First suspension - 4 point Suicide

At a very young age I saw suspension for the first time. I was watching "Ripley's Believe it or Not" on TV with my parents, and I was fascinated by the "strange" looking men dangling from hooks in their flesh. My mother was absolutely horrified by it and had no interest in giving me an explanation as to why people chose to do it. I eventually forgot about it until years later. When I was about 12 years old my parents bought a computer, and I had access to whatever I wanted on the Internet. My aunt had just become ... read more

4 point suicide suspension

A quick background about myself: At 5’8” and almost 300lbs, I had never seen or heard of people my size being suspended. I kept making excuses not to do it. I need to lose weight, I don’t have the money, I don’t know if I’m ready, etc, etc. I have various piercings and have performed a chest hook pull twice prior. This passed weekend I had the opportunity and I took it. I was suspended in a 4 point suicide suspension using four  8g hooks. I wrote this the day after the experience while it was still fresh in my ... read more

First Suspension: Knees

Ever since I saw someone suspend (don't remember where) I was instantly in love and without a second thought "I want to do that!" came to mind. After exhausting the internet of videos and pictures of people being hung from hooks I came across the State of Bliss Suspension Team, one of the only teams in England and I'd say the best (or at least had the best reputation and advertisement - later explained to me that they were the ones most confident in their ability). I liked their Facebook page and forgot about it for a few weeks. One ... read more

Crucifix Suspension at ROPBBQ 2011

This account was written back in August when my memory was still fresh. It is just now occurring to me however that it would be a good story to publish to the gallery, so here it is: I want to tell you guys about the amazing experience i had! A week and a half ago i packed up my little car with camping gear and drove down to Pittsfield MA for the Rights of Passage BBQ. I met a bunch of interesting people down there, saw some crazy feats (a pull and a spinning bar suspension both of which totally ... read more

Suspension - An Outsider's View

Taken from my writer's blog I never thought I'd sit happily while my friend was hung up by hooks, but that’s what happened. I was living in Bournemouth at the time, though I still have no idea how I ended up there. I spent the summer of 2005 sitting on Bournemouth beach watching the locals fry themselves like bacon. It was supernaturally hot. It was on one of these days that my friend Matty mentioned he was going to a suspension party. Matty towered above me, had a long beard and the biggest blonde dreadlocks I’d ever seen. He ... read more

2pt 6ga lower back suspension fun!

I saw a lower back suspension on Modblog a long time ago. I thought about it for a while, forgot about it, and then searched through Modblog again to find it, which I did. I sent the pictures to Tye and he okay'd it for my next suspension and we set a date. On that date, I met up with Tye, a bit early since I had to be in Burlington for an appointment, which of course, I was early for. He was scrubbing tubes and we talked for a bit. Another girl, whom I had met before, was suspending ... read more

High flying dreams - permanent suspension piercings.

Introduction: It's quite a distance in the past, when I had my first contact with suspensions. It was the TV, the ordinary normal Austrian TV, it was a documentation, interesting, informative, thrilling, a documentation about India, about its culture and religion. And there was it, this monk hanging in the air, hanging on something pierced through his skin. Wow, impressive, THAT is possible?! It was the first time when I felt piercing could be more than just a strange fashion gag, the way I thought about it before. Fascination remained, I started to develop my ideas and dreams about piercings, ... read more

My chest-suicide combo suspension.

It was now Wings of Desire - Oslo suscon again and time for my sixth suspension. I've been thinking about what suspension I would want to do ever since the last suscon in Oslo. Since I had done a resurrection there last year I wanted to do something special this year too. As the date came closer I found out that I wanted to go for a chest-knee combo, then cut down to chest after a while. The main reason was that I wanted to try to have hooks in my chest to see if I was up for the ... read more

Lotus suspension in a circus tent

I've wanted to experience suspension for almost a year now, so it was so exciting to discover that there's a suspension artist in Israel. I feel like Israel's alternative culture is always disadvantaged by size, but then again – the people that ARE into something are usually very friendly and open. Captain Howdy was holding Israel's 3rd Suscon by the time I found out about it, and it was to be held inside a circus tent. Strange as it may seem, this really psyched me about the event as I love circus-aesthetics and also I've never been to the circus! ... read more

Cheap Thrills (my knee suspension)

After my first suspension, I felt ecstatic. I felt overwhelmed at how amazing the human body and mind can work together to create such happiness in a whole new form. I knew my first would not be my last. Fast forward a year of traveling and I was back to my homeland with an amazing suspension crew nearby and a friend who wanted to suspend again as well. I signed up as soon as I could, paid the $100 fee and began to think about what part of the body I'd suspend from. Try a 2pt suicide? I heard you ... read more

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