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You know that's permanent

tory of how I got my tattoo started about a year ago. My grades in school (high school) had been kind of mediocre up to that point, and my mom wanted to give me some motivation to get good grades, so she made a deal with me. If I could get all A's and B's from 2nd quarter through the end of the year, she would bring me to get a tattoo, and pay for it. I really don't think she thought I could do it, but I did. The first thing I had to do was decide what kind ... read more

New Life With Ankh

g for a new lease on life - to develop spiritually - to breathe in new life I recently backpacked around Ireland(August 1999). It was when I reached Northern Ireland that I met Pert - a tatto artist - and a brilliant one at that. We got along extremely well and I visited his studio. I knew what I wanted - an Ankh - perhaps a dragon as well - the Ankh representing a new life and a new start - the dragon representing boldness and strength. There was in fact a design to represent exactly what I wanted. A ... read more

Blue Star Acid

g Day I woke up around 9:30. I needed to fill my tank and go to the bank before actually going to the shop. It was also the day that Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones were getting married; it sort of tickles me that every time they celebrate their wedding anniversary, I'll be celebrating the anniversary of my first tattoo. It was also Juneteenth, which is Southern holiday celebrating the emancipation of African-American slaves. At 11:30, I set out for Forbidden Fruit. It takes about half an hour to get downtown from my house; of course, I was a bit ... read more

Yes! It's real

obably be the last person you'd expect to get a tattoo. I'm basically the preppy, brainer, goody-goody type. Just after my 16th birthday I decided I wanted a tattoo, surprisingly I had no problems convincing my mother, and my father just went along with her. So it was time to make an appointment. It took two weeks just to get my consultation. They wont tattoo anyone until they've came in and picked out their tattoo or had one designed to suit their needs, and also they want to meet the person, let them check out the studio, discuss where the ... read more

Egyptian Blessing on my upper back

s an experience I had almost four and a half years ago, so some of the details are a little foggy. Since I was 16, I had been wanting a tattoo of a design I had on a necklace charm of three Egyptian Heiroglyphics(sp?). And, since that time I knew I wanted the tattoo on the center of my upper back between by shoulder blades. About 9 months after by 18th birthday, I decided I had wanted it long enough that I would not regret it, so I decided to go for it. I went by the shop a couple ... read more

they ARE addicting

told that the lower back, in the center was the most painful spot to get a tattoo...well, that was what i was told. i got my first tattoo in that spot with a minimal amount of pain so i thought i was fearless. if i could take that, then i can handle any tattoo. a few months after my first, i decided that it wasn't big enough for me so i was going to add on to it. i already had a tribal sun so i thought of what i could do to it. i had an idea to put ... read more

daddy's little girl gets her first tattoo

wanted a tattoo for as long as i can remember, so when I turned 18, i got sick and tired of begging and pleading. I stood up and said "dad, i'm getting a tattoo whether you like it or not." He looked at me, shook his head in the way that dissappointed parents do, and replied "ok. I'll call Bushman". Bushman is one of his long-time friends, and the best tattoo artist around. He does all of the local biker tattos (which kinda scared me because I thought I was gonna end up with something huge and vuglar), but i ... read more

Celebration of Life and Death Through Love

gust 27, 1999 I got my first tattoo. Ever since I was a little kid I wanted a tattoo and I got in trouble for drawing all over my self and buying those fake tattoos and sticking them all over my 10 year old body. As I grew older I looked at tattoo magazines, tattoo websites (including BME), and talked to people about their tattoos. When I turned 18 the obsession intensified because I was of legal age. I began checking out tattoo studios earlier this year and found the perfect place: Black Cat Tattoo in Kailua, Hawaii (all the ... read more

the grime

first expierience with grime in sept of 97 when i got a nine hour 1/4 leg sleeve (full color and cover up.the tattoo he covered was a six inch in circumference dragon (b/g),and covered it with two mexican day of the dead reapers carrying an exploding tattoo machine,(see it in issue two of flashin' skin,a japanese publishing).the colors in the tattoo are amazing,especially since it is a cover-up.first i have to say that it was a slow,time consuming process,that i didnt think i would make it through,but grime has a light touch were he only tattoos what needs to be ... read more

How I adopted a dragon

rted about two years ago, when I got the urge to get tattooed. I lost track of that idea for some time, but it kept reappearing. Finally, some 7 month from now, I decided to get it done, but what motive, eh? I longed for a dragon, but anyone has a dragon or at least anyone who does not have rose. So I decided to get something else, but what? I happen to like several manga, be it funnies, action-oriented, adult or fantasy, but they did not make good motives. Then I considered some fantasy motives like demons, ironclad knights ... read more

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