship. The day was kinda slow so Scott and I went out to have a smoke and get some coffee. When we got ... read more

First suspension:walking on air

We were driving to Pittsfield, and I was a little scared. I'd done my first pull about three weeks ago, and that had gone pretty well after a rough start (but that's a story for another time). Afterwards, I knew I'd do another pull at some point, and started thinking about working my way up to a suspension, but figured the opportunity wouldn't present itself for at least a year or so, so I had time to prepare. My friend Dave had made arrangements for himself and a couple of friends to be suspended the day after the Mass Tattoo ... read more

My Flesh Hook Suspension

My name is Holly. Life has taken me on many interesting journeys. My favorite though, was when I returned to visit my home in Phoenix, AZ for the first time since childhood. Phoenix has changed a lot, needless to say, and I was intrigued by all that I saw. I met this man there, John Gomes. He inspired me to learn a lot about life as well as turn me onto a whole new world. He had some interesting piercing that let me know my simple ones were only touching the surface of Body Mod. Before I met him I ... read more

First suspension---summer '00

This was written over a year ago. My sentements haven't changed. My desires haven't changed. I am sitting here this morning after reflecting on the "event" of the prior evening (8/24/00). It was hot and humid in Dallas and as it turned out it was perfect weather for what I was going to do. Last night was my first suspension. I will not bore you with mechanics but suffice it to say that that portion went without a hitch. I chose to do a 'Superman' suspension and as such had 10 hooks imbedded on my body. The skill of Allen, ... read more

my first suspension and the beauty i felt

When I was fourteen, I received my first non-ear piercing, a tongue piercing. At this point, I found the BME zine, and submitted my tongue piercing procedure pictures. After submitting my pictured, I decided to explore the other aspects of the site, including the suspension pictures. I was completely amazed at the beauty I saw by them. I knew at that point I wanted to do a suspension. At the end of last year (2000), I came to the conclusion that I was going to do a suspension, and do it ASAP. But due to the lack of being of ... read more

My "almost" suspension

I first learned about suspension when I was eight years old. My next door neighbor was a white guy who did a great deal of work with native groups, specifically the Blackfoot, and he'd been invited in as an honorary member of the tribe. As such, he was welcomed into their private rituals, and was able to do the Sundance with them. During the Sundance, a leather thong is pierced through the chest and this is run up to the top of a pole. The dancers dance for hours if not days in an ecstatic trance until the thong tears ... read more

Incredible Suicide Suspension: First Time

The act of a Human suspension has fascinated me since the very first time I heard of it's existence. From the very first time I heard of Fakir, I knew this was something that I had to do. I did not however think that I would receive my chance to do it so soon. I'm glad I was wrong. I have received all of my Body modifications up till this point from Neil of Marc's Tattooing in the Sinawa Plaza on Route 6 in Dickson City PA. I received my first Mod through Neil and trust Neil, as I do ... read more

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