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My Tattoo Story..

peepz! Guess what?? I got a tattoo!!! To start my story off, I am a 15 year old female from Cleveland, Ohio. I have wanted a tattoo for a very very long time. So I asked my Mom one day a couple years ago. Naturally, she said "NO!!"! But after a couple months or so, I asked her again. And to my surprise, she actually said yes!!! I was so happy!!! She told me that she wanted me, my sister, and herself to go and get the same tattoo. My Mom wanted to get a fairy. See the story is, ... read more

my new tattoo

terday, (Tuesday), I got my third tattoo. I had been thinking about this seriously for a few months, ever since I had first seen the design. I guess what they say about tattoos being addictive is true. I had tried to go on Saturday but I didn't have the cash on me and they wouldn't take credit cards or checks. Anyway I returned to Michiana Tattoo Emporium Tuesday with my design in hand. I had chosen a really cool sticker of a sun and moon, with stars and swirls in the background. Something about the moon and stars has always ... read more

Foot Tattoo

s winter break I finally got the tattoo I had been building up to a long time. I had wanted a new one to celebrate my Master's Degree but didn't have any cash at the time, so I waited. I already have a tattoo on my shoulder, one on my ankle, a band around my big toe, and one on my ear. The shoulder and ankle are just tribal dragon flashes--I got them first--but the others are original. The band around my toe was drawn on by someone by hand and then tattooed over. On my ear I have a ... read more

Tattoos and their good and bad effects: a double edged sword

got my first legitimate tattoo on my arm just after I turned 19. I was living in Boston, and due to the fact that I just had to have the design I came up with then and there I got it done by a friend of a friend who had a machine, since owning a studio was and still is illegal in Massachusetts. It wasn't the scary experience I thought it to be. One day I just took the bus to this guy's house that I didn't know and got my arm drilled for about 30 minutes for about 80 ... read more

My Second Tattoo

was time to add to my collection. After the first tattoo (a lizard on my left chest), I had a newfound appreciation for tattoos. In other words, I was hooked! I called Keith on Thursday, April 1 and got a quote for the next piece. It's another lizard. He said about $125. He said he could have his apprentice do it for half price -- but I said I would prefer if he did it. He understood and said OK. I'm also going to have some green put into the lizard tattoo on my chest. He said that would cost ... read more

Tattoo ink and moonbeams.

I'm addicted to tattoos and moons... Being the youngest of three, and being subject to the peer pressure, I had to get a tattoo. My older brother who was in the Navy at the time had a few, and my older sister had one, I couldn't be left out, so they twisted my arm and made me get one! Ok...so I'm exagerating a bit. The fact was I went with my sister to get hers, and while she was getting it, I fell in love with this tattoo of an eye with foliage surrounding it. And one day I said, ... read more

My first Tattoo.

Dear BME, My name is Walter Terrell, and I have been checking out your web page every now and then to get ideas of what kind of tattoos and piercing I want in the future. Well the weekend before v-tines day '99 I finally went through with it. I went to my friend's house in Brockport, NY and decided to get my tongue pierced. Well a few days before I went up, I had an allergic reaction to some tomatoes and my tongue swelled up and blistered. Well I went around with my friend and checked out a few places. ... read more

the story of my first tattoo

s is the story of my first tattoo. I'm putting this onto "paper" in an effort to alleviate my nervousness and regain my appetite. I've been fascinated by tattoos most of my life. I think it started when I was about 5 and was in the pizza place in the small town I grew up in. I remember seeing a man with a green arm. I'm sure it was a very detailed design, but from a distance of a few yards and the years he must have had it, it was pretty blurred. I think I rudely stared at it ... read more


all started... well, I've been vaguely obsessed with wings as long as I can remember. I've wanted a pair for a long time, but I've seen wing tattoos and didn't like most of them, at least for me. I'm a bit of a purist, I guess, and know I'm not going to sprout any. What to do? Why, ask Tony DiTerlizzi of Magic and Dungeons and Dragons Planescape fame to draw mechanical-looking batwings for me. I emailed him, and he knows who I am, at least vaguely, so he said "as long as we're talking doodle here, it'll take a ... read more

Tattoo, septum

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon, out of sheer boredom I went to get my septum pierced. l've had a tattoo in mind also. But wasn't planning on getting it anytime soon. So I drive on down to Body Art in Mesa, AZ. They are the nicest guys in the world there! It was a very comfortable environment and I would recommend it to anyone! As I arrive I waited for about 10 minutes. I started looking at flash art. My former idea for a tattoo left me when I saw a pair of angel wings. They looked fairly big, ... read more

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