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getting inked as an ambassador for an endangered species

E"Ext-Inked – 2009, the year in which the world celebrates Charles Darwin's bicentennial birthday, Ultimate Holding Company ( a Manchester based arts collective www.uhc.org.uk ) embarks on a once in a lifetime social experiment. With the expert assistance of several prominent conservation charities and the artistry of tattooists from Ink Vs Steel, Ultimate Holding Company have created ExtInked. An exhibition of drawings, individually illustrating one hundred of the most endangered species in the British Isles with the live tattooing of the drawings on one hundred willing volunteers" I read the flyer and thought. Yes. This is perfect. Right up my ... read more

First Tattoo – Advice? Shop Around!

So I had been wanting to get a tattoo since I was 17 or so, but I didn't want to rush into getting something that didn't have some sort of lasting meaning in my life. Around my 19th birthday I came up with a design I liked of a tenor saxophone placed over black and white checkers (I'm a big fan of ska music, both modern and going back all the way to Jamaica in the 60's). I've been playing saxophone since I was 10 and it has become not only my main hobby but the focus of my college ... read more

Two years in the planning, over in twenty minutes.

Ever since I can remember, I've been fascinated with tattoos. I've wanted one since before I started high school, but knew it was a no go, at least until I turned eighteen. My father died when I was eight months old. Therefore I have no memories of him. I do, however, have several items of his clothing and people have told me things about him, et cetera. He used to sing the song Forever Young by Bob Dylan to me, when getting me to sleep or whilst bathing me. My grandparents had the lyrics printed and framed for a gift ... read more

So it goes.

It's been two years since I got my first tattoo. My recollection at this point is a little hazy, but I'll put together what I can. It was April 2007, and I'd been wanting a tattoo, but I had no idea *what*. When the news came through that Kurt Vonnegut had died, I knew what it would be -- Vonnegut was my favourite author all through high school and beyond, and Slaughterhouse-Five has always held a very special place in my heart. I opted for the phrase "So it goes" -- as a tribute to Vonnegut and to that book ... read more

"Is that Beethoven?"

If someone would have told me even just two or three years ago, "By the time you're twenty, you'll have three tattoos and be contemplating on getting things pierced other than your lobes," I'd have thought he was off his rocker. I'd never given a lot of thought to body modification before - the pain is what put me off, for the most part, seeing as how I'm a very big wuss. I never even ventured to get my lobes done until a couple of weeks before I turned nineteen. I only had one friend in school with any sort ... read more

Old-School diamond is a girl's best friend

Though I've been a tattoo buff for years now, I did not rush to get one on my 18th birthday like so many people do. I thought, whatever it is I get I want it to be something solid and something I will adore for life. Also, since I am on a budget, I wanted something that was good quality but also affordable; many of the tattoos I have planned out already are bigger and intricate. I decided to get an old school 3-D diamond on the front of my shoulder; a tattoo that would be my foray into old ... read more

Neck Tattoo Journey vs. Professional Environment

I'm come to tattooing perhaps way too early in life. In the years between my 14th and 18th birthdays I acquired between 10-12 (depending on how you look at it) tattoos with my parent's approval. At that time I took tattoos to be a fashion statement rather then the form of personal express I now view them as many years later. Impulsive as a teen I made a few bad tattooing mistakes (Actually I just made a lot of mistakes in general). But one tattoo in particular was an experience that has affected me throughout my adult life. After high ... read more

First tattoo for my sweet 16

Ever since I was 10 I had been in love with tattoos. My older brother and I used to sit together and read tattoo magazines together and I was fascinated. I had planned out 8 different tattoos that I had wanted. I kept asking my mom if I could get one and every time she would say "no not until you move out!" My 16th birthday was coming up (October 13th) and I had carefully thought about what I wold like. So 4 months before my birthday I drew up a tattoo that had a lot of meaning to me ... read more

First tattoo

"The worm" Our story begins, as these stories often do, with a young boy dreaming of becoming a pirate. Pirates have wooden legs, scurvy, eye-patches and monstrous tattoos filling their big, hairy, Caribbean-sun burnt arms. I guess you know where this story is heading already. Honestly I have no exact memory of when I encountered tattoos for the first time but I'm pretty sure it was through comic books rather than actual events from real life. I grew up in a pretty secluded village where the only ones with tattoos were the ones considered to be feared. Or maybe they ... read more

Very First Tattoo!

I've always wanted tattoos. From a very young age, I had looked at the ones that my grandpa and uncle had, and I was absolutely fascinated by them. I was always very inquisitive about the procedure, but slightly disheartened at age six when I found out I would have to wait twelve more years before I could get one for my very own. Fast-forward twelve years and three months, I found myself in Admiral Tattoo, a place where I had visited multiple times, twice for ear stretching that proved itself to be a little too difficult to do at home, ... read more

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