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The goddess in me has awakened

I kind of consider my self a novice in terms of body mods. I had my first (and only up to recently) tattoo at 18. It was a 1 square inch ladybug seen in side perspective, drawn by my very good friend Eve-Emmanuelle. Soon, it will be reworked over but hopefully this will be subject to another story. Like most girls in my part of the world my ears were pierced while still a baby. I added second holes, but they're still regular earrings size. Boring, I know ! I've had eyebrows barbells, but I had to take them off. ... read more


ä÷ò÷åò äøàùåï ùìé ì÷ç áñáéáåú 10 ùòåú ðäðúé îëì ã÷ä ùì æîæåí äîëåðä àéï äøâùä àçøú ëæàú ùîéùäå îöéø òì âåôê ìúîéã òùéúé ìäáåú ùçåøåú ìàçø çåãù çæøúé ìòåã ñùï ùì 5 ùòåú öáò àðé áçøúé ìäáåú îèáç áàãåí ñâåì ëçåì éöà ìôøöåóìéàåø òùä òáåãä îòåìä åæëéúé áìâ ñìéá îèåøó read more

My very first tattoo experience

I have always been interested in the art of body modification. However, growing up in a small town (now considered a city because it is the birth place of an ex prime minister) and also a conservative family never gave me much chance to get one. I got inspired by my brother who got a tribal tattoo on his leg one year and thought to myself "heck if he can get it, I can too!" I didn't want any flash tattoos off the walls or something common that everyone would have. For me, a tattoo is something that has to ... read more

My First Time

Like any teenager, when I hit the age of 14/15 I began to think, "Wouldn't it be AWESOME if I had a tattoo?" And, of course, like any teenager my friend agreed. She was an artist and quickly scribbled up some ideas for the both of us, and the next day we were off on a hunt to see where we could get these beauties done; needless to say, it didn't happen. We were not only broke, but most places wouldn't do anything until we are 18. I don't really mind – looking back on it, I'd have been seriously ... read more

First tattoo

Ever since I can remember, tattoos and piercings have been a part of my life. My parents used to keep a Fox's biscuit tin on top of a bookcase full of plugs and metal stretchers and pliers. The tin used to scare me till I hit 13 and stretched my own ear, to 2.4mm. I guess that was my first experience with this sorta thing. Hey. I'm Jenn. I'm 17. I have fake 4mm plugs in both lobes, a right snakebite and a gorgeous new tattoo! I don't know what possessed me to finally go and do it, reallyy. Maybe ... read more

Best wrist tattoo ever

I had been planning on getting another tattoo for a while, so I spoke to my friend and said what I wanted in the design and after a while of her mucking around with designs she emailed me the perfect picture. I then got around to booking the appointment. I made sure that I booked the appointment when I had a week off work so I could give it time to heal. After looking around at sites on the internet I stumbled across Jack's Tattoo Studio in Romford and after emailing them for a quote I knew that was the ... read more


When I finely came of official tattoo age (18 here in Sweden), I had realized that deciding a tattoo design wouldn't be that easy...obviously. I'd been changing taste, placement and design almost on a yearly basis, sometimes as often as every other day. So not wanting to end up with something I would regret a month later, I decided to wait until one design had stuck it's place for at least a year. This did not seem to want to happen, so 2 years later, still with this in my mind, I went ahead and made my first tattoo on ... read more

Prettiest tattoo in the morgue.

What better way to represent a sport that let me beat up girls for free? I guess I shouldn't say it was free. Joining roller derby did come with a price. I had to sweat my ass off and get yelled at by someone old enough to be my mom twice a week. I had to dress up like a zombie once a month and cover my pretty face with fake blood. I had to willingly let these insane, highly aggressive women attack me and hope I didn't break a bone in the process. In the end I guess you ... read more

My first tattoo, boyfriends name

I've been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years now. Recently there has been a couple of tattoo parties thrown at my house and all i could do was watch everyone's face in pain as they got their beautiful piece of art, on their bodies. I thought long and hard to myself, and made a promise to never get a tattoo until im way older because of the pain that I saw in others faces. I was scared no doubt. And the noise of the machine was intimidating. I love my boyfriend with all my heart and he is an ... read more

A baby rib-spider

I was actually just 14 when I had my first tattoo, just over 9 months ago. However I had had the idea many months before that even, which is quite a bit ambitious for a year 9. The idea was stolen from a friend, who had a legitimate and charming plan to get a tattoo of an American eagle on her thigh, to celebrate her mother's heritage. Not to be outdone, I decided to get a tattoo also. The next step was to decide on what. This was very important to me, because despite being ridiculously stupid for wanting a ... read more

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