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Tatoos against scars

this big scar on my right forearm from a bad plate glass window that fell on me. This scar was about 3 inches long, and a quarter inch thick, and gets increasingly thinner as it goes down. Top of my forearm by the way. Well, I always thought it looked kind of cool. I never scarred myself on purpose, but was never dissapointed when I did happen to get a cut or something. All I've ever wanted was a scar accross my eye, from top to bottom, like in all of those anime cartoons, or video games and comic books. ... read more

First Tattoos

y name is Stephanie. I'm 19 and from Connecticut. I just got my first tattoo tonight, and I've been reading these experiences for some time now, so I decided to share mine. Ok... it started when my friend Nate (who was on a buisness trip of sorts, all the way from Oregon) said that he was going to get a tattoo when he was in Delaware (about a week before he came to CT.) I talked him into waiting and going with me, because I've wanted a tattoo for years now, and I couldn't find anyone else who would go ... read more

Peirced and tattooed

p with a church bus driver that wore a simple cross on a ring in his ear, going to church camp. He also has the tips of two wings at the base of his neck. I asked him if I could see the rest of it. Turned out to be The Angel of Guadalupe. A full back peice, from his neck down to below his belt line. I was fascinated! I was 16 at the time. Decided to get a peircing as soon as I could. Had to wait until the day I got out of the USAF (1972). A ... read more

First Tattoo but not the LAST

will not try to bore you all too much, I am a 20 year old male from Northern Ontario who has been kicking the idea around weather or not I was going to get a Tattoo for the past two years. My parents have always thought that this was just stupid and disgusting but what are they going to do Ground me? Well after three months looking at magazines, books and the internet, mainly BME, you guys have one of the most amazing sites I have seen. I finally decided on a design style I liked, the next thing was ... read more

My Tattoos

ince I was 15 or 16 I had wanted a tattoo, this was really unusal in my family cos even ear piercing (which I had by then was frowned upon). Ever since that point I knew what design I had wanted as well, a small Ying/Yang symbol on the top of my left arm. Well in the UK you have to be 18 before you can be tattoed and I was always a good girl so I waited and a week after my 18th birthday I booked the appointment. Some friends came with me, because they wanted some pieces too. ... read more

Product of The times

I read alot of these post (every single one), and lots of people say how they got into tattoo's really young, and wanting them and wanting. I fall into this catagory, ever since I was in about the fifth grade, i have drawn on my arm almost everyday. I was always told i would get ink poisoning, but it hasn't happened yet. Art in general has always been a passion of mine, i have gone through the water color, the acrylic, the oil and pencil drawings, but know i am mostly interested in strictly portraits in pencil, and new skool ... read more

Jodie's head tattoo

tered about the idea of my wife getting another tattoo and were stuck on where we should place it. Already having a large tribal on her chest and tummy we were torn between a thigh or an arm. Jod was a little concerned about the tattoo showing when not in the appropriate environs, but wanted to go ahead with something. Then I had the idea to have her head done. Jod was excited about the tattoo but not so excited about shaving her head, but I tried to convince her that she could wear a wig when she wanted to ... read more

HEADLINE: Tough Tattoo Chick Gets Work on Her Feet and Cries

my first tattoo the day I turned 18. I did not research the guy that did my work. Need I say more? I am in love with the art form but very cautious after my first mistake. Until I got my feet tattooed. I have seven other tattoos from my current tattoo artist. I researched him thouroughly and watched him with other customers before I knew he was the one. I feel he is the only person i can ever fully trust and I feel he does excellent work. All nice stories have a bad side, thats what make them ... read more

College tattoo experience

ince I was a little girl, I can remember seeing tattoos on men. Usually they were big older men with hairy arms and tattoos of mermaids on their biceps. I always admired them, and though I had never seen one on a woman, I wanted to get one someday when I grew up. In the early 90's, tattooing became very mainstream, especially on college campuses. It seemed everyone had one. The guys all had tribal armbands and the ladies all had a rose on the ankle. It became so cliche, it almost made me decide not to get one. I ... read more

Japanese tattoo

I had been considering a tattoo for a while...I wanted to do it as soon as I turned 18, but I had not picked out a design then...A few months ago I began toying with getting some kanji tattooed on my back..I liked this idea, now to find a symbol that meant something to me...I finally settled on Kuma (bear). I chose bear, well because I've always liked the animal, and as far as my sexuality goes, I associate with the bear community. I picked a spot on my back (on my spine about 2 inches below my neck), then ... read more

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