My First Suspension in front of 100+ people!

The day started at around 1pm. We headed into the Westside Rocks Fiesta Music Festival, put on by mates of mine. There were around 22 bands playing on 2 floors of the Empire Hotel, in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. Cut back to 2 weeks earlier. Westside Tattoo (who put the festival on) had a Grand Opening Day, and celebrated by giving free tattoos & piercings for the whole day. I was first in line to get a tattoo. I was asked by Karl if I wanted to do a suspension at the Westside Rocks Fiesta, as they wanted a girl to ... read more

My first suspension

I wanted to be suspended for many years, but as I live in Russia it was not possible untill my recent trip to Finland. Thanks to IAM Jussi for giving me such an opportunity. Originally I wanted to go for a "superman" suspension, but only 1-4 hooks suspensions were available, so I decided to start with "suicide". I must admit that I didn't prepare myself in any way for the suspension. In fact, I was quite tired since I moved from one city to another that day and had 3 days of intense clubbing behind. I can't say that I ... read more

My First Suspension

My buddy Justin messaged me about doing a suspension. We took pictures of each other, so check out our pages or the Suicide Suspension Gallery I've already been asking around about when and where one is going to be. So I immediatly agreed to go with. No questions asked. It was the Virgin Sacrifice by Me and Justin got there late. About 30 minutes late, but they hadn't started yet anyway. So we flashed our ID's and filled out the paper work. I had to hit the pisser and while waiting to go in they asked who was going ... read more

Knee suspension

I'd done two suspensions in the past, but this was possibly the last chance I'd get to for a while as I'm moving away. I wanted to do something special. I wanted to do my knees. Every picture I'd seen of knee suspensions looked incredible and I wanted to try. Looking on BME there were only a couple of experiences, so I was largely entering the unknown. The weekend of the meet (Metal Fatigue Suscon 2) was a strange one, I was having doubts, as I usually do, but after a bit of an awakening through drugs the night before, ... read more

the worm gets his wings-my first suspension

"Are you ready wormy?" "Sure." I nod. "Take a deep breath in....and relax." The first two of six needles penetrate the upper layer of skin. The needles are sharp. They take my breath away but don't hurt. Good. I feel them simultaneously track their way through the folded flesh of my back. Smoothly they move. Gliding effortlessly. A little force and they are out the other side. Two shiny, curving hooks appear and are worked through. They remain in my skin, a part of me, a temporary part of my body. No blood is spilled. I look up smiling, greeted ... read more

Fighting with suspension

The concept of suspension has never been new to me. My brother for most of our lives was enthralled with the ideas and images of Native American tribal culture, so I would intermittently hear about Sundance rituals and similar ideas. I saw "A Man Called Horse" about thirty times before I was thirteen. And of course I'd heard of Fakir as I approached age and had seen the segments on "Ripleys". So when my friend Tom suggested, when my wife and I decided to have the '02 Kentucky BME BBQ , that I get in touch with Jason from iHung, ... read more

600% more than last year. With the suspension to boot!

My first successful suspension was June 30, 2003 in Toronto, Ontario Canada courtesy of the groups who organized, ran and made a complete success of Suscon.Can.03. I know that iWasCured, TSD, RitesofPassage, iHung and Hangin Betty were a part of it, not sure about any others. But let's begin about 51 weeks prior to my first actual suspension. My first attempt at a suspension was July 6, 2002 in Leitchfield, Kentucky USA. I was heading down after the July 1st 2002 Canada BBQ with a friend who lives in Kentucky. We met at the May 20th 2002 BBQ (also in ... read more

heathenkittie's first suspension

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law I have been trying to figure out how to put into words what my first Suspension has done for me and continues to do. I went into it knowing it was going to be spiritual, but I never thought it would be as wonderfully beautiful and spiritually enlightening as it was and it continues to shape my life. The full length of my suspension was about 10-15 minutes, which I am told is a very substantial length of time. I was fully willing to stay up as long as ... read more

Picture Perfect Knee Suspension

It all started years ago when I saw my first suspension on TV, then seeing Marty hang at my first BME barbeque and becoming fascinated with it. I'd spent some time studying the art and reading different people's experiences. I finally got up the nerve and had the opportunity to do a pull at a private barbeque at Shannon's house. I pulled against Clive for my first time where he ripped me around the backyard for a while, it was all right. A few months later I ended up being part of a fundraiser for cancer at the Mindbomb in ... read more

Unexpected first suspension

A few weeks ago, I met a very attractive girl named Ashley at a club in Detroit. She seemed nice the few times that we had talked on the phone, and so we met up at the club again. We had been talking and hanging out for two weeks when she offered an unusual proposition; she asked me to stay with her for the weekend, and on Sunday attend her very first suspension. "You're crazy." I said, "You mean to tell me you're going to hang yourself from hooks?" Not that this concept was alien to me or that I ... read more

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