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Our 12 year tattoo history

is a story about my wife and I, and our tattoos from ground zero. My wife and I dated 6 months before we got married, during those 6 months my wife asked me if I minded if she got a small tattoo. I said sure. Little did she know I had a passion for tattoos since I was a teenager. My mother had a friend who was a very nice looking lady that I always thought was very interesting, than one day I saw this lady in a swim suit, She had a large floral tattoo on the front of ... read more

My secret pussycat

ys wanted a tat to decorate my body. The problem with that was that i had everyone in my family telling me are you craxy? a young girl like you having a tat? They told me that if i dare do something like that i would be throuwn out of the house. So i forgot the idea since last summer. I was in a legal age to do it but i would nt dare it. My boyfriend encouraged me telling that it is my body and i can decorate it as i want. Anyway i desided to do it but ... read more

How I got over my needle phobia!!!

e had a facination with tatttoos and body mod. since I was about 14 years old , when I was 18 I decided I had waited long enough and finaly had saved up enough money (and courage!!)to have it done . I had drawn a beautiful tribal design that I wanted in the middle of my lower back , right above my butt.I was referred to a tattoo artist by a trusted family member and called her up to ask if I could check her studio out , make sure that it was clean and that I felt comfortable with ... read more

Holy shit, I've done it now!

ubmitted a story here previously, about my tattoo journey which didn't begin till I was 35 years old and how it has influenced my life. My first tattoo -- a small blue flower on the front of my right shoulder -- was a big milestone for me. I've just celebrated an even bigger milestone -- my first below-the-elbow work. Over the past couple of years as I've addded more and more work, the mental process was pretty much the same -- find a spot for the idea I had in mind and get it done. No real internal debate was ... read more

My First Tribal Tattoo

, this is my first tattoo experience . I guess i have been thinking real long about whether or not to get a tattoo , u see , no matter what people say , singapore is still a very conservative country and is a place where tattoos are considered to be associated with gangs and outcasts . this is too bad for people like us .. for actually i sincerely feel tattooing is a very beautiful art form .. its like u can tell what a guy's character is like just checking out his/her tattoo . anyway ...i did a ... read more

Good Tattooing

st tattoo was in 1990 in South Wales when I had one done on my buttock. Putting on the buttock was the easiest way of keeping it covered and keeping a job, which was a priority for me. My buttock tattoo had been fine but getting it was quite painful. It felt like the tattooist was drilling into my buttock, not tattooing it. Eight years on, I decided to get another tattoo but I wanted something else and I wanted a different artist. Several well tattooed friends recommended D T Fleet in Blackwood. He had done work on them and ... read more

I finally did it! :)

34 year old, recently remarried, mother of a 12 year old daughter, raised in a very conservative atmosphere, but I have always been somewhat of a rebel! ;) For the longest time, I have wanted to get a tattoo. I first thought about it 10 years ago, during my divorce, as sort of a "rites of passage" deal - but I never had the courage. Currently, I work at a zoo, and many of the keepers have had tats done and they look great! After talking it over with my husband, I decided to go for it. The first trip ... read more

My love for tats....

s perceived by the general public are for convicts or rather "Bad" people... I disagree.. I was always impressed by people with tats... People of walks of life enjoy this form or art... I am a professional working in a professional environment.. and I am very proud to say I have a tat, and now TWO... In fact I have a few colleagues in my office who has a tat or two.... It was 2 years since I first had my tat done, (a present from my wife for my birthday) and have loved every bit of it.. The sensation ... read more

I can't believe I actually did it.

wanted a tattoo for many years, but I was too afraid of the pain. I also didn't want to get one until I had settled on a design and was happy with the idea of it for several months. That was a nice plan, but I kept changing my mind. I knew I wanted a kanji but I didn't know what I wanted it to say. I had many ideas, but most of them were too much for my first tat. I decided to go small so if I didn't like the experience I could suffer until it was over ... read more

My Tatt story

every one out there, I'm going to tell you about my tattoo story. It all started like two years ago when i really got into tattoes i though it would be a little scary but really interesting to get one and said to myself that when i was eighteen i would get one. I honestly forgot that i wanted a tatt until last year when when a buddy of mine got one done on his arm and i dated this guy who had one. Around my neighborhood i ususally see hood rats with tatts but never pay attention to their ... read more

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