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Third Tattoo

up for my third tattoo. I called Keith and made the appointment for Thursday, April 29 at 1 PM. This next tattoo I designed myself. Its a circular tat with a lightning bolt running through the middle of it. On the left side is the sun and on the right is the moon. It'll be done in a variety of colors. The lightning bolt will be done in two shades of yellow - basic yellow and neon yellow. The sun will be orange, red, basic yellow and neon yellow and the moon will be done in light blue and dark ... read more

My Rite of Passage Tattoo

r since I was a young boy I wanted a tattoo, but as I approached the age of 18 I could not decide what design I wanted or where on my body I wanted it. The more magazines I looked at the more confused I became. I knew the tattoo would be forever and I wanted to make the right decision. On my 18th birthday on July 1 I had decided to get the tattoo, but at the last minute I chickened out. I was afraid of what my family would think. I had never discussed this with them for ... read more

My most recent tattooing experience

ust moved to New Jersey a few months ago, and since the birth of my son in February, I had been looking for places in my area to get some ink done. My last tattoo was done over a year ago, by a really great artist named Josh, (unfortunately, I cannot remember his last name to save my life.... ahhh, the burdens of having a crappy short-term memory and also being too damn lazy to write the important things down...) who, at the time, worked for Instant Gratification in Ybor City, Florida. I really miss that place; I've gotten all ... read more

First tattoo @ the outback

lways wanted a tattoo. In my country (I am from Singapore) tattoo is hardly considered as a form of art. Most people over here consider people with tattoos are gangsters as it was once used as a form of identification for secret society members, and seems like this notion will be here to stay for quite a while. The media here isn¹t helping much either as when every some crime is committed by some tattooed people, the headline will be like "crime is committed by yet another tattooed man". There isn¹t any formal organization for the tattoo artists here or ... read more


inally got my tattoo. It's hard to believe, because I've wanted one for over 3 years. But I'm only 17. I had talked to my mother about it, and I figured she'd let me, seeing as she'd let me have my brow, tongue, nose and labret pierced, as well as lots in my ears But when I asked about the tattoo, it was a "wait until you're 18" kinda deal. I'm not sure how it came about (probably the fact that I pass easily for 18), but mum decided to let me get one around the 1999 New Year, as ... read more

my faeries

n i was 16, i persuaded my parents to let me get a tattoo. i was so excited when they said "fine! but don't expect one of us to go with you". They figured that if they didn't come, I couldn't get it done. But then, they've never had a lot of faith in me to begin with. :) my best friend's brother got a tattoo by a friend of his who didn't over charge and it looked so good so i asked his name, and set up an appointment. The weird thing was, the shop was set up in ... read more

A Dragon Tattoo

ad wanted to get inked since I was twelve,and since I was twelve, I've been telling people that I'd get a coiled scorpion on the back of my hand, just below my thumb. The problem with this, beyond the obvious (twelve year olds should not get tattoos, especially of a scorpion on their hand!) my father was completely against tattoos. In the Philippines, the only people who had tattoos were prostitutes and drug dealers. He once noticed I had drawn pictures on my arms with blue ink and made me scrub my arms, yelling at me all the way. But ... read more

My Tattoo Story..

peepz! Guess what?? I got a tattoo!!! To start my story off, I am a 15 year old female from Cleveland, Ohio. I have wanted a tattoo for a very very long time. So I asked my Mom one day a couple years ago. Naturally, she said "NO!!"! But after a couple months or so, I asked her again. And to my surprise, she actually said yes!!! I was so happy!!! She told me that she wanted me, my sister, and herself to go and get the same tattoo. My Mom wanted to get a fairy. See the story is, ... read more

my new tattoo

terday, (Tuesday), I got my third tattoo. I had been thinking about this seriously for a few months, ever since I had first seen the design. I guess what they say about tattoos being addictive is true. I had tried to go on Saturday but I didn't have the cash on me and they wouldn't take credit cards or checks. Anyway I returned to Michiana Tattoo Emporium Tuesday with my design in hand. I had chosen a really cool sticker of a sun and moon, with stars and swirls in the background. Something about the moon and stars has always ... read more

Foot Tattoo

s winter break I finally got the tattoo I had been building up to a long time. I had wanted a new one to celebrate my Master's Degree but didn't have any cash at the time, so I waited. I already have a tattoo on my shoulder, one on my ankle, a band around my big toe, and one on my ear. The shoulder and ankle are just tribal dragon flashes--I got them first--but the others are original. The band around my toe was drawn on by someone by hand and then tattooed over. On my ear I have a ... read more

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