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first tattoo experience

I was about 12, I have wanted a tattoo. My father always said "I would let you, but mom would freak". Now my best friend and his brother brought up the subject a few months ago. I decided I wanted one, what I wanted, and where I wanted it. We were going to go. I decided that nothing would stop me from getting a tattoo. First I went to the local mall. There is a man there who does chinese writing, and I had 'freak' written in chinese. I use this word for myself since I've always known I was ... read more

Inked and Loving it: Memoirs of a (no longer) Tattoo Virgin

ginning: My desire to get a tattoo arose about 3 years ago, when I was sixteen. I don't know where I got the urge to get inked, none of my friends had ink, in fact, no one I knew did. Not being a hasty person, I decided that I should just forget about it, that it was prolly some passing rebellious phase in which I just wanted to scare the shite out of my parents. The urge did not pass, nor did it fade with time. So I now find myself three years older, with a four hour old tattoo. ... read more


he majority of my adolescent life I begged my mom for a tattoo.Day in and day out for weeks I begged and pleaded. Her response was always the same, "not until you're 18. When you turn 18, you can do whatever you want." And so, I did. On my 18th birthday I went to the tattoo shop with my best friend Mark. I looked around a bit, but I couldn't find anything I really liked-- until I saw the Kanji characters. At that time in my life, I felt like I was lacking a sense of direction. (Who am I ... read more

Tattooed by Carl

. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Sarah, Im 18 and I live in Oklahoma. I have been planning on getting tattooed for quite some time, since i was 11 I think, But tattoos are illegal in Oklahoma so I had to wait until I could drive to Texas by myself. Finally a friend and I decided to drive to Dallas one weekend for an Ani Difranco concert and for my first tattoo. Actually I should say my first professional tattoo. When i was much younger a friend of mine gave me a tattoo on my stomach of ... read more

My BME Tattoo

ince meeting Mel last spring at the Newport Munch, I knew that I wanted her to tattoo me. Not only was I incredibly impressed with her portfolio, but she and I had a great rapport. At the Boston Boobcon, she and I discussed BME tattoos. There is a Photoshop-altered image of Shannon that I love, but my boyfriend felt weird about having me get another man's portrait on my body. (The great thing about not getting a tattoo now is that I can always get it later if I'm so inclined, so I decided to choose another image.) Mel and ... read more

Yea...I got my TATTOO~

ys thought that tattoos were neat, but I also thought that I would never get one. I grew up in the always go to church kinda family, and so I always assumed that I would never in my wildest dreams be allowed to get a tattoo. Little did I know. For my 17th birthday, I was just being stupid and said to my mom that her and I should go and get tattoos just for the hell of it. She said maybe, and that was a shocker all in itself. So I persisted. I also had the help that my ... read more

I sweated my ASS off !!!

I was about twelve I have wanted tattoos , but I have always been afraid of the "Pain" factor. I waited until I was 31 to get my first Tattoo and I was so psyched out about how much it was going to hurt that I was sweating so bad the tat artist thought I was going to pass out. He kept asking if I was alright and if I wanted to stop and take a break. I thought " If you stop I won't get it finished" so I kept saying "NO". It took about an hour and 40 ... read more

Wife's new tattoo

fe and I got married over 2 years ago and our marriage has revolved around tattoos since we met. We both had tattoos before we even knew each other, i had a half chest piece and some leg work and she already had 5 nice sized tattoos, forearm, hip, chest and upper arm. The first thing that made me notice her and want to talk to her was the colorful dolphin tattoo on her forearm. When i first said hello everything clicked and we fell in love. Since the wedding we had added only a few pieces to our tattoo ... read more

My Lovely Fairy

finally got the tattoo I've always wanted! I'm 21, and for the past couple of years I've dreamed of getting a tattoo. My ideas for designs changed over the years, ranging from Chinese characters, to an idea for a big design incorporating a Lotus Flower and some tribal swirls. But eventually, I deciede I wanted a tattoo on my left shoulder. I wanted it to be a pretty, happy, young female fairy surrounded by the night sky, stars, and flowers. Now that that was decided, the next step was to find a studio to go to. I actually ended up ... read more

Don't Knock It Until You Try It

e been wanting to get a tattoo for about three years now. I've done a lot of research on the web. To see how they sterlize everything to how to care for your new tattoo. My husband's in the military. Being a military wife most of us always want to get something done. While they are gone away. Or buy something for the house you know they will say we don't need. Anyway,I asked my hubby, Mike about getting a tattoo. He told me he didn't care because I would not go through with it. That made me want to ... read more

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