Failed Suspension Attempt

I had done my first suspension on memorial day of 2003. Just a basic 4 point suicide suspension. I wasn't very happy with how it turned out. I didn't stay up very long at all and that kind of upset me. I knew I had it in why couldn't I do it? I've spent this past year thinking of that and probably over-analyzing the event. But I came out of it with a better understanding as to what my problem was last year....and was able to realize that I don't suffer from it anymore. So I figured I was ... read more

Completing my Dreams – First Suspension

Motivation As long as I can remember I've had very vivid dreams of flying. Not with wings but by willing my body to slowly lift from the ground. I'd start out flat footed and end up tip toed before becoming airborne as I freed myself from gravity. In these dreams it was not easy. Any self doubt would result in failing and coming down again. In fact I only really made it about a fourth of the time and even then flying would be shaky and difficult. Waking up the next morning I would always regret that I wasn't able ... read more

"You're the first person I've ever seen smile during a chest suspension."

On Wednesday I called Lance and asked him if he was going to throw the hooks for my 2 point chest suspension. He replies "I'm washing my hands for it right now." Ok, the suspension was going to be on Saturday, but you've got to admire preparedness. I also called Jason and told him I was going to need 2 of his 6 gauge hooks because I was going to hang from my chest. Jason says "Cool! Are you really? That would be so BADASS if you do that!" He proceeds to tell me that it is a really intense ... read more

My First 2-point Knee Suspension

At this point in my life, suspensions are second nature. I have done more than I can count, but they were all 4 points from my back, chest, or knees. That was simply for the reason that I like to thrash, spin, swing, etc while hanging, and I didn't feel comfortable doing that on less hooks, and I didn't want to do a horizontal because they bore me. With that said, I determined it was time to at least experience a horizontal suspension for the sake of my team. After that conclusion was reached, I set the date and looked ... read more

My First Suspension at Four Point Suicide

This past weekend was possibly the best time I have had in a long time, at Vampys Birthday meet in Norwich. I witnessed my first suspension at Vampys house earlier on in the year, and I knew then that I had to do it. I talked to various people there about their experiences, and I decided then that I would have 4 hooks, as 6 seemed like too much for me. I also decided then that I would be taken up fast rather than the slower walking backwards and forwards. People say the moment before you leave the ground is ... read more

Flesh Hook Suspension

This whole thing still seems a bit unreal. It is almost a year since the last time I suspended. I never wrote an experience for the last time I suspended. I chalk it up to not quite knowing what to think of it yet. Now I did it again. And I love it. But we'll get there in a bit. But first a bit of foreplay... I mean back-story. A couple weeks ago I randomly ran into my friend Kevin at the hardware store. Kevin is the owner of Body Piercing Unlimited and Tattoo which is, in my opinion, the ... read more

My First Suspension

My first suspension took place on November 9, 2003. I had decided to surprise my boyfriend with a trip to Houston, Texas to see some of his old friends in a group CoRE. In the meantime of planning I had been thinking hard about doing my first suspension while we were down in Texas. I had never even really told Patrick that I was seriously interested in doing a Suspension. I do not like to mention that I will do something unless I really think I can do it. The more I tried to plan the trip, the more I ... read more

My ill-fated chest suspension.

The setting: It was a cold and blustery night in the back garden of our house, this was the setting for an impromptu two point vertical chest suspension. We phoned Trevor, who is our resident photographer and more importantly a good friend, to see if he would like to take some photos, we weren't surprised when he enthusiastically rushed over here equipment hanging from all two of his arms. After talking for a while and setting up the suspension rig, Vampy started preparing the piercing area, whilst Trevor and I decided it might be a good idea to build some ... read more

My Wedding Day Suspension

So we had decided long before the actual wedding, that there was going to be a suspension intertwined somehow. I have known Derek of Body Rites of Indiana for a long time. Having so many piercings i posed no problem with the piercings, i have been waiting for years to get my first suspension. I have always wanted Derek to do my first suspension, my husband, also a suspension virgin, agreed this was the perfect time. We had decided to seperate the wedding and reception and have an invite only after party. This is where the suspension was to take ... read more

Supercow Suspension

My first suspension wasn't as good an experience as it could've been. It was a suicide and done mostly out of curiosity. I was stupid and thought it wasn't gonna be that big a deal, so didn't plan for it properly. I'd been out clubbing all night the night before, not had much sleep, and had forgotten to eat all day. The biggest needle I'd had through me before that was a 14g cannula. So I ended up passing out after the third and forth piercings, leaving it an hour or so between the hooks and going up, and then ... read more

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