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body the way i want it

ill few years ago, i was completely ignorant about various body modifications. only things that i knew about were pierced ears (gun pearced), and some nose piercings which i saw on few girls. then my life changed from the roots (this sounds a bit pathetic, but it realy happened that way) i met this tatoo artist, and was absolutetly amased with his tatoos and piercings. then he had most of his fore arms tatooed, and lobes streched to 15mm (i'm from israel, and i dont realy know the gauges, just the standard europian markings), and his septum was streched to ... read more

Self-Tattoo Story

e is my tattoo story. I always admired tatts in wonens body. When i was 16 I wanted badly a tat on me. I was sure that a tats in spesific points of a female body can make it more sexy and atractive. I started learning about tattoos, collecting designs and so on. I' ve visited the only tattoo shop in my town and asked for prices and I saw a lot of desins. Finaly i desided to do my tattoo alone in home. I had no money for a gun and the only way was hand pokking. I made ... read more

Self Tattoing Experience

I DID IT! I'm now the proud owner of a small Ank on my thigh. What's the big deal you ask? Well simply put it's mine--- ALL MINE-----from tracing to taping, with my hands and my foot. My self- infliction is a complete success! I am so happy! WHOOOOHOOOO! I have my artist to thank for it all. He allowed me to use his shop, supplies and equipment. More importantly he was there with his soothing assurance, his expertise but most importantly his confidence that I could do it AND I DID!!!!!! As imperfect as it may be, it is ... read more

Tattoos are Personal

er> Tattoos are Personal by Lisa Pajot Renard Middle-class, married, mother-of-two, type-A, high school English teacher ...that's me. And I've got tattoos that I LOVE. "Yikes!" say the hardcore tattoo fans, the ones who've been getting skulls put on their butts for years, "tattooing is becoming so mainstream!" Maybe...but if it is becoming "mainstream," it is also becoming more and more recognized as a beautiful and substantial art form. It is becoming more recognized as a creative personal expression. This may be bad if the reason you get tattooed is to shock and horrify other people. For those with more ... read more

Tattoo Experience @ Skew Skin

on't know why I was so nervous about getting my first tattoos. After having 8ga needles shoved through both nipples (Twice on the right one), most people figure there's not a lot of pain left for me to fear. I think what I feared most was not knowing what to expect. All my piercings were short, sharp experiences, and I guess I didn't have much confidence that I'd be able to take something more drawn out. First off, the tattoos almost didn't happen. I spent all day friday wandering downtown Chicago trying to find a place that'd cash my two ... read more


size=+1>R-E-S-P-E-C-T: WHAT TO ASK FROM ARTISTS? It has been brought to my attention that some tattooists have an attitude problem when it comes to potential customers. Tattooists (and piercers!) need to realize that not every person who walks in has to look like a grunged-out leather-wearing biker, or a raven-haired cleopatra-eyed septum-pierced zombie. People from all walks of life may be interested in bodyart. A potential customer should NOT be made to feel out-of-place or ashamed for walking in wearing a business suit, or an LL Bean dress. It is amazing to think that someone with purple hair and eyebrow ... read more

Getting a Tattoo: An Artist's Perspective

t a little about myself; My name is Chris Long; I own and operate Fairborn Tattoo. I have had my own shop for 2 years. I worked for 5 years at Taylor's Tattoo.that was my 5-year gestation period. Both shops are pretty busy and I have done thousands of tattoos. As an artist I still have lots to learn (a process that will never end). This is both a business and a passion for me. I love to do tattoos and I make my living doing them. As I talk to people in the shop I sometimes wish I could ... read more

"You're looking at my tattoos, aren't you?"

hould have some pics to go with this soon. if you want me to edit it down some, let me know... I was kindof rambling. "What are you looking at?" I quickly glanced away, 5 years old, caught staring. "You're looking at my tattoos, aren't you?", my grandpa said as he pushed out his forearm for me to get a better look, and I took the chance to look closer at it. He had tattoos on both forearms that were faded and blurred with time and age. He had probably gotten them when he was in the navy, some piece ... read more

Getting heavily tattooed in Australia

m not certain how many people suddenly decide to become heavily tattooed. Certainly in my case, the decision happened gradually. I had always wanted tattoos since I was pretty young, like about six or seven, although it was another ten years before I got my first. The first one was a snake on my right bicep and I was pretty damned proud of it. The pain was nothing to what I thought it would be and once it was healed, I found myself admiring it often. So often in fact, I thought it really needed a friend, and less than ... read more

My tattoo experiences as a Half-Japanese

elieve that a tattoo should have a meaning; be it symbolic, intrinsic, personal, or commemorative. I must admit that I have very little respect for those who decide to get a tattoo merely for the reason that they are following what their friends are doing, or on a dare, or just on a whim. ( I usually try not to assume a 'holier-than-thou' position, but feel justified in doing so in this instance.) I got my first tattoo in 1994 after serious consideration of the possible reprecussions; I am a Japanese-American, I am the second generation of my family in ... read more

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