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Finally plucked up the courage

This story begins in 2001, I was about 16 and I really wanted a tattoo. Of course I was too young back then and compensated my urge with other piercings such as tongue and navel. For years after that I craved to get inked. This craving became more intense after watching Miami Ink, LA Ink and London Ink. Fast forward to 2008 and again had the urge to get a tattoo. By this time I only had my navel pierced (which I'd had to get repierced again twice due to rejection). The idea I had for my tattoo was 3 ... read more

Half finished tattoo gets finished at last!

Several years ago I got a quarter sleeve started at Bodycraft, Nottingham by Aaron. I basically wanted a fun tattoo – I have several tattoos that are important to me that were finished so I thought it was finally time to get something silly, so I designed a pseudo-Japanese picture loosely based on the PS2 game 'Okami'. I used Aaron many times before, and always found him to be a great tattooist, fairly priced and always giving good results. However he was moving to the US, and the last time I went to visit him to talk about colour he ... read more

Totally Tapped

Firstly I wish to say that you should by no means try this at home – very, VERY, bad idea. The amount of things that can go wrong is surprising – I still don't know how my skin will react over time to the liquid eyeliner we used as "ink". Please note when I refer to Hannah her IAM is Metamora. Myself and Hannah had been planning a Halloween spooking for a couple of months and aside from the play piercing we were going to do we wanted to get something matching. A friendship-type-thing. This, however, was a little hard ... read more

Lip tattoo from hell

I always wanted a tattoo. I didn't know where to get my first tattoo. A lot of my friends have always told me the first tattoo can always end in disaster and I would want to have it removed in a couple of years. Well one of my friends gave me the idea of getting the inside of my bottom lip tattooed. I researched it and thought about it for awhile. I never thought a tattoo on my lip would be the first one I would procure. But it was. My friend and I talked about it a couple times ... read more

Permanent things come to those who wait

I began my body modification journey 9 years ago; a young, impressionable girl having to save up biweekly pay cheques from a part-time job at the mall just to have enough for a piercing here and there. Over the years, I've never hesitated when it came to getting a new piercing; part of me always knew that I could remove it if I didn't like it and live with the scar/memory that it left. I always knew that getting a tattoo would require much more thought, and so I patiently waited for "the inspiration". That strategy proved to be wise ... read more

My Beagle/Blue Girl

I knew that I wanted a creature of some sort. Unfortunately, I had no idea of what exactly. I knew that months from then I still wouldn't have a specific idea in mind. I did know a couple of things though. I knew the exact style and the tattoo artist had to have some kick ass work to show. I was tired of paying good money for poor quality tattoos. I was on the hunt for that awesome tattoo artist. Generally, I pick my tattoo artist based on their work. Also, I ask other tattoo artists their opinion as well. ... read more

Gonzo tattoo with a difference.

I'd been wanting a new tattoo for ages- I have a list in my head of all the ones I potentially want, and when I get the urge to get a new one (and it corresponds with having time, motivation and cash), I scribble it down and take it to my local tattoo artist! I think that the 'artist' part is what makes a tattooist good. They shouldn't just have the skill to wield the machine; they should have creativity & the ability to bring a bit of themselves to the finished thing. Good tip - check out their freehand ... read more

First Tattoo - The story of the strawberry on my foot.

One evening, when I was about six, my mum and I were sitting at the kitchen table eating strawberries and ice cream. My dad came downstairs, and having just had a bath, he had bare feet. Walking past the table to reach his own bowl, he unwittingly stepped on one of my strawberries which had been dropped on the floor. It squished between every one of his toes, and he laughed, and laughed, and we laughed with him. To this day, I don't know why it was so hilarious to him, but we still laugh about it anyway. *** I ... read more


Caesura Caesura: a pause or interruption, in music, a conversation, a poem, a building or other work of art. And what is a life but a work of art in n dimensions? The design is simple, elegant, bold, and technical. A pair of short parallel lines extending off the top of the musical staff. The staff need not be literal—the conventional apparatus of musical notation was optional, putty to be played with. Months ago, I drew on my arm with a magic marker: a set of five parallel lines snaking up my forearm, with the caesura pointing toward a spot ... read more

"apparently leaking blood all over the place while smiling is a great way to secure a seat on the train."

So. This experience is more about what surrounded getting the tattoo—as the tattoo itself was fairly uneventful. My first large-ish visible tattoo—entering the world in which people make comments on my tattoos even when I am not wearing something specifically to show them off: i.e. at work....has been fun. About a month ago I foolishly (maybe) decided that something needed drastic change and that I had some spare cash (that would be the foolish bit). I'd been going through an unfortunate break up, blah blah blah. The normal nonsense. Cutting all my hair off, rearranging furniture, and doodling were just ... read more

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