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the luck of the Irish prevails....my first tattoo story

everyone. I've been reading BME religiously for quite a few months now. It is definitely my favorite site on the web! I've wanted my tongue pierced for as long as I can recall. Well I turned 18 last October but my parents were heavily against me getting a hole in my tongue so I simply got 4 more piercings in my ears to make 11. Since then I have watched practically a fourth of my senior class get theirs pierced and my brother. However when I told my mother I would just go and do it one day she threatened ... read more

Maeghan's England tattoo (number 8!)

lo...some of you may read my infrequent posts on the Whatever and piercing boards...I've never posted an actual experience, but here goes: I grew up in Reading, UK. When I was 17 I got my nipples pierced by a sort of hack piercer. I moved to America when I turned 18, to go to college in New York. Two years later, one nipple pierce was ripped out...unfortuanetely, but actually kind of nifty, that nipple is always hard now. Anyway, since then I've gotten a vert. clit hood, tongue (just got it repierced in England after 3 years of it not ... read more

Piercing tattoo

et pierced fairly often and rarely take a piercing out, but I realize that they are temporary things, that my body can choose to reject them whenever it wants to, and that one day, perhaps, I might choose to take the majority of them out or might have to. But a tattoo is a permanent thing, unless one goes through the pain and discomfort of a tattoo removal, so, a tattoo is not something I get very often. But I have friends, or rather vague acquaintances that used to be friends, who know I like body modification, so, when they ... read more

The Tribal Experience

all started as a joke really, my Uncles and I were joking on how we were going to go out and get a tattoo together, Of course at this time it "was" a joke, but weeks and eventually a month later, I actually was beginning to think about it. I only just turned 17 at the time and like the look of a tribal design, basically ever since I saw Pamela Anderson's, bare Wire tattoo, I knew that's the kind of design I wanted. I finally asked me parents, about what they would think of me getting one, for real. ... read more

My First Tattoo

thought of getting a tattoo has always crossed my mind. I came close to getting one in Maryland in 1997, when I was living in Hagerstown - but never did, mainly because the place to get it done was in Chambersburg, PA, a 30 minute ride north of Hagerstown on I-81. My brother-in-law had a "skin tear" tat done there. I went with him when he had to have some areas of the tat colored in. I showed one of the guys a tattoo of a lizard I wanted and was told it was going to cost over $200. That ... read more

Beautiful Friend Sophie

nter> Beautiful Friend Sophie This is a story about my tattoo. It is also a story about something that is very dear to me. It's still hard for me to think about it because it's such an emotional subject. I'll start with the story of my tattoo first. I had my first and only (or so I thought) tattoo done at a parlor in the town of Marengo, IL. The shop is called Visionquest Tattoos & Things. After 2 years of "the what to get" debate, I decided on my Pisces sign. My pisces symbol means a lot to me, ... read more

My fantastic tatt experience

ad got to know my tattooist well, having had a couple of pieces in the last six months, and I'd been in the salon with friends who I'd recommended to go there, so we had a good rapport, and I knew I could trust him. He makes me laugh, which is a good thing, and we get on well. So the time had come to go for my dream Tatt, I made the appointment, and spent a long week waiting, finally the big day was here, I was really excited, We sat out in the garden and had a cigarette ... read more

Are you CRAZY? My Tat Experience...

first tattoo experience I ever had was when my best friend (at the time) at the age of 15 (or 14, it's been a while) called me up and said "Heather, get out the yellow pages and tell me the closest tattoo parlour" I was freaking out and said what are you doing? The next day she came over and showed me her new addition, a very lovely rose on her ankle. I then asked my parents, can I have one? HELL NO was the answer. So for 5 years, I've wanted a tattoo. Then one day, it just hit ... read more

My First Tattoo

e been wanting a tattoo now for a while, but I was not allowed to get one until I am 18. So I figured that was fair enough. But just recently I've really been wanting one sooner than that. My parents actually gave in, and they decided to let me go get something "pretty". I was really excited! Soon after, March 17 to be exact, I was in Toronto to meet a friend. Afterwards my parents and I went looking for tattoo parlours to check out. We found one that I had heard about, but it was in a bad ... read more

Bad facial tattoo experience

lways dreamed of having my face tattooed. It's been this way since... since I can remember. A year ago, my dream had became a reality... and a nightmare began. I had been considering this tattoo for at least for about three years, thus, my design was well chosen, a big black tribal underneath my both eyes. I knew I would not regret this tattoo 'cause I really like tribal bold work. I had met the artist before and we arranged all to the best we could. When everything was set (appointement and cost) I impatiently waited for the big day ... read more

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