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Stars Upon Thars

s the story of my piece of art. For a long time I had wanted a tattoo. I usually give myself a present for my birthday each year. First it was my naval piercing, and then my tongue piercing. When I finally decided that this was the year to give myself the tattoo, I was dismayed to find out that I had moved to a state where the art is considered illegal. I guess Massachusetts still considers itself a Puritan state. But luckily I grew up in Florida where it is legal. So this Christmas when I went home to ... read more

Its Your Body - Got Any Ink Slinging Done Lately?

have you? Or do you even know what "ink slinging" is? There are three types of people in this world: 1. hardcore ink lovers, 2. okay, I got one and that's enough, and 3. no way in hell are you getting near my body with that shit!! And how in the heck can you do that to yourself??? I am a #1 to the max and would be covered with tattoos if possible...why? Well let me see if I can explain it to you... The year was 1984 and I was just 15. My first tattoo was a homemade job ... read more

I did it, my first tattoo

t know what I was so nervous about. It was a piece of cake. I had been thinking of getting a tattoo for 3 years now. When ever I saw someone with a tribal tattoo I thought that is what I want. I just kept telling myself that it would hurt too much. I was WRONG. I am glad that I finely did it. I got a tribal piece with my brothers initials done in black on my left calf. It has special meaning to me, it is a tribute to my brother that was killed 11 years ago. If ... read more

How My Fairy Came To Be-The 14 yr. old who got inked

ot like most kids my age.When I say I want something,I put my mind to it and get it done.It's very important for me to be as much of an individual as I can possibly be,which is why my hair is pink,my navel is pierced,and why I designed my own tattoo. One night when I was in my room blasting KORN on my stereo and flipping through a book with pictures of faries in it I thought "Hey, I want one of these." So I got out some paper and started drawing my idea of the perfect fairy.After about 2 ... read more

Choirboy (and Choirgirl) get secret tattoos

my girl had long discussed the idea of getting tattoos but i kept chickening out cos of what my parents would say. Neither us had family or friends who were tattooed and yet both of us could talk about nothing other than getting tattooed. We talked about this to other students at our university and they all thought we were mad apart from one indian girl who was well on her way to full coverage at that time. We kept discussing what to have done and both settled upon something small and discreet just to see whether we both liked ... read more

Whats poking out of your pants?

days after I turned 18 I finally got the tattoo I was craving. I went to the artist with the best reputation in my area. I knew a lot of people who have art by Jason on them and it has always looked good, so I decided to trust him. I was really scared. Let me say that again. I was REALLY scared. I must have asked him a gagillion times what it was going to feel like. I had two of my friends there with me. They had been tattooed by Jason previously, and they assured me that I ... read more

its big, black and tribal!

I work in the studio as an apprentice, but my first tattoo was a real buzz - it was like "yeah - I've finally done it!". I'd been apprenticing at a studio in Sheffield called Body Art, but I've moved on to D.B, and i'm loving every minute! I showed them my drawings and my piercings and they were really cool about everything - these are the things we do here, this is what you can do , this is what you shouldn't do. I have to say, from an unbiased point of view, it is the best studio I ... read more

Tattoos are thicker than blood

24 when I got my first tattoo. I had been thinking about getting a tattoo for at least seven years. I grew up in one of the less major cities of western New York, and watched as many of my friends became tattooed. I was envious, but scared. Scared of what my mother would think, scared that I would permanently imprint something on my body that I would hate years later, ect. After I graduated high school, I moved to Boston, MA. I quickly came to find, to my dismay, that tattooing is illegal in MA. What a kick in ... read more

Custom Tattoo @ 14!

rst off, I know that I'm only 14, and that's a little young to get a tattoo, but I'm happy with it, and I drew it, hence I think it was a good thing to do! I've wanted a tatoo ever since i was like, 10! Problem was, I'd never seen a tattoo that I would want on MY skin forever. I mulled the idea of choosing a flash tattoo over for a few years, and then when I was 13, I decided I wanted to get a dragon, because I collect 'em. I started sketching a rough design, starting ... read more

First two tattoos

begin with, getting a tattoo was, for me a long, slow, and carefully thought out process, at least until it actually came time to get the ink put on my shoulder. At that point it became a question of nerve, which I am happy to say I actually had. I can remember seeing tattoos as a kid and being fascinated by them, but having the feeling that "nice" people did not do such things. The anchors, panthers, and other pieces of work I remember seeing were mysterious and unusual to me. As an adult I have had an interest in ... read more

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