Thanksgiving Suspension

Sometimes fate smiles on us.... I have been considering a suspension for a while. I've been going through some things in my life lately that have been really tough, but so far I've managed to hold strong. Despite that, I've felt very weak, that I'm not taking things as well as I could or should, and I wanted something to show me that I'm strong. I tend to get piercings and/or tats to mark important events, bad or good in my life, and I've done just didn't seem enough though. I became interested in a suspension because frankly, it ... read more

my long overdue superman suspension

Well I have been wanting to try a suspension for a long time and about 3 months ago I decided to not just want to do one but to actually stop talking and do one. So,one day I drove to my piercers shop and told them that I really wanted to try a lift and they said they would do one for me although they normally only do this for close friends they liked me(I am a repeat customer of many times)and most likely didn't take me too serious anyway. Well,I told them of my date(sept. 7th)it was about three ... read more

Six Point Vertical Suspension

It was a normal Thursday at work when I got a call. It was my friend Mary, who I was very surprised to hear from. She told me that Body Piercing Unlimited was throwing a going away party for two of their tattoo artists and that they were going to do some suspensions. Jennica, the piercer, made an offer to Mary, she declined, and then said "I know who would be interested." Flash back to a week before. Mary comes into my work and I told her this summer my best friend and I were going to do a pulling ... read more

My First suspension

I was lucky enough to do my first suspension this past sunday, August 17th. A few days prior a friend of mine, Shawna, had told me a team was meeting up to suspend, but unfortunately I had planned to visit family that weekend, and it didn't look like I'd be able to schedule everything so that I could attend, much less hang. But thankfully, (sorry mom!) The thursday prior, plans changed, and everything was on for sunday.... I remember being immediately pumped, I've been fascinated by suspension since about the time I wanted my first tattoo.... So sunday rolls around, ... read more

Transcending through knee suspension

Background Info The decision to hang from my knees was a somewhat last minute one. I usually plan my modifications months in advance, waiting for the exact right moment to get them. I'd previously pulled and hung in both the suicide and super(wo)man styles, but hadn't really given much thought to a knee suspension. I thought they looked uncomfortable and I thought I'd hate being upside down. As always, once I draw a line I find myself crossing it. A few weeks ago I found myself planning the first stop on the cured road tour – a big party with ... read more

My Life and Suspension

I've been suspending now for a little over a year and two months. Through this times I've had highs and I've had lows. There has never been a time I've regretted though. Though this time I've come to learn to me there is no such thing as a failed suspension, if you try. I got started with suspension merely by fluke accident. October 10, 2002 I went to have my septum pierced by my normal piercer. At this point in time he was just an acquaintance of mine, but not much more. While there since we have talked about suspension ... read more

Finding something out about myself, story of my first suspension.

First, a little background information on myself: My name is Aaron, I am 18 years old, somewhat small (140Lb), a long time member of BME, modder of all interests, photography student, and relatively heavily modified guy from the Detroit area. I had sought out suspension since the age of 15-16. After weeks of mental preparation, the day was finally upon me to do what I had sought out for over 2 years, my first suspension, a 4 point suicide. I chose this style of suspension, because it if often regarded as one of the easier ways to go up for ... read more

My first suicide suspension, RitesOfPassage

I can't recall when I first stumbled upon a suspension experience, but it was a while back. I never really pursued any serious investigation (basically due to the location). In the past few months I have been active on IAM & BME, reading many experiences. Now my interest was up (when I'm determined... watch out). Thank you to all who have written suspension experiences, that did it for me, I was ready. Scouring the net / IAM / BME ... I found RitesofPassage in Pittsfield, MA. I talked to my friend Joe (piercedangelx) and he agreed to go up with ... read more

Spur of the moment suspension

I have been contemplating writing an experience story for BME but couldn't figure out what I wanted to write about. Every time I woould start writing one I would go into some incoherent rant about something completely trivial. So I finally settled on writing the story about my last suspension. I went to the suspension convention in Dallas last November. When we first started talking about doing it, I was involved in the preliminary planning. We had weekly meetings where we didn't really get much done other than nitpick over minor details. As I hadn't really gotten back involved with ... read more

Suspension Going Away Party!!

It was the end of January 2002, and I had been planning to leave Montreal for awhile, to go work at a shop in Hawaii. So, I thought I would get together with my coolest friends one last time and do yet again... another suspension. I also took this as an opportunity to help my friend Chris who owns Steelwerks to get some pictures for his new SteelwerksExtreme website, since he had made all my hooks and all my jewelry, I figured it was the least I could do for him. So shamingly enough I used myself as a human ... read more

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