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My very first tattoo experience

I have always been interested in the art of body modification. However, growing up in a small town (now considered a city because it is the birth place of an ex prime minister) and also a conservative family never gave me much chance to get one. I got inspired by my brother who got a tribal tattoo on his leg one year and thought to myself "heck if he can get it, I can too!" I didn't want any flash tattoos off the walls or something common that everyone would have. For me, a tattoo is something that has to ... read more

My First Time

Like any teenager, when I hit the age of 14/15 I began to think, "Wouldn't it be AWESOME if I had a tattoo?" And, of course, like any teenager my friend agreed. She was an artist and quickly scribbled up some ideas for the both of us, and the next day we were off on a hunt to see where we could get these beauties done; needless to say, it didn't happen. We were not only broke, but most places wouldn't do anything until we are 18. I don't really mind – looking back on it, I'd have been seriously ... read more

First tattoo

Ever since I can remember, tattoos and piercings have been a part of my life. My parents used to keep a Fox's biscuit tin on top of a bookcase full of plugs and metal stretchers and pliers. The tin used to scare me till I hit 13 and stretched my own ear, to 2.4mm. I guess that was my first experience with this sorta thing. Hey. I'm Jenn. I'm 17. I have fake 4mm plugs in both lobes, a right snakebite and a gorgeous new tattoo! I don't know what possessed me to finally go and do it, reallyy. Maybe ... read more

Best wrist tattoo ever

I had been planning on getting another tattoo for a while, so I spoke to my friend and said what I wanted in the design and after a while of her mucking around with designs she emailed me the perfect picture. I then got around to booking the appointment. I made sure that I booked the appointment when I had a week off work so I could give it time to heal. After looking around at sites on the internet I stumbled across Jack's Tattoo Studio in Romford and after emailing them for a quote I knew that was the ... read more


When I finely came of official tattoo age (18 here in Sweden), I had realized that deciding a tattoo design wouldn't be that easy...obviously. I'd been changing taste, placement and design almost on a yearly basis, sometimes as often as every other day. So not wanting to end up with something I would regret a month later, I decided to wait until one design had stuck it's place for at least a year. This did not seem to want to happen, so 2 years later, still with this in my mind, I went ahead and made my first tattoo on ... read more

A baby rib-spider

I was actually just 14 when I had my first tattoo, just over 9 months ago. However I had had the idea many months before that even, which is quite a bit ambitious for a year 9. The idea was stolen from a friend, who had a legitimate and charming plan to get a tattoo of an American eagle on her thigh, to celebrate her mother's heritage. Not to be outdone, I decided to get a tattoo also. The next step was to decide on what. This was very important to me, because despite being ridiculously stupid for wanting a ... read more

Prettiest tattoo in the morgue.

What better way to represent a sport that let me beat up girls for free? I guess I shouldn't say it was free. Joining roller derby did come with a price. I had to sweat my ass off and get yelled at by someone old enough to be my mom twice a week. I had to dress up like a zombie once a month and cover my pretty face with fake blood. I had to willingly let these insane, highly aggressive women attack me and hope I didn't break a bone in the process. In the end I guess you ... read more

My first tattoo, boyfriends name

I've been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years now. Recently there has been a couple of tattoo parties thrown at my house and all i could do was watch everyone's face in pain as they got their beautiful piece of art, on their bodies. I thought long and hard to myself, and made a promise to never get a tattoo until im way older because of the pain that I saw in others faces. I was scared no doubt. And the noise of the machine was intimidating. I love my boyfriend with all my heart and he is an ... read more

Be very sure you trust an "artist" before you let them touch you.

For quite a while I had been interested in getting a tattoo. In South Carolina, tattooing was illegal until 2005. Before that, I had many opportunities to get tattoos via friends who had machines, but wanted to wait to go to an actual shop. Midway through 2008 my roommates older brother said he had a shop that would do work for cheap because the guy was strapped for cash. I checked out the shops website (www.medievaltats.com) and wasn't all that impressed with the work, but decided to go in anyways because what I wanted done was so simple that I ... read more

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