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I'm adicted to self tattooing

ave become adicted to self tattooing. Everyone that i tell that i did my own tats cringe at the thought and ask me(doesn't that hurt like hell. Really it doesn't hrt that bad. Of course i have tender spots, but hell even them don't hurt that bad. I dont know maybe i'm just adicted to the pain. But hey it's worth it. I got my first tat when i was about 16. I kind of regret the tat that i got, but i don't regret getting a tat. That tat has centamental value to me now. Me and three of ... read more

My first tattoo

my first tattoo on December 17th 1998. I wasn't supposed to get one but I did. See what happened is that my friends and I had planned to get a tattoo on Dec. 17th. We all had our money, except for me I wanted to buy christmas presents We arrived there and looked at all the designs it took Mylène about an hour and a half to decide on a design. My friend Mylène got a flowery design, Valerie a butterfly and Emilie got a butterfly too. My friend Mylène was the first one to get her tattoo done, it ... read more

My first tattoo at age 57

ST TATTOO AT AGE 57 by Bill Kise Columbia South Carolina USA For most of my life (even durint my childhood) I have admired the tattoo art on the bodies of both men and women. I had searched the National Geographic Magazine for pictures of tribal and oriental designs. I'm sure that in my subconscious mind I was searching for a unique design which would adorn my own body someday. Problem was that much of what I had seen, while beautiful, was not the unique design which would reflect my own personal individuality. So I set out to design one. ... read more

Tattoo in Denmark

Experience in Denmark. I was in Denmark little over a month ago together with my sister, her boyfriend, three of my friends and two of my sisters friends. Before we left I had decided that I wanted a tattoo. I have wished for a tattoo since I was 10 when I read my first Tattoo magazine. We went to a place called Sønderborg and we rented a house there just outside the city. One day we decided to go to the town and shop. My friends bought Bayern München soccer outfits on sale, and my sister’s boyfriend and me went ... read more

"Matching Tribal Feet"

l, it has been about 48 hours since I got the matching tribal tattoos that now decorate the tops of my feet! I got them done Friday afternoon, in Pawtucket, RI at "Bulldog Tattoo." The artist, Autumne, did my last tat as well (a tribal sun on my left bicep) and did such a great job that I made a point of having her do my feet before I move back to California in a couple weeks. So the new tats make numbers 6 and 7 for me, and I think they are my best work to date. I designed ... read more

Tattoo, navel and tongue

all began when i was 15 years old. My sister who is 5 years older than i am already had 3 tattoos at the time and i was fascinated by the whole idea. I was in Singapore and was getting prepared to go to boarding school. It was just like any other day except instead of going shopping for clothes i decided to go searching for a tattooist with my sister. I finally found one and as i entered the place, i felt really good. I was determined to get it done, i remember thinking it's "now or never". I ... read more

My First, Second and impending Third Tattoos

e's an 'News Update' on my foray into body art! I did get my third tat' done - however I varied the design. I had wanted a Japanese Kanji symbol (Zen) integrated into a large tribal shoulder piece - I went and spoke with my tattooist (Paul @ Black Scorpion), took along a print of the Zen Kanji symbol and some copies of photos I had seen on tattoo related web sites. We talked about which aspects of the tribal designs I liked and sketched on paper the 'general feel' I was hoping to achieve from his design. To Paul's ... read more

First tattoo (custom Tribal)

years I have admired what I could only call "warrior armbands" on some people I had seen at the many gyms I had been to over the years. Only recently have I learned the style is called "Tribal", & I like it a lot. Various girlfriends of mine have had tattoos, & I thought they were cool, but I never really envisioned having one myself. Not too long ago I was at a local festival & had a henna design put on my hand, but while looking through patterns I saw some really interesting "Tribal" designs. After a great deal ... read more

"There's morris in that tattoo"

December of 1998, my stepdancing partner of 5 years was killed in an accident. I had taught classes with him, played music with him, performed with him, published a book with him, and practiced 2 or 3 times a week with him. When we practiced, we tried to match our body movements to make us look and sound like once dancer. When Terry died, I felt that a huge portion of my life had been ripped away from me. Terry's 8-year-old son asked me to go with him to the funeral home to view the body one last time before ... read more

My Tattooing & Piercing Experience

me begin by saying I have always wanted a tattoo, but I was told only white trash, bikers, or drug addicts had their bodies marked in such a way. I have also been drawn to the all black Tribal and Celtic designs that began to show up on girls and guys several years ago. I am what most people would consider a successful professional; I graduated college Summa Cum Laude. I have been married 17 years and have two wonderful children. I suffered sexual abuse by several of my male cousins until I was 15. I told no one about ... read more

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