Truly set free. The story of my first suspension.

I saw my first suspension when I was 17. I fell in love. I can honestly say that it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life. The way their bodies glided so gracefully through the air, and how they seemed to be weightless. I wanted to see any and every suspension show there was, and talk to anybody that I could about it. I knew that one day, I would do it also. I got married when I was 18...barely. I was sending out wedding invitations at the same time I was sending out graduation ... read more

Is this what it is supose to feel like? (My first suspension)

Is this what it is suppose to feel like? That was my first thought when I lifted my feet for the first time. But I suppose we should start from the beginning shouldn't we ... About 2 months ago I walk into the tattoo shop to talk with my James (my piercer) about random stuff, just to chill and kill some time before work. I walk in and the first words out of his mouth are "Dude, ya wanna do a suspension?". I didn't even have to think about the answer, I had known since the first time I saw ... read more

My first suspension, and definitely not my last

For the past few years, I've watched my friends in Rites of Passage suspend countless people, and watched the emotions, the happiness, the light they've brought into these people's lives and experiences. I was fascinated, but never quite ready to attempt it myself. Until recently. Things have/ had not been going well with my life, I lost my job, stress was high, family and friend issues were driving me to the brink of isolation and depression. I needed to feel alive again. I needed to prove to myself I could do something, something life changing and real for myself, and ... read more

A first time suspension

So that's what it's like A first time suspension from a try-it-all girl NB I did a tandem suspension with another IAMer, but for the purposes of this experience, I am writing purely from my perspective. You know when something prays on your mind and you can't stop thinking about it. I hadn't realised it but that was me. When my mate said he was doing a suspension in May 2003, I was suddenly struck by how much I wanted to do one. I had been thinking about it unconsciously for many years since first seeing it on TV AGES ... read more

The best and hardest suspension to date.

I am lost for words on how to describe tonight. I am still very much on a high. It's 1:30am and I have to be up in 5 and a half hours...I really wish i didn't. The night started with me arriving at SIN with Janey, Venetia and Venetia's boyfriend. Damien (the friend that was putting me up) was already there, as were the the ladies that do my nails (they had been asking me about my suspensions, so I invited them along for this one). As Damien was setting up two more friends from work arrived, very excited. I ... read more

First time-suicide suspension 4pt-8g

For the last fours years at least, I have been exposed to many things in the body modification world that have amazed me and as well as intrigued me very highly. It's easy to be so inclined to have these procedures or acts done without first contemplating the risks involved. I can admit to myself, and to you, the people, that only a few of my modifications have deep personal meaning. Not to say, that each experience didn't have it's meaning to me, that each needle that ever passed through my skin didn't have some remembrance and meaning. Just saying ... read more

Hung Up By Hooks! My First Suspension.

When I first got connected to the Internet about 9 years ago, almost the first search I did was for 'piercing'. This led me to the BME and there I found pictures of Superman and Coma Suspensions. As soon as I saw them, I knew I wanted to do it - except I never thought I'd get the chance. Then last Sept, I finally had my first body piercing - a PA (followed by 7 other piercings over the next 4 months). I posted pictures of some of these to the BME and joined IAM. One of the first pages ... read more

My First Suspension

When I first became interested in body modification, my knowledge was pretty limited and I knew nothing about the more "hard" body modifications. I was about 14 years old at this time and since I couldn't actually get piercings myself, I spent a lot of my time searching for pictures and information online. That is how I found BME and learned about a lot of things I was ignorant to only months before. I fell in love with BME so I spent many hours looking through all the pictures that people sent in, and eventually I came across the suspension ... read more

Second suspension-surely it can't get any better?!

After the first Metal Fatigue Suscon back in February, I decided straight away that I would definitely be suspending at the next meet. My first experience was truly too amazing for words, especially as John and I went up together. This time around, we decided to go up separately, so that we could enjoy each others experience 'from the ground'. I would be lying if I said I wasn't apprehensive about suspending again-first time around I cried like a baby throughout the entire day, not through fear or anxiety, just through sheer emotion. But as Sunday (Day one of the ... read more

My first suspension, a 10 point superman

I write this a month and a half after my first suspension and 3 days after my second one. I meant to write this a lot sooner but the time has given me some more perspective as well as enabling me to sort out (as much as I am able to) what exactly the suspension was like for me. I will start off with a little background. The day before I had gotten home from the BMEfest in Tweed. I saw my first live suspensions there and they were so incredible to watch. I had wanted to do one for ... read more

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